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Dil ki dhadkan pe gaa umr bhar muskuraa

Posted on: October 4, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Wonderful gems still to waiting to be rediscovered, and in the queue for making an appearance on this blog. Well, one day this treasure may all be known and documented, but thankfully, that day is still a long way off. And the journey of the musical bandwagon on this blog, continues on its merry way, searching, researching, documenting and posting. Oh, what a joy.

Yes, what a joy this song is. One of the many waiting with me to be posted. Such a beautiful song, such a happy words of inspiration, such wonderful melody, and the voice – the mellifluous velvety voice of Talat Saab. All these combine to make this song oh so very hummable, so very uplifting, and such a joy to listen. A song that will never fail to rouse any sagging spirits, a song that will bring a light spring in the step of even the most tired limbs. A song that has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and as I said, waiting in the wings to be posted here for quite some time now.

Atul ji has already posted 2 songs from the film ‘Lakeerein’ (1954). This film had a well known star cast, and was one of the well known films of its time. A production from the banner of Sushil Pictures, Bombay, the film is produced and directed by Harbans. The star cast includes Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Sulochana Chatterjee, Kamal, Pran, Tiwari, Durga Khote, Amir Banu. The film has a total of 11 songs listed in the Geet Kosh. The songs are all penned by Shewan Rizvi, and the music is by Hafiz Khan.

The name Shewan Rizvi is familiar, but what about Hafiz Khan? Some friends on the blog will be familiar with this name, but maybe many others may not be.
Recall the iconic qawwali “Aahen Na Bharin, Shiqwe Na Kiye” from the film ‘Zeenat’ (1945). Music director is Hafiz Khan, also known as Hafiz Ali Khan, and then also known as Khan Mastana. This last name will be much more familiar to the readers, for this name spells the magic of singing for such iconic songs like “Zindagi Hai Pyaar Se. . .” (from ‘Sikandar’, 1941), and “Watan Ki Raah Mein Watan Ke Naujawaan Shaheed Ho” (from ‘Shaheed’, 1948). A career that spanned almost three decades, from mid 1930s to 1960. In 1960, he composed for an obscure film ‘Shareef Daaku’, and then is not heard from anymore. Hafiz Khan passed away in 1971.

NOTE: Based on the inputs and correct information provided by our dear Arun ji, here is a clarification about the above para. The Music Director of this film, Hafeez Khan, IS NOT the same person as the Singer / Music Director Hafiz Ali Khan Mastaana (aka Khan Mastaana). Although the two individual artists are contemporaries, and they have overlapping careers. This error crept in based on a reference that was used by the author of this post. The book ‘Dhunon Ki Yatra’ by Shri Pankaj Raag, contains an article on Hafeez Khan. In this article, Pankaj ji has intermingled the two personalities and their careers, in effect creating a singular confusion for the readers of his book. Arun ji, alert as ever, caught this error immediately, and has provided the correct information. The same information is also independently confirmed by Shri Harmandir Singh ji (compiler of Hindi Film Geet Kosh).

Enjoy this memorable creation, in a fast paced melodious rhythm. It will surely bring a humming to your lips.

dil ki dhadkan pe gaa, umra bhar muskuraa
pyaar ko jeet le, zindagi haar jaa

Sing along with the melody of heartbeats
Live the smile,
Smile for a lifetime
Lose this life, in exchange
To win the wager of love

zindagi geet hai, pyaar hai raagini
chhed de saaz ko, raat hai kaatni
keh rahaa hai samaa gaaye jaa gaaye jaa

The song, is one of life and living
Played on the rhythm of love
Strum the strings, and play the music
The night is long, it has to be endured
The mood, the aura, the surroundings
(Hum the music of love)
Sing along, sing along
Forever, and ever

zindagi bhar mohaabat ke nagme sunaa
muskuraate gulon ko galey se lagaa
kaante uljhen to daaman na apnaa chhuda

Let the ballad of love
Play for the lifetime
Accept all, and applaud
Embrace the smiling flowers
And accept the thorns too
As they cling on, and try to impede

chaar ki hai ye zindgani teri
yaad reh jaaye jeevan kahaani teri
sab ke hotthon pe naache fasaana tera
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa

