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Dil thhandi hawaa mein

Posted on: June 30, 2016

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Today’s song is from the film Shama-46. It is a duet sung by Shamshad Begum and Hameeda.

Muslim social films were generally successful films. May be for two reasons. One- the Muslims, naturally, supported the film and secondly, the other public watched the movie out of curiosity and fascination for something different. Such films were made usually by Big banners and Producers, like Mehboob, Kardar, Ranjit, Filmistan, Bombay Talkies, Minerva etc. The directors too were people who knew Muslim culture thoroughly.

Film Shama-46 was directed first by Adi Fali Keka, the second director was Rustom Khambata- both were Parsees. The third director was brought in-K.A.Majid, a Muslim, as if as a corrective measure at the end.

Film Shama was first conceived with Suraiya as its Heroine and all songs were recorded by Composer Ghulam Hyder in Suraiya’s voice. However, due to certain unknown reasos, Suraiya did not work in this film, hence all songs were again recorded in Shamshad Begum’s voice. Suraiya records were already in the market. Additionally these records too came to the markets. Since Shamshad’s songs were used in the film, Suraiya’s songs became “Version” songs.

There is another story about these songs. The Heroine of film Shama- Mehtab was very fond of Suraiya’s voice. Suraiya had given playback to Mehtab in her two early films, but later she had stopped giving playback. Mehtab, however, got all songs of Shama recorded in Suraiya’s voice, for her satisfaction.

In my opinion, this story lacks credibility and logic.

The heroine of Shama- Mehtab was one of the most beautiful actresses of her era. Her story is interesting.

The Nawab of Sachin, a small state in Gujarat, had officially four wives and many other ‘affairs’ as per custom of those days. One of his concubines was Fatima, who had 3 daughters from him, namely Zubeida, Sultana and Shehzadi. Without even asking the Nawab, Fatima made her daughters dance in Surat Theatres during the intervals of silent films and the girls were very popular. One of the official wives of Nawab- Mariyam had a daughter Najma. She used to see these 3 girls dancing on stage and getting a round of applause. She too wanted to dance, but her mother refused.

After some time the Nawab divorced Mariyam on some flimsy grounds and she was homeless suddenly. She reached Bombay, along with Najma. Fatima had already established herself in film industry by that time. Fatima supported Mariyam and Najma. She also helped beautiful Najma to get film roles. Najma’s first silent film was ‘second wife’-1928. She did a few films and then her mother produced film ‘Kamaal E Shamsheer’-1930, under the banner of Imperial company, with Najma and W.M.Khan as the lead pair. At this point Najma was re christened as MEHTAB ( The Moon). ( 28-4-1918 to 10-4-1997)

Her first Talkie film was Veer Kunal-32, in which Ashraf Khan was the Hero- whom she married and later divorced after a few years. She continued to work in Ranjit and with Jaddanbai and others. Meanwhile she delivered a son-Ismail- and then she divorced Ashraf Khan in 1938-39. She did about 20 films, when she got a call from Film corporation of India, Calcutta for a film Qaidi-40. She went to Calcutta and did a few films there. Kidar Sharma took her in his ambitious film Chitralekha-41. Her nude bathing scene in the film was a sensation in those days.

She returned to Bombay and did Sharda, Qanoon, Sanjog, Vishwas, Bahar,Jeewan and Ismat. One day she received a message from Sohrab Modi, ” come to my studio for a discussion of offer.”

She replied, ” I dont go anywhere. If you are interested, you come here to meet me.”

By now Mehtab had become famous and wealthy too, mainatining a car. She was very beautiful too. Sohrab Modi invited her at a third place-West End Theatre office- to meet. They met, discussed and she signed a contract. She worked in his ” Parakh”-44 and then ” Ek din ka sultan”-45. Modi was deeply in her love, but did not have enough courage to propose her. When she worked for Shama-46, Modi finally proposed to her. She smiled and said, ” I knew you would ask some day. I was waiting .”

They were married on 28-4-1946- her birthday. Modi was 26 years older to than her. This marriage was not accepted by Modi’s family, since Mehtab was not a Parsi. They had a very happy married life.

Along with Sardar Chandulal Shah and Gauhar Mamajiwala, the pair of Modi and Mehtab was a highly respected couple of the Hindi cinema. The only difference was Chandulal never married Gauhar, but they lived together till he died.

