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Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari

Posted on: March 29, 2011

This article is written by Lalitha, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular visitor and contributor to this blog.

Loris, or lullabies, have always had a special place in Indian life, and many of these are sung by mothers and grandmothers as they rock the baby to sleep in the old fashioned cradle formed by hanging a long piece of cloth from a hook in the ceiling or in a regular cradle. Some loris have also been sung by men, generally widowers, and these tend to be melancholy ones, but there are some exceptions. In Carnatic music, the raga Neelambari is the one used to induce sleep and most lullabies in the South are sung in this raga.

I was recently looking up the raga for the song, Nanhi kali sone chali … in Sujata, and I came to know that this song was in Raga Piloo, and apparently this is the raga for most lullabies. I do not know if these two ragas are connected in any way, since my knowledge of classical music is minimal, at best. However, it is a generally known fact that even the mere act of humming, while rocking, has a sleep inducing effect on babies.

My interest in lullabies was sparked by the recent visit to see my new granddaughter last month, and my efforts to calm her in one of her crying fits. I was reminded of the times when I would be humming songs like “Main gaoon tum so jaao …”, or “Tim tim karte tare …”, to my sons when they were young, and here I was, humming a song to my granddaughter after so many years. The only difference now is that I do not remember all the lyrics, but there was no need to worry – I just took the laptop, opened up the Bookmarks, found Atul’s blog, and there were all the lyrics I needed.

Unfortunately, this time even the lyrics didn’t help, so finally, I clicked on the songs themselves, and she was somewhat calmer – testimony to my lack of tonal quality, indeed! Finally, I googled and found the song, Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari …, played it, and she actually fell asleep! Phew! My reputation as a grandmother was at stake here, and I was so relieved that she finally fell asleep.

Those were the days when Kabhi Kabhie ran for over a year in a theater in Bangalore, and all of us were going crazy over this movie and its songs. In the movie, Waheeda Rehman sings the song with Amitabh Bachhan, Neetu Singh and Naseem listening. Naseem plays the role of her daughter, and we come to know that this is the song she always sang when her daughter was little. It is a very touching scene, with Amitabh sitting on a chair, Naseem at his feet, and Waheeda on the arm of the chair, and Neetu observing all this. What she doesn’t know is that Neetu Singh is also her daughter, born illegitimately before her marriage to Amitabh, and given away in adoption, and Neetu Singh has actually come to her house because she wanted to meet her real mother, having recently found out that she had been adopted in childhood. Neetu Singh is craving for some kind of recognition from her, but Waheeda is ignorant of this fact and comes to know the truth later.

When I was expecting my first baby, I hoped to be able to sing this song to my baby, and I have waited 32 years since then to sing this song. I have always loved this song, its simple lyrics penned by Sahir Ludhianvi and music by Khayyam, music so soft that It doesn’t intrude on the lyrics or the scene itself. This is a lovely song sung by Lata, and many a time when my children were young, I regretted that I could not sing it to them partly because they were boys and partly, because my singing voice isn’t anything to speak about. Now, thanks to this site where Atul so kindly provides the lyrics and a link to the songs themselves, all I do is click on the song and there it is – the marvels of modern technology! The days of having to sing a baby to sleep are gone forever! Thank you, Atul!



Song-Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari (Kabhie Kabhie) (1976)Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Khayyam


mere ghar aayi
mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari,
ek nanhi pari
chaandni ke haseen rath pe sawaar
mere ghar aayi
ho ho ho
mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari
ek nanhi pari

uski baaton mein shahad jaisi mithaas
uski saanson mein itar ki mehkaas
honth jaise ke bheege-bheege gulaab
gaal jaise ke bahke-bahke anaar
mere ghar aayi
ho ho ho
mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari
ek nanhi pari

uske aane se mere aangan mein
khil uthhe phool gungunaayi bahaar
dekh kar usko jee nahin bhartaa
chaahe dekhoon usse hazaaron baar
chaahe dekhoon usse hazaaron baar
mere ghar aayi
ho ho ho
mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari
ek nanhi pari

maine poochhaa usse ke kaun hai tu
hanske bolee ke main hoon teraa pyaar
main tere dil mein thhi hameshaa se
ghar mein aayi hoon aaj pahli baar
mere ghar aayi
ho ho ho
mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari
ek nanhi pari
chaandni ke haseen rath pe sawaar
mere ghar aayi
mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari
ek nanhi pari
ek nanhi pari

18 Responses to "Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari"

What a wonderful write-up ! The flow is so smooth that one feels the things happening in one’s front !!
It was a pleasure indeed !