The saga of your life
Is but a tale of four nights
(Let it be so, that)
This account sustains the memory of ages
And your story may live
On a thousand lips
Come sing along with the melody of heartbeats

Song-Dil ki dhadkan pe gaa umr bhar muskuraa (Lakeerein)(1954) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Shevan Rizvi, Md-Hafeez Khan


dil ki dhadkan pe gaa
umr bhar muskuraa
pyaar ko jeet le
zindagi haar jaa
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa

zindagi geet hai
pyaar hai raagini
zindagi geet hai
pyaar hai raagini
chhed de saaz ko
raat hai kaatni
chhed de saaz ko
raat hai kaatni
keh rahaa hai samaa
gaaye jaa gaaye jaa
keh rahaa hai samaa
gaaye jaa gaaye jaa
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa
umr bhar muskuraa
pyaar ko jeet le
zindagi haar jaa
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa

zindagi bhar mohaabat ke nagme sunaa
zindagi bhar mohaabat ke nagme sunaa
muskuraate gulon ko galey se lagaa
muskuraate gulon ko galey se lagaa
kaante uljhen to daaman na apnaa chhuda
kaante uljhen to daaman na apnaa chhuda
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa
umr bhar muskuraa
pyaar ko jeet le
zindagi haar jaa
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa

chaar ki hai ye zindgani teri
chaar ki hai ye zindgani teri
yaad reh jaaye jeevan kahaani teri
yaad reh jaaye jeevan kahaani teri
sab ke hontthon pe naache fasaana tera
sab ke hontthon pe naache fasaana tera
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa
umr bhar muskuraa
pyaar ko jeet le
zindagi haar jaa
dil ki dhadkan pe gaa

13 Responses to "Dil ki dhadkan pe gaa umr bhar muskuraa"

Nice and soothing. Thanks


Many many thanks for solving(!!) the mystery of Hafiz Khan alias Khan Mastana. Keep smiling, life will be well lived!! Only Talat Saab could have sung this song so memorably.


Sudhir jee,
I dont know if this is a season of controversies.
Here is one more.
Music Director HAFIZ KHAN and singer KHAN MASTANA were NOT same.
They were two different persons.
In the early 2000,there was a fierce discussion in RMIM and I am reproducing here what the final conclusion was-By Mr.Dhananjay Naniwadekar.In the second part of my posting I will give the same opinion of Shri Surjit singh ji also. –

30 of 660

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MD Hafiz khan and Singer Khan Mastana

Arunkumar Deshmukh
Sep 29 (5 days ago)

to me

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Khan Mastana and Hafiz Khan Options

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More options Sep 2 2000, 1:00 am
To get straight to the point, they are 2 different persons. Singer
Hafiz Khan used the nickname “Mastana”. The other Hafiz Khan was an MD.
Vish Krishnan told me this thread was discussed on RMIM in the past.
But there still seems to be some confusion among RMIMers, as Snehal Oza,
among the more knowlegeable RMIMers, who has passed on lot of
interesting info to me, wrote that he believed these 2 to be different
names of same person. It is not so.
If even Snehal does not know, another note would not be amiss.
Hafiz Khan was MD of Zeenat, Hamjoli, Meherbani, Lakeere.n, and Mera
Salaam. “Hafiz” Khan Mastana also scored music for some films. But he
was better known as a singer (Watan ki raah me watan ke – with Rafi in
Shaheed). I used to confuse between Khan Mastana and Ghulam Mustafa
Durani (due to sheer ignorance).
Though I have heard many G M Durani songs of late, I have not heard any
other song by Khan Mastana.
Hamraaz, the near-inexhaustible source of authentic data, gave me more
info. Khan Mastana made his debut as a singer for MD
Mir Saheb in 1938. His real name was Hafiz Khan. Because of his jolly
(“mast”) nature, Mir Saheb named him Mastana. This nickname was god-
sent to him. He was afraid his father might find out about his singing
for films and scold him. So he did not use his real name. He also sang
under the name H K Mastana. Later he scored
music under the name (Hafiz) Khan Mastana. Presumably the father had
uncovered the secret by then, so the real name could be added in
bracket. He owned many cars and flats in Mumbai in 1940s. But died in
poverty in 1972.
– nani (Dhananjay Naniwadekar)



Sudhir jee,
Here is the second part-

31 of 660

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(no subject)

