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Parda hai parda

Posted on: December 23, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Since the last two days a certain music channel (B4U Music I think) is advertising that they are going to dedicate their “Awaaz De Kahaan Hain” programme to Mohd. Rafi and that it is going to be spread over 23rd and 24th. And my brain….like time some tube lights of olden days blinked and blinked and realized that (realization after 5 years of being an Atulite) that my daughter’s birthday is close to Rafisaab’s birthday. And that she had written the lyrics for the song from “Amar Akbar Anthony” a long time ago. Also that she had wanted me to write a suitable write up for it.

So here it is. A funny thought crossed my mind just as I was sitting to write this. Previously she used to send her requests to Atul and wait for her song to be posted by him. Now she has sent me the lyrics a few months back and I am writing only now. Howzatt?

This particular song takes me back to the times when Chitrahaar and Chhayageet were the only two programmes that showed movie songs on T.V. and back then all houses didn’t have TV sets. We used to go to my chachu’s house (he lived in the same complex) to see the weekend movie or a cricket match or the music prog. Also I remember how we used to see the prog as a family with my grandparents also sitting there with my family & chachu’s family. My chachu had this cassette recorder which he used to connect to the TV to record selected songs and all of us had to maintain pin drop silence or else the recording would be useless etc. then for some songs he would give special comments and they would make all of us giggle all things considered those were wonderful times. He would point out title songs, songs which had audience reaction or audience participation. I can recall the song from Hamraaz (na munh chhupa ke jiyo) as the audience reaction song (the comment was because Vimmi looks up up when Sunil Dutt says “Na munh chhuppa ke jiyo”). Then he would call “Parda Hain Parda” an audience participation song as Amitabh Bachchan keeps singing in between and also the whole public starts singing with him in the end.

So here is this wonderful qwaalli by Mohd. Rafi as a gift for my daughter. It is picturised on Nirupa Roy, Mukri (elders first logic here) with Neetu Singh Amitabh Bachchan in the audience and Rishi Kapoor lip syncing. The lyricist is Majrooh Sultanpuri! ( says the writer4 is Anand Bakshi and Hindigeetmala .net says Majrooh, I am confused now). And music by L. P.



Song-Parda hai parda (Amar Akbar Anthony)(1977) Singer-Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Peevesie)

a aa a a a a a
a aa a a a a a
a a a a a a a a
shabaab pe main zaraa si
sharaab phekoonga
kisi haseen ki taraf
ye gulaab phenkoongaa

pardaa hai, pardaa hai
pardaa hai, pardaa hai
pardaa hai, pardaa hai
pardaa hai, pardaa hai

pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa
parde ke peechhe, pardaa-nasheen hai
pardaa nasheen ko be-pardaa na kar doon
pardaa nashi ko be-pardaa na kar doon
to AKBAR meraa naam nahin hai
pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa

hey parde ke peechhe parda nasheen hain
parda nasheen ko be- parda na kar doon to
AKBAR mera naam nahin hai
pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa

main dekhtaaaaaa
hoon jidhar,
log bhi udhar dekhen
kahaan theharti hai jaa kar,
meri nazar dekhen
mere khwaabon ki shahzaadi,
main hoon AKBAR ilaahaabaadi
main shaayar hoon haseenon kaa,
main aashiq mahjabeenon kaa
teraa daaman teraa daaman
teraa daaman
daaman daaman
teraa daaman na chhodoongaa
main har chilman
chilman chilman
main har chilman ko todoongaa
na dar zaalim zamaane se
adaa se yaa bahaane se
zaraa apni soorat dikhaa de
samaa khubsoorat banaa de
nahin to teraa naam le ke
tujhe koi ilzaam de ke
tujhko is mehfil mein rusvaa na kar doon
tujhko is mehefil mein rusvaa na kar doon
haan parda nasheen ko be-parda na kar doon
to to to to to
AKBAR teraa naam nahin hai
pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa

parde ke peeche parda nasheen hain
parda nasheen ko be- parda na kar dun to
to AKBAR mera naam nahin hai
pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa

khudaa kaa shukr hai,
chehraa nazar to aayaa hai
hayaa kaa rang nigaahon pe,
phir bhi chhaayaa hai
kisi ki jaan jaati hai,(waah waah waah)
kisi ko sharm
aaa sharm aaati hai
kisi ki jaan
jaati hai,
kisi ko sharm
aati hai
koi aansoo
bahaataa hai
to koi
muskuraataa hai
sataa kar is tarah aqsar,
mazaa lete hain ye dilabar
yahi dastoor hai inkaa,
sitam mashhoor hai inkaa
sitam mashahoor hai inakaa
sitam mashahur hai inakaa

khafaa ho ke chaharaa chhupaa le,
magar yaad rakh husna-vaale
jo hai aag teri javaani,
meraa pyaar hai sard paani
mai tere gusse ko thandaa na kar doon haan
mai tere gusse ko thandaa na kar doon
haan pardaa nasheen ko be-pardaa na kar dun
to to to to to
AKBAR teraa naam nahi hai
pardaa hai pardaa, pardaa hai pardaa
he parde ke peeche parda nasheen hai
parda nasheen ko be- parda na kar doon
to akbar mera naam nahin hai
pardaa hai pardaa, pardaa hai pardaa
pardaa hai pardaa, pardaa hai pardaa

ha aa aaa a a a a
aaa a aa a
pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa
pardaa hai pardaa,
pardaa hai pardaa

16 Responses to "Parda hai parda"

All songs of this film were written by ANAND BAKSHI only,as per HFGK.


exactly what even i had thought all my life that Anand Bakshi was the lyricist and that is y i was stumped when i read (in that Majrooh had written this song.
but this and the other songs of this movie (for that matter the movie itself) were pure entertainers.


@ Peevesie’s mom ji – waah waah waah !!!

@ Peevesie – A very very Happy Birthday to you….!!!



Vinyl record cover image of Movie “Amar Akbar Anthony” showing Anand Bakshi as the only one lyricist of the movie


Thanks for posting one of the most popular Quawallis of the hindi cinema. What a genius singing art by RAFI Sahab, simply no words to mention. This is the time (1976-17-977) when Rafi Sahab re-enters the singing world with a huge successful innings with “”Amar Akbar Anthony” and “Ham kisi se kam nahi”. Rafi Sahab won best male playback singer award in 1978 (for year 1977) for “Kya hua tera wada” from the later movie while also nominated for “Parda hai Parda”.

Regarding lyricist confusion, Yes, Arunji is very correct. All songs of this movie are penned by Bakshi Sahab. I have the DVD of this movie which credits only Anand Bakshi as lyricist infact he is also nominated for the filmfare award for best lyricist for this song while the award goes to Gulzar for “Do deewane shahar me” from Gharonda. Plz. check the link :

Meanwhile, the renderings of few words are by Amitabh itself not by Kishore.


hullo Anekatji
all these years i had thought that it was Amitabh’s (sur less voice) interjecting in th3e song and was pleasantly surprised when i saw Kishore Kumar credited for the same.
just goes to prove Atul’s point of how we find various site on the internet which copy from one to other and continue to spread misinformation.


Sir, Please credit the song lyricist name as Anand Bakshi instead of Majrooh as proof already given by PC Sir in comment #3.


Hullo Atul
the correction for the lyrics by for this song is pending. can you please do the correction to Anand Bakshi


Thanks for long pending correction.


Rafi saab is just amazing! As I keep repeating.. he is GOD!.. and now stays with them and I am sure is entertaining them :).


By chance read this today with the comments on it and would like to inform that lyricist of this song is Anand Bakshi and the other singer is neither Kishore Kumar nor Amitabh Bachchan but Amit Kumar.






This is Jayant Joshi from Rajkot.
I am interested to know the singer’s name who sang the part encted by Amitabh Bachchan ‘TO TO TO Abkbar TERA ma’am nahi’. I am sure that is not Rafi saheb’s voice. Kindly throw some light on this matter.🙏


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