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Jaane ki kya hai jaldi

Posted on: November 24, 2015

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Though I would like to be more systematic in discussing the songs in the blog, I have not been able to put my intentions to practice. One of my aims these days is to discuss a song of 1930s every day in a bid to cover all the available songs of 1930s. Another aim is to cover all the songs of movies. Yet another aim is to ensure that songs from movies as yet unrepresented in the blog are discussed in the blog. Then there are artists nearing their landmarks or artists having their anniversaries and so their songs must be discussed.

Then there are some songs that get posted on spur of the moment decision. For instance, today I noticed some discussion going on about the morning broadcast of Srilanka Broadcasting Corporation Limited (SLBC) in our whatsapp group. That made me curious about the songs discussed in today’s broadcast. On going through the list of songs broadcast today (that get uploaded online daily by a fellow HFM fanatic, without fail, with all details) and I found that there were two songs in today’s broadcast that had not yet been discussed in the blog. So I decided to discuss those songs in the blog.

One of the songs, viz a song from “Gaaon”(1947) was discussed in the earlier writeup. Here is the second song in that programme that was not yet part of this blog. This song is from “Heera”(1947). This movie was a Jayant Desai Productions, Bombay presentation. It had Ishwarlal, Paro Devi, Mubarak, Revashankar, Lachhu Maharaj, Bhagwan Das, Sukumar, Gulaab, Baby Vimla, Shantabai etc in it.

One song from the movie has been discussed in the past.

This song, the second (out of 11 from the movie) to appear in the blog, is sung by Paro Devi. Shams Lucknowi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

Only the audio of this song is avilable. It is clear from the star cast that the song was picturised on Paro Devi herself.

The audio of the song is not very clear to my ears. I request our readers with keener ears to suggest corrections in the lyrics, wherever applicable.


Song-Jaane ki kya hai jaldi (Heera)(1947) Singer-Paro Devi, Lyrics-Shams Lucknowi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


jaane ki kya hai jaldi
jaane ki kya hai jaldi
jaana chale bhi jaana
jaana chale bhi jaana
sun lo jo sun sako tum
sun lo jo sun sako tum
ek dard ka fasaana
ek dard ka fasaana

jab thhe bahaar ke din
jhoole pade huye thhe
phoolon ki pattiyon per
moti jadey huye thhe
phoola phala thha mera
chhota sa aashiyaana
phoola phala thha mera
chhota sa aashiyaana
sun lo jo sun sako tum
ek dard ka fasaana
ek dard ka fasaana
jaane ki kya hai jaldi
jaana chale bhi jaana
jaana chale bhi jaana

saiyyaad ke hai bas mein
ab qaid kar chuka hai
bulbul udey to kaise
wo par katar chuka hai
aankhon mein phir raha hai
guzra hua zamaana
aankhon mein phir raha hai
guzra hua zamaana
sun lo jo sun sako tum
ek dard ka fasaana
ek dard ka fasaana
jaane ki kya hai jaldi
jaana chale bhi jaana
jaana chale bhi jaana

aansoo jo beh rahe hain
hain dekhne mein paani
gar gaur se tatolo
har ashq hai kahaani
maatam hai zindagi ka
samjhe ho tum taraana
maatam hai zindagi ka
samjhe ho tum taraana
sun lo jo sun sako tum
ek dard ka fasaana
ek dard ka fasaana
jaane ki kya hai jaldi
jaana chale bhi jaana
jaana chale bhi jaana
jaane ki kya hai jaldi ee

1 Response to "Jaane ki kya hai jaldi"

Announcers of SLBC are one of a kind. The way they present their programmes are treat to hear. Their unhurried style and the pregnant pauses are the hallmark of a true announcer. As all the announcers had the same style I wonder the trainer would be the same more many years.
The station employed some of the most popular Indian announcers who played a vital role in establishing Radio Ceylon as the ‘King of the Airwaves’ in South Asia, among them, the Ganjawar sisters, Vimla and Kamini, Vijay Kishore Dubey, Gopal Sharma, Shiv Kumar Saroj, Vijaylaxmi Ripusudan Kumar Ailawadi, popularly known as Kumar and Manohar Mahajan, Sunil Dutt (who went on to become a film star in Bollywood), Ameen Sayani and elder brother Hamid Sayani though not hired by Radio Ceylon became popular by using Radio Ceylon for broadcasting programs like “Binaca Geetmala” (first broadcast in 1952) and “Lipton Ke Sitaare.” The others>>
Dalbir Singh Parmar
Vijaylakshmi De Saram
Padmini Peirera
Jyoti Parmar

Bharatbhai Upadhay is religiously recording all the programmes from 7 am to 8 am daily since many years. He has become so pally with the present lot of announcers like Jyoti Parmar and others that if he has not got a recording right he will request her to play it again the next day which she does with pleasure.

Paro Devi
Shikari (1946)
Sindoor (1947)
Ghar Ki Bahu (1947)
Do Bhai (1947)
Amar Asha (1947)
Heera (1947)
Gharana (1949)
Karwat (1949)
Kisi Ki Yaad (1950)

Shams Lakhnavi
Shahenshah Babar (1944)
Dost (1944)
Lal Haveli (1944)
Humayun (1945)
Dil (1946)
Majhdhar (1947)
Sheesh Mahal (1950)
Dahej (1950)


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