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Aaye tum yaad mujhe gaane lagi har dhadkan

Posted on: October 13, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Remembering Kishore Da on the anniversary of his passing away.

There is something special about the voice of Kishore Da that makes him a singer sans peer. Twenty four years have passed since he left this mortal world. The immense legacy that he has left behind continues to be unmatched and unsurpassed. His song of zest and zing, and packed with fun, are inimitable. And so are his songs of melancholy. The sounds of sadness and loneliness rendered by him continue to hold a special place in the heart of music lovers.

By some accounts, the film Mili (1975) is a re worked version of Anand (1970), with the lead role being played by a lady actor, in this case, Jaya Bhaduri. The film has songs written by Yogesh, and the music is composed by the genius that was SD Burman. Produced under the banner of Roopam Chitra, and directed by Hrishikesh Mukerjee, the film recounts the life of Mili, a young lady diagnosed with terminal cancer. The star cast includes Ashok Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, Amitabh Bachchan, Aruna Irani, Usha Kiran, Shobha Khote, Suresh Chatwal, Rajnath etc.

This song tells of the emotions of loneliness and waiting, and of remembrance. The soulful rendition by Kishore Da brings to life the sadness and the solitude that is so beautifully captured in words by Yogesh.

Apparently the on screen picturization does not include the complete song, and so the link to both the audio and he video clips are provided below. The audio link has the complete song.

Enjoy this wonderful sound of sadness, composed by SD Burman and rendered so poignantly by Kishore Da.


Audio (Longer)

Song-Aaye tum yaad mujhe (Mili) (1975) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-S D Burman


aaye tum yaad mujhe
gaane lagi har dhadkan
khusboo laayee pawan
mehkaa chandan
aaye tum yaad mujhe
gaane lagi har dhadkan

jis pal nainon mein
sapna tera aaye
us pal muasam par
mehndi rach jaaye
aur tu ban jaaye
jaise dulhan
aaye tum yaad mujhe
gaane lagi har dhadkan

jab main raaton mein
taare gintaa hoon
aur tere qadmon ki
aahat suntaa hoon
lagey mujhe har taaraa
teraa darpan
aaye tum yaad mujhe
gaane lagi har dhadkan

har pal man mera
mujhse kehtaa hai
jis ki dhun mein tu
khoyaa rehtaa hai
bhar de phoolon se
us kaa daaman
aaye tum yaad mujhe
gaane lagi har dhadkan
khushboo laayee pawan
mehkaa chandan
aaye tum yaad mujhe
gaane lagi har dhadkan

Translation (Provided by Sudhir)

aaye tum yaad mujhe, gaane lagi har dhadkan
khusboo laayee pawan, mehkaa chandan

your memories come floating in the mind
turning every beat of my heart into a song
along comes the breeze carrying the fragrance of sweet-scented sandalwood

jis pal nainon mein, sapna tera aaye
us pal muasam par, mehndi rach jaaye
aur tu ban jaaye, jaise dulhan

when my eyes are visited by dreams about you
that moment the weather is as if drenched with colors of henna
and I see you. . . as a bride

jab main raaton mein taare gintaa hoon
aur tere qadmon ki aahat suntaa hoon
lagey mujhe har taaraa teraa darpan

On sleepless nights, when I am counting the stars
And as I eagerly await the sounds of your footsteps
Then each star turns into a mirror reflecting your image

har pal man mera, mujhse kehtaa hai
jis ki dhun mein tu khoyaa rehtaa hai
bhar de phoolon se, us kaa daaman

Each moment my mind conveys me
For the one, in whose reverie my mind is absorbed all the time
To shower her with a cascade of blossoms and cover her with flowers

33 Responses to "Aaye tum yaad mujhe gaane lagi har dhadkan"

Mili had absolutely wonderful music. Every single song was beautiful to listen to. I believe this movie was the last one that SD Burman composed for. For a composer who gave Kishore so many opportunities and for whom Kishore was like a son, perhaps it is fitting that his last movie has such unforgettable songs by Kishore.


Raja ji,

Ditto, to your sentiments – yes, Sachin Da and Kishore have toegether given us such wonderful gems.

Regarding Sachin Da filmography, after Mili four more films with his music compositions were released in 1976, viz., Baarood, Deewaangee, Arjun Pandit, and Tyaag.



