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Khota paisa nahin chalega

Posted on: February 19, 2014

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

There has been a close relationship between Urdu/Hindi poets and Hindi film industry especially after the advent of talkie films in 1931. Arzoo Lucknowi, Faiyaaz Hashmi, Behzad Lucknowi, Dr. Safdar ‘Aah’ Sitapuri, D N Madhok, Pandit Indra Chandra, Pandit Madhur, Kavi Pradeep, Pandit Narendra Sharma and many more were part of the Hindi film industry in the 30s and 40s.

After the partition, some of the Urdu poets migrated to Pakistan. This gave opportunity to some emerging Urdu poets like Majrooh Sultanpuri, Sahir Ludhianvi, Shakeel Badayuni, Jan Nisar Akhtar, Hasrat Jaipuri, Noor Lucknowi, Kaif Irfani, Saba Afghani, Shewan Rizvi, Asad Bhopali etc. But only handfuls of poets became the successful lyricists and by the end of 50s, they had already become successful in Hindi film industry. In the 60s and 70s, some more poets tried their luck in Hindi film industry but most of them could not sustain their association for long for various reasons. One of the Urdu poets who made a quite entry in Hindi film industry in early 1970s was Sudarshan ‘Faakir’.

Not much is known about the early life of Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ except what has been mentioned in Wikipedia which have been repeated elsewhere on other websites. However, I could get some interesting information about his early life in a compendium of short stories ‘Ghalib Chhuti Sharaab’ written by Ravindra Kalia, a well known Hindi short story writer (some pages of the book are available on Google Books). I also read the only interview Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ is supposed to have given in his life time on the eve of the publication of his ‘Diwan’ on August 9, 2005 issue of ‘The Tribune’, Chandigarh. His profile below is based mainly on these two sources.

Sudarshan Kamra better known as Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ (1934 – 19/02/2008) was born in Ferozpur (Punjab). After completing his high school, he shifted to Jalandhar and completed B.A. from DAV College. During his college days, he was very active in dramatics and poetry. A failed love affair in Ferozpur made him to leave his birth place forever and shifted his base to Jalandhar where he lived in a dingy room. This room was also the meeting place for some of his poet friends. He also got himself enrolled for M.A. in Political Science which he completed. It is said that during this period, he dressed like a Majnu, wandered like a faqir and got addicted to alcohol. His ghazals and nazms written during this period reflected mostly his anguish in the aftermath of his failed love affair. [This is one more example of a strong bond between shayari (poetry) and ‘saaqi’ (bartender)].

After completion of his post-graduation, Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ joined All India Radio, Jalandhar as a dramatist and poet. It was a day of reckoning for him when Begum Akhtar chose five of his ghazals for her album. She had assured him that she would sing more of his ghazals. But that was not to be as she left for her heavenly abode. All of his ghazals rendered by Begum Akhtar became very popular. One of those five ghazals ishq mein ghairat e jazbaat ne rone na diyaa is my favourite. Incidentally, falsafe ishq mein pesh aaye sawaalon ki tarah was ‘Faakir’s first recorded ghazal in the voice of Mohammed Rafi in 1960.

Sometime in 1974-75, Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ resigned from AIR, Jalandhar and came to Bombay (Mumbai) with the intention of writing lyrics for his favourite music director Madan Mohan who excelled in music composition of ghazals. However, things did not work out. While in his interview of 2005, he did not spell out the reasons for this, based on an interview of Naqsh Layalpuri which I had read some 2-3 years back, Madan Mohan was badly in need of money to complete the construction of his bungalow at Lonavala near Pune. Hence he was not in a position to dictate terms with the producers of films in regard to his preferred lyricists. A case in this context was his working with Sahir Ludhianvi for ‘Laila Majnu’(1976) with whom he was uncomfortable because of his rigid stand of not writing lyrics for pre-composed tunes. Even otherwise ‘Faakir’ would not have got opportunity to work with Madan Mohan as during the making of ‘Laila Majnu’ (1976), he passed away in July 1975.

