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Khushi do ghadi ki miley na miley

Posted on: October 13, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Remembering Kishore Da on the anniversary of his passing away.

Door Ka Raahi (1971) is a film that is written, produced and directed by Kishore Da. He also composed the music, and also the lyrics for at least one song in this film. He also enacted the lead role on screen, completing a rare all round performance that covers multiple aspects of film making. His genius in simultaneously managing so many different aspects of film making deserve a special recognition.

The star cast of the film includes Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Tanuja, Amit Kumar, Abhi Bhattacharya, Iftekhar, Heeralal, Asit Sen, Keshto Mukherjee, Radheshyam, Moni Chatterjee, Padma Khanna etc. The story of the movie tells about a wandering character played by Kishore Da, who seeks refuge for a night at the house of Ashok Kumar. The story tells about the tragic interlude for the host family, as the face and appearance of their guest had a striking resemblance to a departed member of the family.

This song from the film, has been heard less in comparison to the other iconic songs from the film. Yet in some ways, this is a song more emotionally charged with sadness and suffering. The lyrics are by A Irshad. The beauty of the song lies in the near total lack of any musical accompaniment, and had been rendered so softly by Kishore da. The sound of this haunting melody, rendered with such deliberate slowness, is simply endearing to the heart. A magnificent tribute to the talent of a muti-faceted personality that is Kishore Da.

Song-Khushi do ghadi ki miley na miley (Door Ka Raahi) (1971) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-A Irshad, MD-Kishore Kumar


khushi do ghadi ki
miley na miley
khushi do ghadi ki
miley na miley
shamaa aarzoo ki
jaley na jaley
khushi do ghadi ki
miley na miley

rehguzar mein kai manzilen bhi milin
rehguzar mein kai manzilen bhi milin
dekh kar ek pal
dam liyaa phir chaley

har kadam par naye marhaley thhe khadey
har kadam par naye marhaley thhe khadey
hum chaley dil chalaa
dil chalaa hum chaley
khushi do ghadi ki
miley na miley
shamaa aarzoo ki
jaley na jaley

Translation (Provided by Sudhir)

khushi do ghadi ki, miley na miley
shamaa aarzoo ki, jaley na jaley

(For a wandering soul on a journey with no end)

Whether there is happiness for a moment or two

Whether the flame of aspirations is lit, or not

(Does it matter?)

rehguzar mein kai manzilen bhi milin
dekh kar ek pal, dam liyaa phir chaley

The paths of the journey had many landmarks appearing as destinations
But then these were only landmarks
That were examined for a brief moment
While the tired lungs rested and took a breather
And the journey was taken up yet again

har kadam par naye marhaley thhe khadey
hum chaley dil chalaa, dil chalaa hum chaley

At every step of the journey, new impediments were encountered
At times the heart conquered the hurdles, and the self followed
At times the self surmounted the problems, and the heart followed

6 Responses to "Khushi do ghadi ki miley na miley"

I had this song in one of my Kishore cassettes.Lovely song! You can sense the depth of pathos in Kishore’s voice. Fantastic!




hi atul
this is a very different song. only one or two instruments are used. and i thought “Beqarar Dil” was the only song in this movie. anyway shall i borrow atul’s words—- “had not heard this before”. it is too good and melancholic. but please enlighten me on the meaning of “Marhaley” that is used in this song


“marhaley” means ‘stages in life’.

“har kadam par naye marhaley thhe khadey”

In this context i think it would mean ‘new challenges that are to be faced at all stages in life”


thank you nahmji i knew i cud rely on u for the answer


I have been looking for meaning of some of the words in this song (my favorite for many years) .. and found it here today … at last!.

Thanks for the wonderful translation, Sudhir-ji



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