Sudhir ji,
It was appropriate on your part to choose a Kishore Song of Post Aradhana era,as he became more popular as a singer in this period,for discussion.
I would suggest,if not today,sometime later ,please also discuss one or two of his energetic,melodious songs of the 50s.
Kishor kumar of the 50s and 60s was equally great as a singer.The very fact that many people still remember those songs is an evidence itself.Unfortunately, only KK songs after 70 are generally in limelight and I feel it is an incomplete tribute to this Legend.
I would love your article on such a song.



Arun ji,

Just love you for this comment, for I myself have a weakness and a preference for Kishore da’s songs from the 50s and 60s.

(Before proceeding, I must apologize for being away from the comments space for the past few days on account of personal busy-ness. I read your couple of comments checking for me and I am sorry I was tied up for time and did not respond then 🙂 )

After read your comments above, I did a quick check on the blog, and have come up with a startling match with what you have stated. Including the six songs posted today, we are at a total of 479 songs by Kishore Da. Of these, the pre 1970 songs (i.e. 1948 to 1969) are 148, which works out to be exactly 30.1% 😀

Yes, we do have many songs from pre 1970 on the blog, and yet, there are so many wonderful and zesty gems that are still missing – let me start working on that too. 🙂

So let m tell you about a song I posted on 17th May, earlier this year. (OMG, it was 900 songs ago – the 3900th song. 900 songs in less than five months!!! Hip Hip Hooorraaay for Atul ji).

The song is a vintage Kishore Da product, sung and performed by him. The title is “Ye hai jeevan ki rail” from the film ‘Mehlon Ke Khwaab’ (1960) and is available on the blog at

In the write up, I have marvelled at not just the singing, but also the performance. A special Kishore Da song that can be performed only by that special actor Kishore da, and nobody else. Please view this song, and tell me you enjoyed it :). And yes, there are so many such songs still waiting to be “taken care of”, as Raja ji has said. 🙂

More on the way now. 🙂



sudhir ji,
Saw it.Enjoyed it .Liked it.


oh i don’t know how i missed this song on the day u posted it. but it is truly amazing a song. i don’t know how my dad never told me abt this song. coz he is the one person in my life who made me a KK bhakt when he showed me “CKNG” in one of its re releases in 1975 at a theatre in mumbai where the Andheri Shopper’s Stop now stands.
god y don’t they have the system of re releases anymore? and if they do y do they ve to color them and ruin the show for us?


In a get together in my house on the occasion of my daughter’s marriage 4 years back, my nephews played a CD containing some songs which are generally played by youngsters for dancing. I was pleasantly surprised to hear two of the songs that was played for dance – ‘Aake seedhi lagi dil pe’ and ‘Jhoom jhoom kauwa bhi’, both from HALF TICKET (1962) sung by Kishore Kumar. And these two songs were not of karaoke/ jhankar beats mix.


Yes Sadanand ji,

That is the special quality of Kishore Da’s songs. They are bound to make you dance. 🙂




There is no ‘umr ki seema’ for Kishore Kumar’s such songs 🙂


Somewhere I have read that Sachindev burmanji`s wife(along with son PANCHAM,) also had a hand at the music of MILI, after the demise of Sachindev burman. Whether I am right? Any one who know about this.???

Also,I have read about Roshanji`s wife Ira nagrath`s contribution regarding Anokhi raat`s music, after roshanji`s death.(She comleted the song “Mehlon ka raaja mila”)

aap iske baarein mein kuchch bata sakte hain kya?


Prakash ji,
As far as Mili music is concerned,SDBurman’s wife Meera DevBurman did help in the music compositions,along with other assistants like Ashish and Babloo,though Pancham was not involved,as it was not required that time.
In Anokhi Raat,it is a possibility that Ira Nagrath has helped since she was also a musician,but there are no such records anywhere.




In the titles of the film, it has been mentioned :
Music Director : S D Burman
Music : Meera Dev Burman, Ashish Babloo
Grateful Acknowledements : Rahul Dev Burman


S D Burman had recorded the tunes of all the 4 songs for MILI in a spool which he handed over to lyricist Yogesh (who was a family friend but not lyricist for MILI) before being hospitalised. R D Burman got these songs recorded but ‘Dusht rakshas’ was not used in the film.