Arunkumar Deshmukh
Sep 29 (5 days ago)

to me

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37 wrote:
On Jan 12, 8:00 am, Jay wrote:
On Jan 11, 10:28 pm, “naniwadekar” wrote:

The noted sitarist shahid parvez is son of Aziz Khan (Aziz Hindi).
More information about Hafeez khan mastana and Aziz Khan can be had
from his internet site
The website says : “Aziz Khansaab’s taking up (film) music as
a profession did not go down well with his father.” Long
before Wahid (or Waheed) Khan made his displeasure
known to his son Aziz, presumably in mid or late 1940s,
singer Hafiz Khan Mastana had known how his father
would react to his involvement with film music and wanted
to hide the association from his father. It was (partly or
wholly) due to this reason that he took the name ‘Khan
Mastana’, in 1938-39, when Mir Sahab started called
him ‘Mastana’ because of his ebullient nature when he
sang his first song for a film. It was much later than Khan
Mastana’s father came to know that the famous singer was
none other than his own son. An article was published on
Khan Mastana in Listeners’ Bulletin long ago. Vocalist Hafiz
Khan ‘Mastana’ died in extreme poverty in 1972-73.
Sarangiya Hafiz Khan, MD of Zeenat, moved to UK. He
was still alive in 1999/2000, and Shri Kamalakar Pasupuleti
knew some music-lovers who had met the composer near
London. If any significant info about him comes to light,
I will post it here. It is a fair guess that it was he who scored
the music of Meherbani (1950, it has two lovely Lata-Talat
duets) and Mera Salaam (1957, features an all-time great
Talat gem ‘har shaam shaam-e-gham hai’) as well.
– dn
Wonderful Nani ! Kudos !

I lose … ya…I lose to you. I am thrilled to hear-n-read this
info .

12/1- Hide quoted text –

– Show quoted text –

so the dispute is settled.
Music Director Hafiz Khan and Singer Music director Hafiz ”
Khan”(zeenat fame)
are two dirrent people .
Thank youi Nani-Brilliant
and Thank you Jay it was because of you that truth camed out.
all well that ends well.

Excellent! Lots of emails and other hard work went into “proving” what was known to the
readers of Har Mandir’s Listeners’s Bulletin in November 1979! Now let us do the needed
legwork to prove that Shankar Jaikishan were two people 🙂 Some people who know this fact may
still be alive and be willing to be interviewed 🙂

Surjit Singh, a diehard movie fan(atic), period.


Sudhir jee,
Part 3…
The Listeners’ Bulletin of November 1979 has published Bio of Khan Mastana ,the singer/MD.In his Filmography where he gave music to films,there is NO MENTION OF zeenat or othe films,for which the MD Hafiz Khan gave music.
This conclusively proves that MD Hafiz Khan and singer/MD Khan Masthana were different persons.



Just to add my 2 cents on this topic and i have neither any knowledge regarding this nor m i qualified on the subject matter. I did read it once somewhere (on internet of course and now I cant seem to recall where) where the writer was claiming that he had contacted the actor Bhagwan Dada who had confirmed to him that Hafiz Khan and H Khan Mastana were same person. That is all I can recall. I dont remember the writer or the website where I read this.

I would like to add though, if it is possible for someone to contact Lataji and get a clarification on this. From what Derubalaji is writing here, it seems Lataji is available thru Facebook, so just wondering. I mean that would be the real concrete proof – the legend herself who is still around and supposed to have directly worked with this person.



bluefire ji,
Your info is very brief and without any references.Even if it was true,it is not known in what refernce this was said,because Khan Masthana’s full name WAS Hafeez Khan Masthana.But that is not the point in question.
The point is whehter MD Hafiz Khan (of Zeenat,Humjoli,Meherbanimlakeeren and Mera Salam) was the same as singer Hafeez Khan Masthana.
If MD Hafeez khan went and settled in UK and was seen and met by some music lovers in 1999-2000,while the Singer Hafeez Khan Masthana died in penury in India in 1972,then how can they be the same person ?