During his stint with Mumbai film industry, ‘Faakir’ came into contact with Jagjit Singh, one of his friends from Jalandhar days. While Jagjit Singh was still struggling to establishment himself as a ghazal singer, ‘Faakir’ was yet to get any assignment for song writing in the films. The two struggl collaborated in bringing out an album ‘Unforgettable’ (1976) in which two ghazals of ‘Faakir’ were sung by Jagjit Singh along with that of Ameer Minai, Jigar Moradabadi, Firaq Gorakhpuri, Tariq Badayuni etc. This album became very popular thus starting a long and a fruitful association between Jagjit Singh and Sudarshan ‘Faakir’.

Music director Jaidev who has given Jagjit Singh his first break as a playback singer in the film ‘Ek Thhi Reeta’ (1971) also gave ‘Faakir’ his first break as a lyricist in ‘Dooriyaan’ (1981). He wrote all the four songs in this film of which zindagi zindagi mere ghar aana zindagi became popular.

In all ‘Faakir’ wrote lyrics for 12 films during his stint in Mumbai lasting over two decades. He also wrote dialogues for the film ‘Yalgaar’ (1992). But it was his association with Jagjit Singh in non-filmy albums which proved a turning point in his career. He was associated with about a dozen albums of Jagjit Singh and all these albums were popular. The two albums which became super hits were ‘The Lastest’ (1982) in which his immortal nazm ‘ye kaagaz ki kashti ye baarish ka paani’ was a part of it. His most popular album with Jagjit Singh was a devotional ‘Hey Ram, Hey Ram’ (1994). Jagjit Singh was known for passing a part of his royalties from the music albums to the respective poets and this helped ‘Faakir’ financially on a sustainable basis.

Recognising the contributions of Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ in his success , Jagjit Singh arranged with HMV to issue an audio CD ‘My poetic friend Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ (1994) in which some of the ghazals and nazms written by him and sung by Jagjit Singh were included.

It is often said that reading the poems of a poet is the best way to start writing his biography. One can relate some of his ghazals and nazms written by Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ over a period of time with his transition from a jilted lover to a person concerned about problems faced by the society. Some time he questions the society and sometime he motivates. Some flavours of his poetry:

1. ye sheeshe ye sapne ye rishte ye daage
kise kyaa khabar hai kahaan toot jaaye
mohabbat ki dariyaa mein tinke wafaa ke
na jaane ye kis mod par doob jaaye

2. pathhar ke khuda pathhar ke sanam pathhar ke hi insaan paayen hain
tum shahar e mohabbat kehte ho hum jaan bachaakar aayen hain

3. kisi ranjish ko hawaa do ke main zindaa hoon abhi
mujhko ehsaas dilaa do ke main zindaa hoon abhi

4. ek hi baat zamaane ki kitaabon mein nahin
jo gham-e-dost mein nasha hai sharaabon mein nahin
na dubo saagar o meena mein ae gham e ‘Faakir’
ke makaam inka dilon mein hain sharaabon mein nahin

5. aaj ke daur mein ae dost ye manzar kyon hai
zakhm har sar pe har ek haath mein pathhar kyon hai

6. phir aaj mujhe tum ko bas itnaa bataanaa hai
hansnaa hi jeewan hai hanste hi jaanaa hai

Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ passed away on the midnight of February 18-19, 2008 in Jalandhar after a prolonged illness. I am sure on the day of his cremation on February 19th, many of his admirers would have remembered a maqta she’r of one of his ghazals:

chalti raahon mein youn hi aankh lagi hai ‘Faakir’
bheed logon ki hataa do ki main zindaa hoon abhi

On the occasion of the death anniversary of Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ on February 19th, I am presenting a song from “Dooriyaan” (1979). This movie had four songs in it. Three songs from this movie have already been discussed in the past. It is the fourth and final song from the movie.

“Dooriyaan” (1979) was produced and directed by Bhim Sen. The star cast included Uttam Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, Shreeram Lagoo, Jalal Aga, Priyadarshini etc. The lyrics were written by Sudarshan ‘Faakir’ and set to music by Jaidev.

