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Mere dil mein tu hi tu hai

Posted on: October 11, 2011

The news came in yesterday that the renowned Ghazal Singer Jagjit Singh was no more. And I was surprised to know that he was 70 years of age when he died. And then I realised that I had first heard his ghazals in 1980s, which happens to be three decades ago. So he was indeed that old.

Jagjit Singh was active mainly during 1980s and later, and by that time the golden era of Hindi movie music was over. Taht is why the representation of Jagjit Singh in this blog is not as much as is the case for artists who came earlier. He was one of those singers who re popularised the genre of ghazals, which seemed to have gone our of favour with the public after 1960s.

Here is a song sung by Chitra Singh and Jagjit Singh. Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist and the music is composed (ironically enough) by Bappi Lahiri, the music director who was one of those who was responsible for hastening the demise of the golden era of Hindi movie music.

This song is from “Bhawna” (1984), which was a movie produced by Krsna Film Unit. Producers were Chanda Dutt and Devi Dutt. Devi Dutt was the brother of Guru Dutt. The movie was directed by Pravin Bhatta. The movie was an archtypical art movie with “boring” actors acting in this movie. The cast included names like Shabana Azmi, Marc Zuber,Kanwaljeet Singh,Rohini Hattangadi,Vikas anand, Ashalata Wabgaonkar,Satish Shah,Rajesh Puri, Hanshu Mehta,Mahavir Shah,Somesh Agarwal,Ashuthosh Thakur,saeed jaffrey,Baby Urmila mathondkar etc.

The song is picturised on Shabana Azmi and Marc Zuber.

The lyrics (and other details) of this song were sent to me by Parkashchandra.

Here is this song as a tribute to the departed soul of Jagjit Singh (8 feb 1941-10 october 2011). RIP, Jagjeet Singh.



Song-Mere dil mein tu hi tu hai (Bhavna) (1984) Singer-Chitra Singh, Jagjeet Singh, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Bappi Lahiri
Chitra Singh + Jagjit Singh =Fuchsia

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Mere dil mein tu hi tu hai
dil ki dawaa kya karoon
mere dil mein tu hi tu hai
dil ki dawaa kya karoon
dil bhi tu hai jaan bhi tu hai
tujhpe fidaa kya karoon

mere dil mein tu hi tu hai
dil ki dawaa kya karoon
dil bhi tu hai jaan bhi tu hai
tujhpe fidaa kya karoon

mere dil mein tu hi tu hai
dil ki dawaa kya karoon

khud ko khoke tujhko paakar
kya kya mila kyaa kahoon
teri hoke jeene mein kya
aayaa mazaa kya kahoon
kaise din hain, kaisi raatein
kaisi fizaa kya kahoon
meri hoke toone mujhko
kya kya diya kya kahoon

o o o
mere pehloo mein jab tu hai
phir main duaa kya karoon
dil bhi tu hai jaan bhi tu hai
tujhpe fidaa kya karoon

mere dil mein tu hi tu hai
dil ki dawaa kya karoon

aaa aaa aaa
o o o

hai ye duniya, dil ki duniya
milte rahenge yahaan
lootenge hum khushiyaan har pal
dukh na sahenge yahaan

armaanon ke chanchal dhaaren
aise bahenge yahaan
ye to sapnon ki jannat hai
sab hi kahenge yahaan
ye duniya mere dil mein basi hai
dil se juda kya karoon
dil bhi tu hai
jaan bhi tu hai
tujhpe fidaa kya karoon

mere dil mein tu hi tu hai
dil ki dawaa kya karoon

aaa aaa aaaa
o o o
aaa aaa aaa
o o o

3 Responses to "Mere dil mein tu hi tu hai"

This movie is made by the same banner which produced Shekhar Kapoor directed movie MASOOM(starring Naseeruddin shah,Shabana Azmi)

It`s a movie full of melodrama with a difference(sprinkled with typical Hindi movie masala ingredients).
As usual, Shabana azmi acted very well in this movie.

Only my grouse against this movie is
every Male character(Kanwaljeet singh ko chhodke, who plays shabana azmi`s son`s role)in this movie
was portrayed as sex starved creatures(which is somewhat difficult to digest for me), who exploits female character played by Shabana Azmi.

The story revolves around shabana azmi, who was ditched by her lover Marc Zubeir(for his father`s forutunes).And deals with,How she was exploited by the cruel worldly ways, which forces her to become High Society -Call girl, in order to educate her son through Rohini hattangadi(who plays the role of a nurse)

Nice songs(though inspired by western tunes) by Bappi lahiri and sung by Lataji, Ashaji and others.


Very very beautifull song everyday i listen…some songs make u feel what u feel… rendition as well the music g hand in hand… truly awesome feel….




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