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Main ik panchhi matwaala re

Posted on: July 19, 2014

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Now this gets cosmopolitically interesting. She is from a Keralite family that settled in Mumbai about a century ago; herself she is born and brought up in Mumbai, got married to a gentleman from Tamilnadu (I think he won’t mind if we call him Peevesie’s Dad), and currently settled in Bangalore. (Maybe she can head a movement for national integration). Interestingly, today she is back in her hometown – Cochin, as this write up gets published. But that is just for a short weekend vacation, she assures me.

And so, bringing into the limelight today, I am honored to introduce Peevesie’s Mom. A curiously interesting name. As is later clarified, it is Peevesie who took the lead into the world of internet and social media, and then after discovering this blog online, she introduced her mom to the digital revolution. And taking a cue from her daughter, who chose a pseudonym to negotiate the online world, she picked the simplest idea that came to her mind – ‘Peevesie’s Mom’.

Last year sometimes April or May I was traveling to Bangalore. I sent her an email suggesting we could meet, but it was not to be. I have been assured that the email is still circling somewhere in the clouds. But then a year later, earlier in May this year, both she and Peevesie were in Delhi for about three days, and we finally had a in person introduction and interaction.

You know what, every time that I am introduced to any member of this bandwagon, in person or on email, the one thing that strikes me is the extreme affability and bon homie that seems to pervade all such interactions. Maybe it is the music that does it to you. This has invariably been my experience whenever I have started an interaction with another person who loves music.

My first meeting with Peevesie’s Mom has not been any different. Simply that I get a call from her that she and Peevesie are in town. As we exchange location information, I discover that they are staying just about ten minutes drive from my home. So we fix a time and I drive over to pick her up. And since we do not know each other by face, we simply just recognize each other by the fact that both are looking to meet someone. Doesn’t that happen so simply in life almost always – two persons, walking towards each other, there is a pause as the eyes will meet, and then simply ‘Is that Sudhir?’ and ‘Yes ! Peevesie’s Mom ji?’, and there we go. After that first initial hesitant introduction, suddenly it is as if we have know each other for years – it just seems so natural. That is the kind of friendly person Peevesie’s Mom is. And yes of course, music is involved too. 🙂

And most interesting part is still to follow. Atul ji’s request comes that since I have met her, then I should prepare the intro post for her. So I promptly send a request to her on email, to share some things about herself that I can use in the write up. And guess what? Apparently, she has no clue. As to what to write about herself. When the response comes from her, I find that she has talked with members of her family, asking them what they would write to introduce her, compiled the responses, and sent to me. Well for one, this is likely the most efficient way to handle such a request. But it also shows the kind of humble person she is, without too many thoughts about herself. And so I am building up this persona using the inputs from other members of her family.

Apparently her father and uncle were very fond of Hindi films, and as a child she has seen a ton of them in their company. And that is where her love for the Hindi film song comes from. Matrimony alliance happened in 1988, and her husband tells of a very interesting anecdote. The families meet each other as the first meeting for the prospective bride and groom. Amongst the south India Brahmin families, it is traditional in such meetings that the bride-to-be will sing a song for the gathering of people from the two families. In this case, and I quote Peevesie’s Dad – “So as a custom my mother asked “does she know how to sing” the answer was a flat no…And hence no singing..”. Without any additional inputs from either of them, I can surmise that no major ‘eyebrows-raising’ happened, and the families went ahead with the decision for the alliance.

Now, after the wedding, the newlywed couple moved into a quarter of their own. The gentleman, with some interest in Tamil and Malayalam classical music did have a two-in-one stereo player. And the newlywed bride arrived with a box full of cassettes of Hindi film music. I am just guessing at the surprise springs that would be tumbling in the gentleman’s mind, as he tried to reconcile their first meeting at the ‘bride seeing ceremony’ and this newly discovered hobby of his bride. The day would start with songs playing on the stereo, continue with it during the day, and the stereo would sleep only when the family was ready to sleep. And yes, did I forget to mention that the new bride would happily be singing along with the songs being played. And yes, more. His friends and neighbors would compliment him on her melodious voice and the songs she sang. 🙂 🙂

Till date, Peevesie’s Dad has a finger on her mood pulse. If the music is playing in the house, all is well. And if not. . . well, he didn’t specifically say then what. He tells of a time when she was staying with his parents, and was down with some health ailment. After a couple of days, he enquires from his mother about her health. The mother’s response simply is that the radio is playing and that (quote) “she has started singing. . . so she is all right”.

