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Aaj puraanee raahon se koi mujhe aawaaz na de

Posted on: April 4, 2011

I had mentioned it three days ago that India was in the final of world cup cricket and the nature of songs to be posted by me was going to depend on the outcome of the final. Many readers hoped that they would get to see happy songs in the blog after the final.

Well, the final was over two days ago, and I did not discuss any songs be they happy or sad. What was going on ? Like most Indians, I was emotionally so drained that I was in no position to discuss any songs yesterday. For that matter that hangover had spiller over even today.

Now, belatedly, I have mustered up the energy to try and resume my normal activity of discussing songs in this blog. And just what kind of songs am I going to discuss ? Happy songs of course. Yes, India won the final and became world champions once again- after a period of 28 years.

28 years is quite a long period. I had followed 1983 world cup win on radio with my mates in my hostel (TV was yet to invade Indian homes those days), and that final win on 25 june 1983 was a flash in the pan, unlike the win on 2nd april 2011, but that win changed the way cricket was administered in the world. The administration of cricket gradually passed on from England/Australia to the Indian subcontinent, and the subcontinent became the financial powerhouse of world cricket.

Despite all this, India failed to win any more world cup titles all these years, whereas teams like australia (four times), Pakistan ad Sri Lanka won this title in these 28 years.

Happy days are here again, as India has joined Australi and West Indies in becoming only the third team to win this title more than once. In 1983, when India had won it the first time, world cup was played in white clothes with red balls and matches used to be 60 overs a side affairs. Now, we have 50 overs a side matches played with white balls and coloured clothings. World cup has come a long way, and it gives millions of Indian cricket followers a great feeling to be world champions in cricket yeat again.

It is like the monkey on our collective backs has been finally shrugged off for ever. Hopefully we will no longer revert back to our old ways where Indian cricketers specialised in snatching defeats from the jaws of victory. In other words, we have hopefully given up our old ways and turned over a new leaf.

On this occassion, here is this song from “Aadmi” (1968) that talks of making a clean break from one’s painful past. Rafi is the singer and this song is picturised on Dilip Kumar, with Waheeda Rehman and Manoj Kumar also visible in the picturisation. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist and music is composed by Naushad.



Song-Aaj puraani raahon se koi mujhe aawqaaz na de (Aadmi) (1968) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


ho ho ho
ho ho ho
aaj puraanee raahon se,
koyi mujhe aawaaz na de
aaj puraanee raahon se,
koyi mujhe aawaaz na de
dard mein doobe geet na de,
gam kaa sisaktaa saaz na de
dard mein doobe geet na de,
gam kaa sisaktaa saaz na de
ho ho ho
o o
ho ho ho

beete dinon ki yaad thhi jinmein,
main wo taraane bhool chukaa
aaj nayi manzil hai meri,
kal ke thikaane bhool chukaa
na wo dil na sanam,
na wo deen-dharam
ab door hoon saare gunaahon se
aaj puraanee raahon se,
koyi mujhe aawaaz na de
dard mein doobe geet na de,
gam kaa sisaktaa saaz na de
ho ho ho
o o
ho ho ho

jeewan badlaa duniyaa badli,
man ko anokhaa gyaan milaa
aaj mujhe apne hi dil mein,
ek nayaa insaan milaa
pahunchaa hoon wahaan,
nahin door jahaan,
Bhagwaan bhi meri nigaahon se
aaj puraanee raahon se,
koyi mujhe aawaaz na de

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