This song is picturised as a picnic song on Sharmila Tagore, Dr Shreeram Laagoo and others and it is a lightheated fun song which is sung by Preeti Saagar, K N Sharma, Ranu Mukherji and chorus.



Song-Khota paisa nahin chalega (Dooriyaan)(1979) Singers-Preeti Sagar, Ranu Mukherji, K N Sharma, Lyrics-Sudarshan Faakir, MD-Jaidev


ikkad dukkad bombay boo
assee nabbe poora sau
sau galota teetar mota
chal madaari paisa khota

khota paisa nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai
nahin chalega
nahin chala hai
nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega

laa lala laa lalalalala
laa lala laa lalalalala

andhe ke paas chala doon to
andhe ke paas chala doon to
boodhe ko nain dila doon to
ik do dag to bhar sakta hai
phir bhi ye kya kar sakta hai
jahaan bhi pahuncha
wahin rahega
jahaan bhi pahuncha
wahin rahega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai
nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai
nahin chalega

chande mein insaan ko de do
mandir mein bhagwaan ko de do
chande mein insaan ko de do
mandir mein bhagwaan ko de do
asli gaatha(?) kah jayenga
mandir mein hi raah jayega
paap lagega
paap lagega kya paaoge
khaali jholi le aaoge
paap ka bhonpoo
nahin baja hai
nahin bajega
kaala dhandha
arre nahin phala hai
nahin phalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai
nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai nahin chalega


chor jo aaye kar jo paisa
mej pe rakh do khota paisa
chor to isko le jaayega
arre haan
chor to isko le jayega
subah hui to kya khaayega
saawan sookhe bhaado sookhe
khote jag mein rahenge khote
saawan sookhe bhaado sookhe
khote jag mein rahenge khote
jhooth ka chulha
nahin jala hai nahin jalega
paap ka halwa nahin paka hai nahin pakega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai
nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai nahin chalega
khota paisa nahin chalega
nahin chala hai nahin chalega

7 Responses to "Khota paisa nahin chalega"

Your passion and dedication in presenting an article in this blog speak volumes. Collecting flowers from various gardens, arrange them skilfully and produce a beautiful garland is your forte. Really an excellent tribute to the departed soul on his death anniversary.


Wah Sadanand-ji,
I think I had mentioned earlier as a comment that ‘kaash’ I had talent to write such beautiful articles.
Double thanks for this song by my favorite MD Jaidev-ji,
Incidentally, I had prepared this song for my series ‘Genius of Jaidev’, but I am glad that YOU presented it, as I could not have written so lucidly. Being a big ‘Air-conditioner’ of Jaidev-ji, I thank you again.
By the way, are you a Mumbai resident like me?


Sir, thanks for this beautiful post !!
Till date I have only read Faakir saab’s name in the details of the albums (cassettes) of Jagjit Singh Saab. After reading your post, i can say that , yes , i know him!
And i would also repeat the ‘ double thanks for song composed by JAIDEV ji’.

@ Atul ji- congratulations on covering all songs of this movie ‘Dooriyaan-1981’ and its joining to the list of ‘movies-all songs covered’!


Sadanand ji.. what a write-up. Thank you so much. I have listened to this song so many times during my childhood and it is so nice to hear it after all these years. Yaadein taaza ho gayee :).

Oh and YIPPEEEE! Dooriyan (1981) joins the ranks of movies that have all songs from the movie discussed on the blog. Congratulations Sadanand ji and Atul ji, and thank you :).



I knew Fakir personally, for a long time and would meet him every time during my frequent visits to Mumbai.I stayed at Santacruz and could easily walk to his dingy room at Raj Guest House, at Santacruz, East.He belonged to the rare creed of full-time poets and would react to any situation poetically, sometimes at great coat to his own interests.I myself happen to be some sort of Urdu poet and one attraction was to listen to his latest ghazals and recite my own. I was introduced to him by Sqadr0n Leader, R.D.Vinayak in 1958 and remained in touch till the end.But I must admit that the article by Sadanandji gave me some new insights and information regarding a man I knew closely both as a person and as a poet and I thank him for that.



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