Mehtab acted in 13 silent films and 39 Talkie films. After Modi died on 28-1-1984, Mehtab used to visit USA frequently to live with her first son Ismail ( from Ashraf Khan) and Mehil, her second son from Sohrab Modi. She kept herself busy in social work, mixing with top politicians of India. Mehtab died on 10-4-1997 in Mumbai.

The story of film Shama-46 was..

Nawab jabbar lost his wife Anjuman Banu, whom he loved very much. He could never forget her and was reluctant to remarry. But due to the pressure of his mother he marries Noor Banu- an orphan brought up by her uncle. Though Noor tries every way to please and win him, Nawab always remembered Anjuman only.
One day a stranger meets Noor Banu and shows a love letter written by Anjuman banu- Nawab’s first wife to her lover-Anwar, in USA. Noor is shocked. She does not want the Nawab to know this truth that his beloved wife was not faithful to him and loved somebdy else. Noor banu buys all letters with all her money. When she is burning those letters, the Nawab enters the room, reads a half burnt letter and misunderstands that Noor is not loyal to him.

Noor Banu is expelled from the house. She is pregnant. After spending lot of miseries and difficulties, she gets employed by a person, who is none other the ex-lover of Anjuman, Anwar.

When Anwar comes to know all the troubles Noor took to save Nawab’s faith, he is repentant. He goes to Nawab and tells all the truth. Nawab is very sorry about Noor Banu. He brings her back with honour. By now she has delivered a son too. All is well that ends well.

The song video shows Mehtab singing the song.

Song-Dil thhandi hawaa mein (Shama)(1946) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Hamida Bano, Lyrics-Shams Lucknowi, MD-Ghulam Haider


dil thhandi hawa mein
haan haan haan haan uda jaaye
piya ki yaad aaye
dil thhandi hawa mein
haan haan haan haan uda jaaye
piya ki yaad aaye

dheemi dheemi khusbu ha ha ha ha
mehki mehki hawa hai
mehki mehki fiza hai
tumhaari kasam
ha ha
tumhaari kasam
tum pe ye sabkuchh fida hai
phoolon ka hansna na dil ko suhaaye
kaata sa chubha jaye
piya ki yaad aaye
dil thhandi hawa me ha ha ha ha uda jaye
piya ki yaad aaye
dil thandi hawa mein haan haan haan haan
uda jaaye
piya ki yaad aaye

koyal ki kuku
koyal ki kuku piya piya bole
koyal ki kuku piya piya bole
hook uthhe more man mein haan
mora manwa dole
huk uthe mere man me haan
mora manwa dole
meri duniya mein halchal machaye
koyaliya dekho gaye, piya ki yad aaye
dil thhandi hawa mein
haan haan haan haan uda jaaye
piya ki yaad aaye

sunti nahin jab chaandni raaten
sunti nahin jab chaandni raaten
chanda se karti hoon oon oon do do baaten
chanda se karti hoon oon do do baaten
chanda re teri chaandni piya ki yaad dilaaye
chanda re teri chaandni piya ki yaad dilaaye
har sitaare mein pee nazar aaye
har sitaare me peein nazar aaye
aankhon mein hai samaaye
piya ki yaad aaye
dil thandi hawa mein
haan haan haan haan
uda jaaye
piya ki yaad aaye

dil thhandi hawa mein haan haan haan haan
uda jaaye
piya ki yaad aaye
piya ki yaad aaye

5 Responses to "Dil thhandi hawaa mein"

Thanks for an interesting and informative article on Mehtab. I had heard this name million times from my father when I was young about her movies. I knew she was Modi’s wife but was unaware of all the details you have provided. Thanks again.



Khyati ji,
I am happy you liked this post.


I was in high school in a small town, where a Parsi Doctor had gramophone. I heard Suraiyya’s songs of Shama there. I heard Shamshad’s songs much much later. During my school days, I was a star singer and had sung the duet ‘Ek Yaad Kisi Ki’ in school annual function. The co-singer from my school and I had difficult days afterwards in that small orthodox town. The poor girl must have felt relieved as I soon left for Bombay.


From my collection- A photo of Mehtab Banu with me & my daughters, in 1986! -Nayan Yagnik- Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 01:19:12 +0000 To:


Nayan Yagnik ji, how to see the photo ?


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