Arunji, I understand all that. Its just that I have seen you making so much efforts in getting to the bottom of things (thru girdharilalji calling madhubala zaveri) and all that, Sudhirji spending so much effort in finding a mukhda of some song, etc, I was just wondering if it was feasible to contact Lataji by someone, that too because I read Derubalaji mentioning here she is friends with Lataji on Facebook or something. So i thought if Lataji is easily accessible, it might be worth a shot and leave no doubt whatsoever. Just a humble suggestion. If i find more on that Bhagwan Dada story I mentioned, i would let u know. Regards.


Arun ji,

I stand humbled and corrected. You are very correct in pointing out the error made by me in this post. Let me tell you how this error came about.

A few weeks back, a friend in Delhi presented me a book on Music Directors, (‘Those Magnificent Music Makers’ written by Trinetra Bajpai. I think I had written to you also about it). Based on some exchange with a few other friends also, I was informed about a similar book by Pankaj Raag ‘Dhunon Ki Yatra’, which, according to all inputs, is a much better researched publication. Fortunately, Harmandir ji had a duplicate copy and he despatched it to me, just about two weeks ago.

As I started to write this post couple of days ago, I checked Pankaj Raag’s book, and found a good sized article on Hafiz Khan, the music director for this song. Unaware that this article actually contains this major flaw, I used it as a reference to add a few lines about the music director. And as I see now, the comments on this have been very enlightening. I also just now called up Harmandir ji, and double checked with him. He also confirms that Singer / Music Director Hafiz Khan Mastana, and the Music Director Hafeez Khan are two different individuals. They have their own lists of films. The songs for the film ‘Zeenat’ (1945) and this film ‘Lakeerein’ (1954) are composed by Music Director Hafeez Khan, and not by the Singer / Music Director Hafiz Khan Mastana. It is a great coincidence that both these artists were active at the same time. The list of films for Singer / Music Director Hafiz Khan Mastana also includes two films in 1945 – ‘Veer Kunaal’ and ‘Neelam’.

Apologies for this faux-pas. I realize that better research is necessary before putting up things for publication. I am sending a correction to Atul ji, to add to this write up.



Sudhir ji,
It is very unfortunate that these days we can not depend on good books too ! Just before writing my comments,I too checked the book Dhunon ki Yatra,but was disappointed to find that even Raag ji-who is otherwise very dependable,just like Harmandir ji-has erred in differentiating between these 2 Hafeez Khans.
Since I knew 100% that these 2 are different,I wrote the above comments.
As I had said earlier several times,treading the path of old films and its Music is a difficult proposition and yet is a thrilling and challenging one.In the olden days,several cases of “same-Name” phenomenas are encountered every now and then and a careful dissection is necessary before coming to a conclusion.In this respect the Internet site are the greatest ‘misleaders’.
I do appreciate your promptness in checking the things,once a doubt has been encountered.
Chalo,all is well that ends well.


Thanks Arun ji




As smooth as.. Talat saabs voice :).


Both of these legends were active in Hindi Film Industry in the 1940’s a period with which was considered as the Golden Period in the Hindi Film Era.

I can very faintly recollect that one my Uncle (a Doctor by profession) had come to Mumbai in the mid 1940’s and was an ardent fan of Hindi Film Music. In the early 1980’s he made a mention of ‘Khan Mastana’ who was on of the lead playback for “Zindagi Hai Pyar Se …” from the 1941 Minerva Movie Tone Classic “SIKANDER” who died of poverty in Bombay (now Mumbai) and as per what he could recollect was buried in on of the Cemetries’ located around Mahim. Another duet sung by Khan Mastana was ‘Kaanta Lago Re Sajanwa Mijhse Raah Chali Na Jaye …’ from the 1942 BOMBAY TALKIES Classic “BASANT”.

Nevertheless, am really grateful to all those readers who have contributed doing a lot of Hardwork to put in the facts before many including me (even though I listen to some of the songs of Late Hafiz Ali Khan Mastana that I have in my small Library.

The fact remains that the Talent of those days substantiated by the Hard Work done by many of these legends set up the foundation for Hindi Film Industry for which we all need to always be grateful.

At the same time it is very sad that a few of the Film Production Studios like “PRABHAT (Kolhapur) and BOMBAY TALKIES (Malad, Mumbai) exist no more. Also RANJIT STUDIOS (Dadar, Mumbai) and FAMOUS STUDIOS (Mahalakshmi, Mumbai) have leased out their premises to various Private Business Entities.

Once again thanks to all for their valuable contributions.


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