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Tere dukh ke din phirenge

Posted on: May 31, 2012

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I learnt only now on visiting this blog that today (31st may) is the death anniversary of Anil Biswas. On this occasion, I am putting together a very quick post for this blog, meant as a tribute to him.

Anil Biswas was obviously well, well before my time. So I can only write of him based on what I’ve heard or read about him – and his music that I’ve listened to.

Personally speaking, I first heard of Anil Biswas in the context of Mukesh’s “dil jalta hai to jalne de”, the song that brought Mukesh first into the limelight, though it was mistaken by many as a Saigal song. After that, I read a bit more about Anil Biswas – there was no doubt that he was very highly regarded by one and all. For a singer, it was considered a privilege to sing for Anil Biswas. I vaguely remember reading a wonderful interview with him sometime in the 1970s – I think it was in the Illustrated Weekly of India.

I will not write more about him – rather I will directly anybody who wants to read more about him, to the beautiful tribute to him, written by Mr.Kamath and posted on this blog today.

I’ve seen a few movies where the music was composed by Anil Biswas. Two movies that come to mind are Mehboob Khan’s Roti (1942) and S. Mukherjee’s Kismet (1943).

I thought I’d post a song from one of these movies today. I’ve only recently seen Kismet so the story is very fresh in my mind. (I remember the story of Roti too for that matter – what a fantastic film that was!).

I noticed that almost all the songs of Kismet have already been posted on this blog – bar one. I could not even find that song on youtube – so I decided to put it up there myself first and then post it here. So that’s what I’ve done. And here is the song “tere dukh ke din phirenge” (I think that with this, all songs of Kismet have been covered – if somebody can confirm this, Atul can mark this film as completed).

A lot has been written and talked about Kismet recently – partly because it was recently reviewed on memsaab’s blog. I’d heard a lot about the movie but never seen it till recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it – and in fact subtitled it for non-Hindi speakers.

This particular song is at a point in the film where Rani (Mumtaz Shanti) feels forlorn. She has a problem with her leg (she needs crutches), she has no mother, her father has left her (though he loves her, he feels ashamed to come in front of her because he feels he is responsible for her leg problem), her lover (who she wholeheartedly trusted) has seemingly left her – and now her younger sister, Leela (Chandraprabha), who she is very protective about, breaks the news to her that she is pregnant, while still just a student and obviously unmarried.

All this begins to get too much for Rani – and she pleads to God to give her some solace and some direction about what she should do.

There’s Shekhar (Ashok Kumar) too lurking around – he is a fugitive and, though he still loves Rani, he feels uncertain about clearing up the misunderstanding between them at this stage.

So that is the background behind this song.

Please listen to this and enjoy Anil Biswas’ sweet composition. This may not be a well-known song (otherwise it would definitely have already been up there) but even in this song, the way the tune has been composed is quite sweet, in my opinion.

P.S: Can one of our knowledgeable readers identify the person lip-synching to this song please?



Song-Tere dukh ke din phirenge (Kismat)(1943)Singer-Arun Kumar Mukherji, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-Anil Biswas


Tere dukh ke din phirenge
le dua meri liye jaa
tu zaraa himmat se jag mein
zindagi ban ke jiye jaa
zindagi ban ke jiye jaa
zindagi ban ke jiye jaa

ek pyaale mein hai amrit
ek mein ?? hai
ek pyaale mein hai amrit
ek pyaale ?? hai
jo tujhe maalik pilaave
jo tujhe maalik pilaave
peene waale tu piye jaa
peene waale tu piye jaa
zindagi ban ke jiye jaa

dukh se kyun dartaa hai praani
dukh se kyun
dukh se kyun dartaa hai praani
Hari ke haath hazaar hain
Prabhu ke haath hazaar hain
tu ye aasha se bhara
paighaam duniya ko diye jaa
zindagi ban ke jiye jaa
zindagi ban ke jiye jaa

tere dukh ke din phirenge
le dua meri liye jaa

4 Responses to "Tere dukh ke din phirenge"

“??” = ek pyale mein zahar


There were a total of 8 songs in KISMET-43.
Now only one is remaining-Ja re jare baadaldheere- a solo by Amirbai Karnataki.
The duet of Amirbai and Ashokkumar has been posted already.


Oh yes, that one hasn’t been done yet. Maybe I will write that one up too in the next few days. Then we can mark this one. I just LOVE this movie. Thanks, Arunji.


That is a great write up Raja, for a lovely song from a lovely movie.


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