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Ek thhaa bachpan

Posted on: April 12, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir,a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

There are many songs in the movies that are for the children, and many of them are sung by children. Then there is another set of songs wherein bachpan (childhood) is being bid a goodbye and there is a welcome to youth, of the ilk “Ja Ja Ja Mere Bachpan, Kahin Jaa Ke Chhup Nadaan” from movie ‘Junglee’.

Most of these songs are happy songs, and mostly sung by the girl character in the movies.

Then there is another category where the childhood days are being remembered with fondness; the most well known being the iconic song from the movie Sujaata, “Bachpan Ke Din Bhi Kyaa Din Thhe” (which is already posted on this blog).

Once again, the feelings and expressions are of fond happiness and joy.

This is another song remembering the days of childhood, but with a difference. In this song from the movie Aashirwaad (1968), childhood is being remembered, albeit with some sadness. Sumita Sanyal, who lip syncs this song on the screen, is recounting her memories of her father, played by Ashok Kumar, whom she had lost at a very small age. In the storyline, her father is involved in the death of his munim (played by Sajjan in the movie). He could have taken the self defense plea, but he does not and chooses to undergo the jail sentence. The child is never told the true story. She only knows that her father has gone away someplace, and nobody knows where. Now, as a grown up person, she sings this song, as a radio song, remembering her childhood and her father with a lot of sadness and also, expectation that she may meet him once again.She is now engaged to Sanjeev Kumar (who is also briefly visible in this clip, listening to her song on the radio). Sanjeev Kumar is a doctor in a jail, where incidentally her father is confined. Sanjeev has developed very good relations with Ashok Kumar. He tells Ashok Kumar of the radio program and the song that will be played live. Ashok Kumar listens, and recognizes the voice and the incidents, and that the leading lines of the song are from the book of poems he had written for his daughter.

The situation and the song are laden with emotions, as Sumita sings and thinks of her times with her father. Ashok Kumar listening to the song, is also moved with emotions and love for his long separated daughter.

A lovely song – Gulzar’s lyrics are wonderful, painting a picture of small childhood events, and the happy memories, now recalled with some sadness. The composition is by Vasant Desai, beautifully keeping pace with the memories and flow of emotions. And beautifully sung by Lata.



Song-Ek thhaa bachpan (Aasheerwaad) (1968) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Vasant Desai


aa aa aa aa
aa aa
aa aa aa

ek thhaa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan
chhota sa nannha sa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan
bachpan ke ek babuji thhe
achhe sachey babuji thhe
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
dono ka sunder thhaa bandhan
ek thhaa bachpan

tehni par chad ke jab phool bulaate thhe
haath uchke to tehni tak na jaate thhe
bachpan ke nanhe do haath utthaa kar wo
phoolon se haath milaate thhe
ek thhaa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan
aa aa aa
aa aa
aa aa aa

chalte chalte
chalte chalte jaane kab in raahon mein
babuji bas gaye bachpan ki baanhon mein
mutthi mein band hain wo sookhey phool abhi
khushboo hai jeene ki chaahon mein
ek thhaa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan

hothhon par unki aawaaz bhi hai
aa aa aa
mere hothhon par unki awaaz bhi hai
saanson mein saunpaa vishwaas bhi hai
jaane kis mod pe kab mil jaayenge wo
poochhenge bachpan ka ehsaas bhi hai
ek thhaa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan
chhota sa nannha sa bachpan
ek thhaa bachpan

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