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Piya maine kya kiya

Posted on: October 10, 2012

“Us Paar” (1974) was a Cinee eye Films production. It was produced and directed by Basu Chatterji. The movie had Vinod Mehra, Raja Paranjape, Padma Khanna, Mausmi Chatterjee, Jalal Agha, Lalita Kumari, Paintal, A.K.Hangal etc in it.

Today (10 october) is the birth anniversary of S D Burman, who was the music director of this movie. On this occasion here is a song from “Us Paar” (1974). This song is sung by Manna Dey. it is picturised as a background song. It is a bullock cart song as well as the movie ending song. the picturisation shows Mausami Chatterji and Jalal Agha leaving for some unspecified destination on a bullock cart and Vonod Mehra tried to stop them but in vain.

The lyrics of this song “Piya maine kya kiya” is somewhat remininscent of another S D Burman composition Piya toone kya kiyaa(Zindagi Zindagi)(1972). That song too was a movie ending song. There it was S D Burman singing that background song though.

Yogesh is the lyricist of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Piyaa maine kyaa kiya (Us Paar)(1974) singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-S D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

mitwa aaa aaa
mitwa aaa aaa
mitwa aaa haa aa
piya maine kya kiya
piya maine kya kiya
mujhe chhod ke jaiyyo naa aa
piya maine kya kiya
mujhe chhod ke jaiyyo naaaaa
piya maine kya kiya

manwaa boojh na paaye ho o
manwaa boojh na paaye ho o o
ho gayee kaunsi bhool re
chhal gayee mere pyaar ko o
kyun patjhad ki dhool re
roothe tum kis baat pe ae
roothe tum kiss baat pe
mujhe ye bataiyyo haan
piya maine kya kiyaa
piya maine kya kiyaa
mujhe chhod ke jaiyyo na
piya maine kya kiyaa

kuchch bhi kahaa na jaaye ho o o
kuchch bhi kahaa na jaaye ho o o
chhalke bas mere nain re
chhod gaya mera saath ho o
beech dagar mein chain re
ban gaye phool babool kyun
ban gaye phool babool kyun
koi to samjhaiyyo haaan
piya maine kya kiyaa
piya maine kya kiyaa
mujhe chhodke jaiyyo na
mitwaa aaa
mitwaaaa aaaaaa
mitwaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaa

8 Responses to "Piya maine kya kiya"

Director of the movie:Basu chatterjee, Not Basu Bhattacharya


I think, the director of this movie, which was based on a famous foreign film ‘Knife in the Water’, was Basu Chatterji, not Basu Bhattacharya!


The story is about a city youth, who comes down to village to take care of his ailing grand father.He was smitten by innocent Gypsy girl(part of a Mela run by gypsies)Love blossoms between them and boy asks girl to marry him.But girl was engaged to a motor cyclist(who takes part in the same fair) .
Still both of them plan to run away together. But on the said time boy doesn`t shows up(as his ailing grand father dies) and the girl has to go with the motor cyclist against her will and feelings.

If you like other Basu chatterjee movies and his direction, you will love the movie, eventhough the pace of the movie is very slow.
But , in my personal opinion, Music by Sachin Dev Burman is excellent ,ably supported by Lyricist Yogesh and the singers Lata,Asha,Manna Dey, Rafi.

And of course there is my favourite Moushumi Chatterjee : )
and the beautiful village locations.


Very Beautiful! Thanks!


Thank you Prakashji for the synopsis. The movie was really beautiful. I love its songs. Manna Dey is my favorite, and he has sung this so soulfully




I bought dvd of this movie two months back solely as a new addition to my collection. But now, after remembering this song, need to watch it. Thanks to you and Atulji for this song. 🙂


What a marvellous film it was! This film had left a Very melancholic effect impact of which I felt for decades.


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