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Sau baar banaa kar maalik ne

Posted on: August 27, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Here is one more gem of a song that comes from a grade B/C film. Ek Raat is a 1967 film produced under the banner of East&West Movies, directed by Rajnath. A suspense action drama, in which the star cast includes Sheikh Mukhtar, Simi, Madan Puri, Shyama, David, Laxmi Chhaayaa, Samson etc. The lyrics of this film come from the pen of Yogesh Gaud and the music is by Usha Khanna.

The second half of the 1960 was the busiest time for Usha Khanna; she was averaging about 3 to 4 picture every year. An exceptional composer whose talent was primarily spent on grade B/C films, got very rare opportunities to break into the Grade A list of films. But she has kept at it with a remarkable tenacity, proving her talent time and again with exceptional compositions, and has scored music for songs that have been rated as gems and have become iconic songs creating a recognition for the films.

This song, that is about 45 years old now, has been a popular favorite since its release. There are many a song that have been created eulogizing the beauty of the beloved, since love and romance is the topic most attended to by poets and film makers. I am sure we can come up with a long list of songs, where the lover is spending all his emotions to express and praise the beauty of his lady love. Whatever that list may be, it would be sorely incomplete without this gem.

I have not been able to locate a video clip for this song, only the audio is available. Hence it is not feasible to comment on the on screen performance of this song. I request other knowledgeable readers to please provide additional inputs and information regarding this film and this song.

Enjoy this wonderful creation by Yogesh and Usha Khanna, rendered so lovingly by Rafi Saab.

Song-Sau baar banaa kar maalik ne (Ek Raat) (1967) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Usha Khanna


sau baar banaa kar maalik ne
sau baar mitaayaa hogaa
sau baar banaa kar maalik ne
sau baar mitaayaa hogaa
ye husn mujassim tab tera
is rang pe aayaa hogaa
sau baar banaa kar maalik ne
sau baar mitaayaa hogaa

kai laal taraashe hongey
tab honthh banaaye hongey
kai laal taraashe hongey
tab honthh banaaye hongey
daaton ki jageh pe moti
chun chun ke lagaaye hongey
zulfen kaali karney ko
badli ko jalaayaa hogaa
ye husn mujassim tab tera
is rang pe aayaa hogaa
sau baar banaa kar maalik ne
sau baar mitaayaa hogaa

saagar ke sunehre seepi
palkon pe sajaaye hongey
saagar ke sunehre seepi
palkon pe sajaaye hongey
do neel kamal neelam si
aankhon mein khilaaye hongey
angon mein chamak dene ko
chanda ko galaayaa hoga
ye husn mujassim tab tera
is rang pe aayaa hogaa
sau baar banaa kar maalik ne
sau baar mitaayaa hogaa
sau baar banaa kar maalik ne
sau baar mitaayaa hogaa

3 Responses to "Sau baar banaa kar maalik ne"

If information gathered through Youtube is correct, then another guy`s name was there in the site as RAVI KUMAR,who was acted in this movie.Further Helen also acted in this movie.


Sudhir ji,
EK RAAT(1967),produced by East & west movies,was directed by Rajnath.The MD was Usha Khanna,and the lyrics were by Yogesh,Anjaan and Jalal Malihabadi.
Balraj,a crippled and a recluse lives in a Bungalow with daghter Rekha,maid Kamala and butler Haroon.
One night Ravi Kumar comes asking for a job and is appointed manager of the orchard & given outhouse to live.He starts loving Rekha.One night Balraj shouts,Ravi goes for help and is told that Balraj’s old enemy Jaggu came to kill Balraj.It seems when Balraj,in the past chased the dacoit Jaggu,he drowned in sea and his goons Madan,Singh and Samson are caught and sentenced.
Ravi(who actually is a police officer in disguise) follows Jaggu when he finds that the 3 goons Madan,Singh and Samson are murdered and he is suspected.
The story finally reveals that Balraj is the murderer and not a cripled etc.


Actor Ravi Kumar has done the role of Ravi Kumar in this film(as rightly pointed out by prakashchandraa ji).
This Ravi kumar also acted in Bhakta Pralhad-65,Jab yaad kisiki aati hai-67,Golden Eyes Secret Agent 077-68 etc.
He was the Director of Suhaag Raat se Pehle-96,and Produced
Mangalsutra-81 and Red Rose -80.


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