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Ee hai Bambai nagariya tu dekh babuaa

Posted on: June 30, 2016

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

So today (30 june 2016) is the last day of June. On reviewing the page of Anniversaries on our blog I find that we have a few music directors whose birthdays were in this month. We had Sajjad Hussain, Hemant Kumar, Madan Mohan & RD Burman. And today 30th June is the birth anniversary of Kalyanji Veerji Shah. I mean Kalyanji of the Kalyanji – Anandji Duo. He would have turned 88 today.

Born to Kutchi businessman in Kutch Gujarat, the family migrated to Mumbai where the father started a provision store. He and his brothers were taught music by a person who actually knew no music but still taught them in lieu of paying bills to their father. They spent most of their formative years in the Girgaum area of Mumbai which had some eminent music talent in the vicinity. Also one of their four grand parents was a folk musician of some repute. Along with his brother he used to play for small musical shows in and around Mumbai. Kalyanji had a major breakthrough in his life when he got to play the been music for the film Nagin in 1954 which had Hemant Kumar as the music director. He won the first filmfare award for best music director along with his partner and brother Anandji for Kora Kaagaz in 1975. The brothers were bestowed the Civilian Honour of Padma Shri in 1992. The brothers were known for their humility ad easy to approach nature and I saw that Anandji had a nice sense of humour when I saw him at a concert lest year. I am sure even Kalyanji must have been similar.

Their discography has a lot of philosophical (like Kasme vaade pyaar wafa sab baatein hain baton ka kya) and love songs (like Haan tum bilkul waisi ho jaisa maine socha tha) in it. They also have some fun songs in their repertoire like Rafta rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai and Govinda aala re aala. The patriotic song that they composed for Upkaar was also well received. So that means they were all rounders. They have composed for around 200 movies starting with Bajrangbali in 1956.

Note: our in house encyclopedia will be able to tell us exactly which was the first movie that Kalyanji gave music for. And he was joined by his brother from which year and what movie. (Anandjibhai had mentioned this in the concert that I went to last year but I seem to have forgotten)

Today on the occasion of Kalyanji’s 88 birthday let us have a song from Don (1978) for which they had been nominated for best music. The songs of the movie were written by Anjaan (4) and Indeevar (1). This particular song was by Anjaan. It is sung by Kishore Kumar and filmed on the beaches of Mumbai. It shows Amitabh Bachchan, master Alankaar and Baby Bilkis. The movie had five songs four of which have appeared in our blog. With this song the movie attains YYIIPPEEEE status.



Song-Ee hai Bambai nagariya tu dekh babuaa (Don)(1978) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


jay ho raadheshyaam ki
jay ho siyaaraam ki
aur jay ho bambai dhaam ki

e hai
e hai
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
sone chaandi ki dagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
jaadu tone ki bajariyaa mein
jaadu tone ki bajariyaa mein
maayaa ki nagariyaa mein
jhatpat badle muqaddar kaa lekh babuaa
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa

o dekho door-door se
dekho door-door se
log door door se
eehaan aate hain daanv lagaane
ehaan aate hain daanv lagaane
des gaanv chhod ke
preet pyaar tod ke
soyaa-soyaa naseebaa jagaane
soyaa-soyaa naseebaa jagaane
arey apnaa kyaa hogaa
arey apnaa kyaa hogaa
hogaa so hogaa
paasaa hamne diyaa hai phek babuaa
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
e hai e hai
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa

o koi maalaamaal hai
koi maalaamaal hai
koi tanghaal hai
zindagi hai eehaan ki niraali
zindagi hai eehaan ki niraali
maal kitnaa bharaa
phir bhi dekho zaraa
eehaan har aadmi hai savaali
eehaan har aadmi hai savaali
bigdi banaa le
arey bigdi banaa le
tu cash karvaa le
apne muqaddar kaa cheque babuaa
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
e hai
e hai
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa

ye sheharon mein shehar hai
shehar bambaivaa
are vaah-vaah bambai vaah
ye baat sabhi ulti phir bhi
vaah re bambai vaah
vaah re vaah re bambai vaah
bin paani kaa dhobi taalaab dekho
eehaan reti pe paani kaa bhaav dekho
ghodon pe karodon kaa daanv dekho
haseenon se sabhi kaa lagaav dekho
koi bandar nahin hai phir bhi naam baandraa
church kaa gate hai
church hai laaptaa
church hai laaptaa
church hai laaptaa
ajab hai ye rang
anokhaa hai dhang
nai hai tarang
nai hai umang
koi kanjoos hai
koi hai malang
machi hai yahaan dekho
aapas mein jang
aapas mein jang
aapas mein jag
de ghumaa ke
arey samandar mein jaise hai
ghul gai bhang
ye rang dekh ke
ho gayaa dang
toh kyaa samjhe
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa
e hai bambai nagariyaa tu dekh babuaa

9 Responses to "Ee hai Bambai nagariya tu dekh babuaa"

Samrat Chandragupta-58 was kalyan ji’s first film individually and Satta Bazar-59 was first film with Anand ji as a pair kalyan ji- Anand Ji.
Individually he gave music to 5 films.


Thank you guruji for the information. I also remembered that anandji mentioned that it was some senior music director who suggested that they should call themselves kaliyanji- anandji. Up until then title cards used to mention anandji as kalyanji’s assistant.


KA also happen to be from Thakurdwar, near Girgaun area. They had a Kirana Shop. They shifted to Dev Ashish in 60’s on Peddar Road near Lata’s residence(Prabhu Kunj) and Rajindra Kishan(Sunbeam).
They had a separate Music Room in Kamal(something) after 2 buildings where most of the rehearsals took place for which I was privy to many of them.
Almost all of their songs were catchy. I would place them after SJ and LP.
They had the distinction of maximum Mukesh songs under their baton.


Thank u nitinji for the additional info


Kalyanji Veerji Shah
Post Box No. 999(1958)
Samrat Chandragupt(1958)
Bedard Jamana Kya Jane (1959)
Oh Tera Kya Kehna(1959)
Ghar Ghar Ki Baat(1959)


Excellent post and the best song to remember Kalyanjibhai on his birthday.
Thanks Peevesie’s Momji.

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YIPPEEEE!! Don (1978) finally joins the many movies where all songs from the movie have been covered on the blog. Also, the Talgo YIPPEEEE!! bandwagon is going at top speed. As of today we have just 6 more movies to reach the milestone of 800 YIPPEEEE!! movies.


Congratulations Atul ji – Peevesie’s Mom ji on covering all songs of ‘Don-1978’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies- all songs covered’ 🙂

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