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Mehlon mein aayee

Posted on: April 2, 2014

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

“Genius of Jaidev”

‘Footpath’ was a film under production and direction by Amol Palekar, but for unknown reasons was shelved and never saw the light of the day. The film’s music was entrusted to music director Jaidev and had lyrics by Naqsh Layalpuri.

Asha-ji in her ‘Shraddhanjali to Jaidev’ album has brought forward some of the unpublished songs of the great composer. In her own words:

“Mere raakhee-bandh bhai Jaidev-ji ke aakhari geet, jo maine gaaye the, woh geet aap ko main pesh karne jaa rahi hoon. Jaidev-ji bachelor they, na bhai, na beta, to unki yaad ko kaun taaja karta?” (This is the the last song that I sang under the music composition of of Jaidev ji, my Rakhi brother and I am going to present that song to you. He was a bachelor, with no brother or son left behind, so there is no one left to keep his memory alive.
(Asha-ji, Main unhe kabhi nahin bhoola…..——Bharat Upadhyay)

“Unke jaisa sangeetkar na thhaa na hoga. Unki style hi alag thi. Unke gaane, laya mein gaane ke liye bahut hi kathin the, aur taane? Naa jaane kahan se kahan le jaate the, par wohi unki ‘pahechaan’ thi. Maine 1955 mein unko raakhee baandhi thi. Jab meri beti paidaa huyee 14 November ko, to woh 16 November ko dekhne ke liye Hospital aaye, aur tej baarish ho rahi thi. Unhone aakash ki taraf dekh ke bola “16 November ko itni badi baarish? Varsha ho rahi hai?” Aur meri taraf dekh ke kaha “Kyun naa is ko ‘Varsha’ kahe?” Mujhe bhi bahut achchha laga, kyun ki mera bada beta ‘Hemant’ hai, maine bola ‘Varsha’.. bahut achchha huwa. (There was never a music director like him, not will there be another one like him. He has a style of his own. Singing his songs in proper “laya” (tempo) was extremely tough. And what to say about his “taans”. He could make them traverse from one unchartered area to another area , and that was what separated him from others. I had tied him raakhi in 1955. When my daughter was born on 14 november, he visited us at the hospital on 16 novemver. It was raining hard at that time. He looked at the sky and said ” such a deluge on 16 november ? Varsha (rain) is pouring so hard.” Looking at me, he said, “Why don’t we name her as “Varsha” ? I too liked the name, because my elder son was called “Hemant”. I said-“Varsha”- alright, very good name.)

Jaidev-ji ke saath maine bohot gaane gaaye. Film, Non-Film, bade bade shaayaron ke, bade bade santo ke aur bade bade kaviyon ke gaane maine gaaye. Humne chaar gaane record kiye the, aur chaar honewale the, par bud-kismatee se woh chale gaye. Isee darmyan Amol Palekar ke unho ne do gaane record kiye the, maine hi gaaye the. Maine Amol se maange aur Amol ne bahot pyar se woh gaane mujhe diye, jo is album mein shaamil kiye hain, suniyega.” (I sang several songs with Jaidev ji. Film, non film, songs written by great shaayars, great saints, as well as great poets were sung by me. I had got four songs recorded with Jaidev ji, and we were scheduled to record four more four more,when he unfortunately passed away. He got two songs of Amol palekar recorded , both sung by me. I asked Amol to let me sing those songs and Amol very graciously gave me the opportunity to sing those song, which are included in this album. Please listen.)

Asha-ji ke yeh kahene ke baad, hum aur kya keh shakte hain? Ab to ‘Hindi’ mein hi meri baat puri karni padegi. Keval Hindustaani vadyo ke sajaaye gaye yeh geet ko samvedansheel sunnewale jaroor khush ho jaayenge. Gaane ke ant mein Shehnaayi ki taane Bismillah-ji ki yaad dilaati hai. (After Asha ji’s statements above, what is left to be said ? Now I have to finish my comments in Hindi. This song, which is composed using only Indian musical instruments is bound to appeal to sensitive and appreciative music lovers. The “taan” of Shehnaai towards the end of the composition is so reminiscent of Bismillah Khan.)

Shaayar ‘Naqsh’ ke lyrics ko dhyaan se suniyega, Woh apne aap mein bahut hi behtar rachanaa hai. Misaal ke tor pe unki yeh panktiyaan mein ‘simili’ dekhiye. (Listen to the lyrics of the SHayar Naqsh carefully. This is quite an outstanding poetry. For example, notice the use of “simile” in the line)

” jobanaa hamaar jaisaa ankhiyon ko mala ke nikaraa kajarwaa.”

…………………….. Tathaastu……

Song-Mehlon Mein Aayee(Footpath)(1986)(UR) Singer- Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics – Naqsh Layalpuri, MD – Jaidev


haan aa aa
aaa aaa
aaaa aaa
o o o
hmm hmm hmm

mehlon mein aayee
aayee mehlon mein aayee
pehli baar
galiyon ki raani raajaji kar ke singaar
mehlon mein aayee
pehli pehli baar
galiyon ki raani raajaaji kar ke singaar
mehlon mein aayee

chikna farash torey mehlon ka raaja
chikna chikna
chikna farash torey mehlon ka raja
pag fisle to kabhi fisle najariyaa
pag fisle to kabhi fisle najariyaa
ujli deewaaren aen
ujli deewaaren aen chhat neelam ki
jhuk jhuk dekhe
jhuk jhuk dekhe jaise koi badariyaa aa
koi badariyaa
man muskaaye
tan lehraay
man muskaaye
tan lehraay
khul gaye jaise sabhi sapnon ke dwaar aar
mehlon mein aayee

toh sang baithhi jo raaj singhaasan
toh sang baithhi jo
toh sanga baithhi jo raaaaj singhaasan
jobnaa hamaare jaisaa ankhiyon ko mal ke
jobnaa hamaare jaisaa ankhiyon ko mal ke
nikraa kajarwaa aaaa aaa aaaa aaaa
nikraa kajarwaa
saj gayaa ancharaa
naye naye rang mori
haan naye naye ranga mori dehaa se chhalke
dehaa se chhalke
tu hi na dekhe
baahon mein le ke
tu hi na dekhe
baahon mein le ke
khil gayee main to piyaa
ban ke bahaar
mehlon mein aayee pehli pehli baar
galiyon ki raani raajaaji kar ke singaar
mehlon mein aayee
mehlon mein aayee raajaaa
raajaa jee raajaajee eee eee

aaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaa
aaa aaa aaa
maathhe pe chamke hai chandaa ka teekaa
maathhe pe chamke hai
maathe pe chamke hai chandaa ka teekaa
jhilmil taaron se chunri sajee hai
jhilmil taaron se chunri sajee hai
baaje kanganwaa aa
baaje kanganwaa jhoole nathaniyaa
gorey gorey haathon mein
haan gorey gorey haathon mein mehandi rachee hai
mehandi rachee hai
dulhan banee main
saj ke chali main
dulhan banee main
saj ke chali main
roke naaaa keh do mori doliyaa kahaar
dulhan banee main
saj ke chali main
dulhan banee main
saj ke chali main
roke naaaa keh do mori doliyaa kahaar
dulhan banee main


2 Responses to "Mehlon mein aayee"

Bharat ji

Thank you for the rare song and informative post.

Respected Bhart ji . Namskaar .. Shikriya …Dhanyawad for this song .Anmol Ratan from Jaydev ji ..

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