About the program content, his comment is that all day long it is Hindi songs being heard on TV or radio or player, depriving him of his taste in Tamil and Malayalam classical music. But, then he quickly adds (lest that statement be construed as a complaint) that Peevesie’s Mom has also mastered Tamil and Malayalam songs, even better than him. (Full marks to him. . . 😉 ).

This interest and love for music is now a family affair. Their own children and many of their cousins are now part of this shared interests, and the ‘Antaakshari’ program (anchored by Annu Kapoor) is a big hit in their household. She herself came very close to being a participant, and was a standby in one of the programs. And then he adds another anecdote about her love for music. They once moved from Ambasundaram, a small town in Tamilnadu. He was instructed to collect two cassettes that had been borrowed by a friend. Woe be it that those cassettes remained uncollected. He writes that he (quote) “had to carry the grouse for more than 5-10 years for that”. (No further comments added. 😉 .

After all these years, she still refuses to sing publicly. As per Peevesie’s Dad, she seems to have a natural shyness for displaying her natural talents, be it singing or be it making Rangoli designs.

Her family is very much into music and films. Her grandpa brought the first gramophone player into the family in 1952, and the first record was Tamil classical music record of ‘Seetha Kalyanam’. The first film to which she accompanied her parents was ‘Upkar’ (1967), while she was still a kid in arms. Her memories of film music start with songs of films like ‘Aradhana’ (1969) and ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ (1971). ‘Sholay’ (1975) was a big hit with her, and she memorized all the famous dialogues even before she got to see the film. I can imagine her with delight in my mind’s eye, a young teenager, going – “Arre O Samba” and “Tumhaara Naam Kya Hai Basanti”. 🙂

The intro to the family will not be complete without the mention of her son, (Peevesie’s Brother, of course), who is a graduate in Hospitality Management. And before I get a stern “Tera Kya Hoga Kaalia” from her, I will wind down this introduction and bring on the song for this post. But yes, one thing before I close. Quoting from Peevesie’s Dad – “Let me pray God to give her throat better and better days for singing”. Dear sir, I assure you that I speak for the bandwagon when I say that we all join you in this prayer. Be well and prosper – O Peevesie’s clan.

The song I present with this post is a charming melody from the 1989 film ‘Mamta Ki Chhaon Mein’. The song is written and composed by Kishore Kumar and the signing voice is Amit Kumar. As per the details that were discussed with Peevesie’s Mom, this song was originally created for the film ‘Door Ka Raahi’ (1971), but could not be accommodated in that film. Later on, when Kishore Kumar planned the film ‘Mamta Ki Chhaon Mein’, this song got included here. Kishore Da passed away in 1987, with this production incomplete. Rajesh Khanna stepped in and helped to get the film completed, and it was released in 1989.

On screen, the song is performed by Amit Kumar himself. Leena Chandavarkar plays the role of his mom on screen. A short song but a delightful song. And yes, a request picked out by Peevesie’s Mom herself.

Listen and enjoy.


Song-Main ik panchhi matwaala re (Mamta Ki Chhaaon Mein)(1989) Singer-Amit Kumar, Lyrics-Kishore Kumar, MD-Kishore Kumar


main ik pnachhi matwaala re
matwaalal aur niraala re
mera is duniya ke baag mein aana jaana re
main ik pnachhi matwaala re
matwaalal aur niraala re
mera is duniya ke baag mein aana jaana re

door gagan ka panchhi hoon main
door thikaana mera
door gagan ka panchhi hoon main
door thikaana mera
is bagiya ki daal pe mera
ik pal rain baseraa
hichkole khaaun
chehchahaaun gungunaaun
baadlon ke sang sang
udd udd jaaun
main apne aap mein bhoola re
matwaalal aur niraala re
mera is duniya ke baag mein aana jaana re
main ik pnachhi matwaala re
matwaala aur niraala re
mera is duniya ke baag mein aana jaana re

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

मैं इक पंछी मतवाला रे
मतवाला और निराला रे
मेरा इस दुनिया के बाग में आना जाना रे
मैं इक पंछी मतवाला रे
मतवाला और निराला रे
मेरा इस दुनिया के बाग में आना जाना रे

