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Mori choodiyaan aayengi aali

Posted on: November 18, 2014

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“Khazaanchi” (1941) was produced by Pancholi Art Picture owned by Dilsukh Pancholi and directed by Moti Gidwani. The star cast included Ramola, S D Narang, M Ismail, Durga Mota, Manorama, Ajmal etc.

The story of this movie, by now an old and oft repeated tale, was new at that time and it caught the imagination of the movie going public. The story was repeated in lots of movies later, so much so that the story lost its novelty. Here is the story of the movie, as recounted by Mr Sadanand Kamath in one of his writeups in the past:

The story revolves around two families – Shadilal ( M Ismail) who is a Cashier in a bank in Lahore and Durgadas (Durga Mota) who is a wealthy businessman. Shadilal’s son Kanwal (S D Narang) is in love with Madhuri (Ramola), the only daughter of Durgadas. Ramesh (Ajmal), Durgadas’s business partner wants to marry Madhuri with the sole intention of grabbing his partner’s wealth. Shadilal is required to visit Bombay for depositing some gold jewelleries where he gets entangled in a murder of a female actor in his hotel room which was actually committed by the actor’s accomplices. Finding himself in a piquant situation, Shadilal runs away and finally reaches Lahore in shambles.

With his family reputation at stake, Shadilal does not wish to reveal his identity though co-incidences bring him close to his son and daughter (Manorama). Adding to his bad luck, Shadilal once again is falsely implicated for the murder of a man and gets arrested. Kanwal, his son who has now become an advocate, fights the case as a prosecutor without knowing that the man arrested for murder is his father Shadilal. A newspaper reporter (Jankidas) has some important clues regarding murder which helps Shadilal to prove his innocence. He is finally acquitted and the real culprits arrested. Kanwal is married to Madhuri and all’s well that ends well.

Six songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the seventh song from the movie. This song is sung by Shamshad Begam. The song is picturised on Manorama who teases her brother (played by S D Narang) in this song by singing this song about “Choodi”( glass bangles). It is the second such song in the movie where Manorama teases her brother by singing a song.

Wali Sahab is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ghulam Haider.

Song-Mori choodiyaan aayengi aali (Khazaanchi)(1941) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Wali Sahab, MD-Ghulam Haider

mori choodiyaan
mori choodiyaan aayengi aali
ranga rang waali
mori choodiyaan
choodiyaan aayengi aali
ranga rang waali

hari hari yoon deekhe
jaise saawan ki ho
jaise sawan ki ho hariyaali ee ee ee
peeli peeli aisi peeli
peeli peeli aisi peeli
jyun sarson ki daali aali
jyun sarson ki daali aali
mori choodiyaan
aayengi aali
rangaa rang waali
mori choodiyaan
choodiyaan aayengi aali
ranga rang waali
mori choodiyaan

mori choodiyaan mori choodiyaan
baahon mein yoon chamke jaise
baahon mein yoon chamke jaise
ambar pe taare
ae ae ae
ya andheri rain mein jugnu
ya andheri rain mein jugnu
dole hai daali daali aali
dole hai daali daali aali
mori choodiyaan
choodiyaan aayengi aali
ranga rang waali
mori choodiyaan

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