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Kismat ki jeb mein angoothha naseeb ka

Posted on: September 30, 2012

Mehmood’s birthday was yesterday (29 september) and we discussed a few songs picturised on him on that occasion. Those songs were sung by other singers.

Here is a song which is in fact sung by Mehmood himself. Yesterday was indeed the appropriate day for this song but the lyrics could not reach me in time for unavaidable reasons. Now Peevesie’s mom has been able to send me the lyrics of this song.

I have heard this song before but I was not very knowledgeable about the details of this song. It is only now that I have come to know that this song is from “Manpasand” (1978) and that Mehmood plays the role of Tina Munim in this movie. He plays a drunkard who lives off the earnings of his daughter. The song where Tina Mumim sells “daatun” has already been discussed in this blog.

Here is the song from “Manpasand” (1980) which is sung by Mehmood and picturised on himself. Amit Khanna is the lyricist. Music is composed by Rajesh Roshan.

What a nicely sung song by Mehmood !



Song-Kismat ki jeb mein angoothha naseeb ka(Man Pasand)(1980) Singer-Mehmood, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics(Provided by Peevesie’s mom)

kismet ki jeb main
ho kismet ki jeb main angootha naseeb ka
padh padhke fail hota hain launda gareeb ka
(un hoon hoon )
kismet ki jeb mein angootha naseeb ka
padh padhke fail hota hain launda gareeb ka

Makkhan khaane se mere daant hile jaate hain
(un hoon)
makkhan khaane se mere daant hile jaate hain
makhmal pe chale toh ye paaon chhile jaate hain
aamdani hai cipher makhmal kahaan se laayen
aao sadak par baithen thandi hawa hi khayen
zindagi tedha medha
zindagi tedha medha
rishta gareeb ka
padh padhke fail hota hai launda gareeb ka
kismet ki jeb mein angootha naseeb ka
padh padhke fail hota hain launda gareeb ka

o ho
o ho
o ho
o ho
saari duniya ke baap ghar ko chalaate hain
saari duniya ke baap ghar ko chalaate hain
taqdeer waale ke bachche unhen khilaate hain
jab beti hai kamaaoon
(Beti meri Beti)
jab beti hai kamaaoon
haath paaon kyun chalaaoon
phokat ka maal mile toh paseena kyun bahaaoon
kudrat ka hai ye
kudrat ka hai ye karishma ajeeb sa
padh padhke fail hota hai launda gareeb ka
kismet ki jeb mein angootha naseeb ka
padh padhke fail hota hai launda gareeb ka

7 Responses to "Kismat ki jeb mein angoothha naseeb ka"

Thank you peevsie’s mom for the lyrics! I hadn’t listened to this song since thirty years or so! I remember watching this movie in the cinema hall. There were only three other people in the whole cinema hall other than my cousin, my sister and me.
Very interesting lyrics!
Happy Birth Anniversary, Mehmood!


The situation/dance sequences seems to be have lifted straight from My Fair Lady, though I do know the situation/story in this movie!


Umesh Ji, reminded me of My Fair Lady too :). Surprisingly, this was the only song I did not have with me from the movie :).


Pradeep Ji, thanks for conformation! Seems like few other regulars…you too have a vast collection of songs(evident from your comments else where)…..It is really great to in company of such knowledgeable people 🙂


Umesh Ji, this blog is the most amazing treasure trove one can find if he / she likes old hindi songs. Thanks to Atul Ji and other Atulites :).


this is the link to only the audio of the above song. why i felt like giving it here was bcoz it has the end also in where Mehmood says:
toh phir kyon paisa kharacha karke oloko padhane ka, nahin padaneka olog ki kamayi khane ka muffat main



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