[Source: R D Burman, The Man, The Magic]

I had also read somewhere about Ira Nagrath completing some songs of ANOKHI RAAT but I have no source to cite.

So over to Arun for further information:)


A correction: Yogesh was the lyricist for MiLI.
Sorry for the mistake.


Kamath ji,
The ‘Mili” information which I gave is recorded in Hindi film geet kosh.
The handing over of spool and helping in composing music are separate things.Music consists of not only tune,but also music arrangement,singing and recording the final song.
Meera dev must have helped in the other part,possibly


Arunji and Sadanand Kamathji

thank you, thank you
It`s so sweet of you, reacting in such a short notice.

And thank you atulji
for providing a platform, where I can ask about my doubts and clear my doubts about Hindi movie songs, which is my passion.

love you all


This song comes on top among my favourites of s.d.burman and kishoreji`s combination. I just forget everything, while listening this song at late night.(That too, while kishorji sings ” jab main raaton mein taare gintha hoon….har pal …bhar de phoolon se uska daaman” It`s just too much for me. It is out of the world experience for me.

Thank you sudhir bhai, for the sensitive lines you have written about about this Yogesh gem


Who wrote this song ? Majrooh or Yogesh ?


One more question. Did kishore kumar give playback to Guru Dutt or sung any song for Guru Dutt’s films ?


Nahm ji

The songs of this film are by Yogesh. I request Atul ji to update the tag line for this song, which currently indicates Majrooh’s name as lyricist.

Regarding Guru Dutt’s films, the list of films that were produced by Guru Dutt Movies Pvt. Ltd. during his own life time, is as follows:
Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962)
Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1960)
Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959)
Pyaasa (1957)
C.I.D. (1956)
Mr. & Mrs. ’55 (1955)
Aar-Paar (1954)
Baaz (1953)

(NOTE: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (1966) was re made and completed with Dharmendra in the lead role, after Guru Dutt passed away).

None of these films have a song by Kishore Da.

Off hand I cannot recall any song where Kishore Da has sung for Guru Dutt.



Thanks for the quick reply. I am familiar with songs all films listed except ‘Baaz”. I thought he might have made some more which i had missed, where Kishore Da could have sung, seeing that he started out with OPN ended with Salil Chaudhary, via SDB and Ravi.


but i think i ve seen a KK song picturised on Guru Dutt. but i think the movie was not a Guru dutt production or direction.


Gurudutt starrer
Saanjh aur savera(director:hrishikeshmukherjee)music:Shankarjaikishen
Suhagan(music: madan mohan)
Bahurani(music: C.Ramchandra)
Sautela bhai(music: Anil Bishwas)


12’O CLOCK – MD O P Nayyar


Then the song Peevisie’s mom is talking about has to be in either ‘Bahurani” or ‘Sautela bhai’. If Guru Dutt has worked in only five outside films.


One more film of Guru Dutt starrer outside Guru Dutt’s productions:

BHAROSA (1963) – MD Ravi

There is no KK songs in it.


was Asha Parekh the female lead in ‘Bharosa’?


Yes, she is.



Nahm ji, Prakash Bhai, Peevesie’s Mom ji,

I have checked the song listing of all the films listed above. No Kishore da songs.
Closest we can get to is two songs by Hemant Kumar for the film Bahurani, especially the song “Ital ke ghar mein teetal, baahar achhaa ke bheetal”, a song that is sung by Hemant Da, and picturized on Guru Dutt. The tone of the song sounds like a song sung by Kishore Da. It is possible that is how Peevesie’s Mom remembers the song.

This song is available on YouTube at

Request to please check and see if this is song.



hullo Sudhirji
thank you for the link to the above song. and i ve heard it before in the times when one felt all these people in movies were mutli talented. and that they sang their own songs etc.(meaning as a kid) as Utpal Dutt had told to Dharamendra in “Guddi”.
and at that time one didn’t know the difference between a Mukesh, Rafi, KK or Manna Dey. like i said sometime back it was “CKNG” that made me realise the existence of KK as a singer actor. before that he was the voice of Rajesh Khanna for me.
thank you once again for “Ital ke ghar mein teetal”


Very welcome, Peevesie’s Mom ji,




a very poignant song :(..but beautifully sung by kishore da 🙂


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