Thanks, Arunbhai!


Lalitha ji

Reading this takes me back to my childhood, with wispy memories of my mother’s lap, her hands patting my forehead and shoulders, and soothing sounds. Yes, I do have faint memories that go back to my infancy experiences. 🙂

Thanks for reviving them, and also for reviving some of the lullabies from the years gone by.

And yes, thanks to Atul ji and the technology making this possible.



My mother used to sing classical music to me, and I do miss those days even now – oh well, she is probably laughing her head off seeing me helplessly trying to google a song and play it!


🙂 🙂


hi Lalitha
thats an excellent write up. how old is ur grandchild. fron ur write up it seems u r a new GRAND MOM. in that case congrats 2 U.
i used to sing quite a few of these numbers to my youngest sister when i was round about 8. and then years later to my own kids. and by the time my daughter started speaking (rather late at around 21/2 years) she had picked up most of the loris and sing them along; forgetting to sleep. then i had to make up new loris or sing in tamil or malayam so that it was new to her.
my list of of songs included
O Bachpan Ke din Bhula na dena. (not intended to be a lori in the movie)— Deedar
chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu (this to both my daughter and son)—- Aradhana
bada nathkhat hai re.– Amar Prem
chanda o chanda
then the songs to deviate from lori list included
jeevan ke safar main rahi — Munimji
now i can’t recollect all the other songs but that was an experience to sing loris. all the best to you Lalithaji in respect to Loris


Thanks, Peevesie’s mom! Yes, this is my first grandchild, and she is just two months old! I have never sung Chanda o chanda, but I have sung Chaudhvin ka chand ho … and Aari nindiya ki pari … also to my children. My mother used to sing Bada natkhat hai re … to my sons, when I had taken them to visit her in India.
Loris do bring back a host of pleasant memories, and this write up was no exception! Thanks to all of you readers!


Absolutely loved reading this, Lalitha!
It does indeed feel like the entire scene is unfolding in front of our eyes. I said this on your earlier piece too – you write very well. 🙂


Thanks, Raja! You have no idea how nervous I get when I sit down to write anything these days, and I wonder how I used to churn out all those papers in my college days. It is encouragement from all of you that gives me the ability to write these days. Thanks again!


Lalitha ji,
In your write up,you have touched upon Ragaas which are used in Lullabies.No doubt Nilambari and Pilu are popular Ragaas for such songs.
However one cannot generalise that all songs in Pilu are Lullabies.That is because a Raaga is a complex thing.It consists of characteristics like Swar,Thaat,Jati,Arohan,Vadi and Swarup.The use of any characteristic in more measure changes the complexion of the song.
Similarly,Sur,Laya and Taal are parts of constructing a song.
In other words though the Raaga may be same but any of the component used makes songs sound different.
For example,’Candan ka palna’ from Shabaab is Pilu but the Taal is Dipchandi and ‘Chura liya hai tumne jo dilko’ from Yadon ki Baaraat is Pilu but the Taal is Kaherva.
That is why these songs sound different,though in the same Raaga.
I am not an exponent in Classical Music,but I gathered this knowledge while trying to find out why some songs sound similar,from different movies and different composers.
Thought I would share this with our readers.


You have no idea how humbling it is to see how much I have to learn about music and how little I know. Thanks, Arun bhai!


Very lovely writeup indeed Lalitha and congrats on becoming a grandmother 🙂 She’s a lucky little girl indeed to go to sleep with this song playing, it has always been one of my favorites.


Thanks, memsaab! I am enjoying my grandmotherhood!


Nice Lalita–I didn’t know loris had a raaga associated with them but your explanation makes sense.
I was thinking I had seen this movie in 1974-75 on the lawns of our club in Delhi. But it was only released in 1976 so I’m remembering Kora Kagaz or some other Amitabh movie.


Thanks, sophy!


This song is in rag tilak kamod and not in piloo




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