दूर गगन का पंछी हूं में
दूर ठिकाना मेरा
दूर गगन का पंछी हूं में
दूर ठिकाना मेरा
इस बगिया की डाल पे मेरा
इक पल रैन बसेरा
हिचकोले खाऊँ
चहचहाऊँ गुंगुनाऊँ
बादलों के संग संग
उड़ उड़ जाऊँ
मैं अपने आप में भूला रे
मतवाला और निराला रे
मेरा इस दुनिया के बाग में आना जाना रे

मैं इक पंछी मतवाला रे
मतवाला और निराला रे
मेरा इस दुनिया के बाग में आना जाना रे

11 Responses to "Main ik panchhi matwaala re"

Happy Birthday to ‘atul’s bollywood song a day – with full lyrics’ 🙂 🙂 🙂


Congratulations Peevesie’s Mom ji 🙂
@ Sudhir Sir – thanks for introducing us to Peevesie’s Mom ji ! enjoyed the post and this song too. Really interesting to know about our other members whom we/I have not met so far. Thanks for this ‘lively’ intro.
we had this ‘teri jeewan gaadi yunhi chalti rahe’ from the same film posted earlier. I think other songs from this movie must be interesting too 🙂


Atul ji,

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON ” Happy Birthday ” of the Blog today.



Sudhir ji,
Thanks for introducing Peevesie’s Mom ji. From the write-up, on her, I could make out she is an unassuming but adorable person. Enjoyed the post and song.
Atulji and other Atulites,
Please accept my Congratulations, on completion of six years of uninterrupted melodious journey. Wishing all many more years of harmonious relationship and journey.


Sudhir ji,

Thanks for your introduction of Peevesie’s Mom ji. It is ,as usual,an extremely intersting,readable and informative write up. I will never tire appreciating your expertise in writing the articles.

There is an interesting episode about her and me. On 28-10-2011, I received a message on my Fb page from a totally unknown lady,enquiring if I was the same person who writes comments on Atul ji’s Blog. I was surprised,but I replied her affirmatively. We also became Fb friends. I visited her page and very shortly I realised that she is no one else but Peevesie’s Mom,who was very active on the Blog,writing comments,sending Lyrics and writing Guest posts. I also discovered real name of Peevesie. When I told her that I knew who she was,I think ,she was ,shocked and asked me how I came to know.
It is always a pleasure to read her posts and comments. They are full of humour and also information. For a busy housewife, to have such profound knowledge is truly an achievement. From her comments it is also evident that she simply loves the HFM.
This year in late January,she was in Mumbai and informed me this,enquiring about my contact details. I was excited with the prospect of meeting her personally,but that was not to be,because next day,I was to leave for a preplanned visit to Pune,for a marriage. I do hope that next time,it will materialise.
Most of the times,we find children following parents in carrying forward or developing love for similar hobbies,but in her case it is the other way round. She followed,rather was guided into this Blog by her daughter.
Ofcourse whether the knife is on the apple or apple is on the knife,the result is same.
I wish Peevesie’s Mom more activity here and looking for her Century in Guest Post category and the lyrics section.


thank you for being nice to me sir


What a lovely intro to Peevisie’s Mom, Sudhirji.
As usual, your posts are so endearingly written, they are an absolute joy to read.

Loved the song too. First time I’m hearing it – a delight to listen to. When you mentioned that it was originally meant for Door Ka Raahi, it struck me that maybe it was a twin song of “Panthi hoon main” from the same movie.


As usual, very good write-up and introduction of the most modest person on this forum is good too.
And thanks for the song, lovely one.


this is the link to the song that was recorded for “Door Ka Raahi”.
i stumbled on to this song last week when i was writing a post to Atul for Amit Kumar’s birthday, (that is yet to be posted, but never mind he will do it eventually at a better occasion i suppose). and i thought it should find its place in ASAD. so when Sudhirji called me when i was at Kochi i knew what i wanted (from a list of all that i wanted). but i could not resist the temptation of show casing this song in Amit Kumar’s tender vocals.. there is a distinct difference in the rerecorded song that was used in “Mamta Ki Chhaon main”
a big hullo to all the lovely family members here




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