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Kal chaman thhaa aaj ek sehraa huaa

Posted on: July 30, 2011

It is often said that Hindi movies do not represent reality, rather they are make believe stuff. The fact is, they take stories that seem plausible enough and then add their own fancy unrealistic stuff. And since audiences tend to lap it up, they continue to churn out such movies till the taste of public changes. And this public taste does change with time.

For example, the movies of 1950s and 1960s had two underlying themes. one was nation bulding. The public were actually enthusiastic about this topic and so they patronised such movies.

The fact that nation building on a massive scale was required and was going on, meant that the national self confidence was quite low. India was a desperately poor and underdeveloped country those days and they were not self sufficient even in matters of food grains, what to say of other “luxuries”.

Such gloomy situation prevaling in the country at that time meant that there was a good audience for movies with melancholic stories. In these movies, typically the good man suffere throughout the movie and in the last reel, he will get jusstice, no, not through his attempts, but mainly through singing melancholic songs.

I have not watched “Khandaan” (1965), but those who have watched it may agree that this movie was a tear jerker stuff, and there were people who liked such movies as long as there was (artificially contrived) good ending in the movie.

Like most movies, these movies too were studded with outstanding songs. And these songs played important roles in selling these movies.

Here is a melancholic song par excellence from ‘Khandaan” (1965). as the picturisation shows, thr joint family is getting broken up and the younger brother is throwing out his father and the elder son. He is allowing them to take the “useless” stuff (like jewellery box, chicken, calf etc, Mahatma Gandhi’s statue) while keeping the more important stuff (jewellery,hen,cow etc).

The song plays in the background as this division of property takes place and a wall comes up between the two households thus divided.

This song is sung by Rafi. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Ravi is the music director. The lyrics of this song were provided to me by nahm.



Song-Kal chaman thhaa aaj ek sehra huaa (Khaandaan) (1965) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Ravi

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

Mujhe Jab Jab bahaaron ka zamaana yaad aayega
kahin apna bhi thha
ek aashiyaana yaad aayega

kal chaman thha aaj ek sehra huaa
dekhte hi dekhte ye kya huaa
kal chaman thha aaj ek sehra huaa
dekhte hi dekhte ye kya huaa
kal chaman thha

mujh ko barbaadi ka koi gham nahin
mujh ko barbaadi ka koi gham nahin
gham hai barbaadi ka kyun charcha huaa
kal chaman thha aaj ek sehra huaa
dekhte hi dekhte ye kya huaa
kal chaman thha

ek chhotaa sa thha meraa aashiyaan
ek chhotaa sa thha meraa aashiyaan
aaj tinke se alag tinka huaa
kal chaman thha aaj ek sehra huaa
dekhte hi dekhte ye kya huaa
kal chaman thha

sochta hoon apne ghar ko dekh kar
sochta hoon apne ghar ko dekh kar
ho na ho ye hai mera dekha huaa
kal chaman thha aaj ek sehra huaa
dekhte hi dekhte ye kya huaa
kal chaman thha

dekhne waalon ne dekha hai dhuaan
dekhne waalon ne dekha hai dhuaan
kis ne dekha dil mera jalta huaa
kal chaman thha aaj ek sehra huaa
dekhte hi dekhte ye kya huaa
kal chaman thha

3 Responses to "Kal chaman thhaa aaj ek sehraa huaa"

Atul ji,
KHANDAN(1965),was a Vasu Films’ production of Vasu Menon.The director was A.Bhimsen,who had also written the screenplay.
The cast was,Sunil Dutt,Nutan,Omprakash,Lalita Pawar,Sudesh kumar,Manmhan Krishna,mumtaz ,Pran etc.
It was a typical south movie and like Milan (a south production) was a remake of Telugu/Tamil film.
The story consisted of 3 brothers’ joint family.Jeevandas(Omprakash) and his wife Bhagwanti(Lalita Pawar),without issues,was the eldest.Shankar(M.Krishna),his wife Parvati(Sulochana Chatterjee),the middle brother have a crippled son Govinda(Sunil Dutt).Youngest Shyam(Sudesh kumar) is studying in the city.There is the orphan girl Radha(Nutan) in the family,who loves Govinda mutually.
Trouble starts in this happy family when Bhagwanti”s brother’s son Navrangilal(Pran) and daughter Neelima come.Neelima and Shyam make a pair,but Pran wants to swallow all the property.
Family devideds and in the end comes together for a happy ending and a Group Photo for the keeps !
This was the third Sunil-Nutan movie after Milan and Sujata.


This movie was the remake of the Tamil movie “Bhaagapirivinai” (Division of Share) which had Sivaji Ganesan and Saroja Devi in the lead roles. The film was directed by the legendary A.Bhim Singh and won a President’s Silver Medal at the 7th National Film Awards in the Tamil films category.

The combo of Sivaji Ganesan and Bhim Singh was a magical one, churning out super hit after super hit right through the decade of the 1960s.

B.Lenin, the National Award Winning Editor is the son of A.Bhim Singh.


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