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Karaa Le Saaf Karaa Le, Zara Tu Saaf Karaa Le

Posted on: September 29, 2016

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Hullo to all of Atuldom

Today, 29th September happens to be the 84th birth anniversary of Mehmood Ali commonly known as Mehmood. In a career spanning four decades he acted in around 300 films. I am not sure how many songs in these 300 films where picturised on him and how many Mehmood songs our blog has! We don’t have a separate category of songs on Mehmood, like we have for Johnny Walker. The songs of these two actors were always very special. But I am sure there will be enough songs to take us through a life time if we stick to posting one song on his birth anniversary and one on the anniversary of his passing away. Of course there is nobody to stop us from breaking this rule and sneaking in a few extras, right?
[Editor Note: Request is noted for a category of Mehmood songs. 🙂 ]

He was one among the eight children of film and stage actor-cum-dancer Mumtaz Ali; a star in the 40s and 50s. Mehmood had an elder sister and six siblings. Minoo Mumtaz was a successful dancer and supporting actress. His brother Anwar Ali was also an actor and appeared in movies like ‘Saat Hindustani’ (1969), ‘Bombay To Goa’ (1972) etc. and a producer for movies like ‘Khuddaar’ and ‘Kaash’.

He had successful pairing with Shobha Khote in the 60s and early 70s. Later on he paired in a few movies with Aruna Irani, Helen and Jayashree T. Many serious family drama movies had a parallel track in the 60s where the Mehmood  – Shobha Khote – Dhumal – Mohan Choti gang lightened the proceedings with their antics. And this never seemed to waylay the movie. Sometimes it was a relief to see the group do a song and dance routine too.  Who can forget “Main Tere Pyaar Mein Kya Kya Na Banaa Dilbar” or “Ajhun Na Aaye Baalma Saawan Beeta Jaaye” or “Ham Kaale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwaale Hain”, all full of Mehmood and his antics. I also remember his “Ya Ilaahi Mit Na Jaandi Dadr-e-Dil”, his way of rendering “dard-e-dil”, in ‘Arzoo’ (1965), a very senti Sadhana-Rajendra Kumar movie. He was a kind of mentor to Vinod Mehra, Amitabh Bachchan, Aruna Irani etc. He started out in Dev Anand starrer ‘CID’ (1956) in the role of a small time killer. But he will always be remembered for his comedy. I am trying to avoid mentioning ‘Padosan’, ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya’, ‘Humjoli’ etc. in this post. He had four Filmfare awards for best comedy- ‘Pyaar Kiye Jaa’, ‘Waris’, ‘Paras’ and ‘Vardaan’ and one for Best Supporting Actor for the film ‘Dil Terra Deewana’.

So here is missing an actor who used to tickle our funny bone, with a song in his own voice. He is accompanied by Jayshree T lip-syncing to Usha Mangeshkar. The song is written by Maya Govind using a Marwadi kind of Hindi. (I would like to know if the Family Planning message inserted into the song was Mehmood’s improvisation.) When I read the name of the music director I got stumped and immediately called up Guru ji to get more information on Nitin Mangesh. I was sure that there is some error in what was written in the site that I was referring to. Hope Guru ji is able to provide more information on this music director.

This song is from the 1975 Vinod Khanna – Leena Chandavarkar – Kamini Kaushal starrer “Qaid” which is directed by Atmaram (Guru Dutt’s brother). This fim makes a debut on the blog today). The song is a typical road side tamaasha created to distract the servant – Mohan Choti and help the advocate-in-disguise (didn’t know advocates needed to these things to aid their clients) Vinod Khanna enter a bungalow and extract some documents from a room where the heroine is lost in sleep. 😉

Song – Karaa Le Saaf Karaa Le, Zara Tu Saaf Karaa Le (Qaid) (1975) Singers – Usha Mangeshkar, Mehmood, Lyrics – Maya Govind, MD – Nitin-Mangesh
Usha Mangeshkar + Mehmood


beheno aur bhaiyo
ai hai logon aur lugaaiyo
topi aur taa-io
makhan aur malaio
are re re kya karta hai

leke guru ka naam
chalu kiya hai kaam
hum haath nahi phailayega
sirf haath ki safai dikhayega
jawan ho
budha ho
aadha ho
pura ho
karaa le. . .

karaa le saaf karaa le
zara tu saaf karaa le
meri jaan saaf karaa le
fatafat saaf karaa le
pyaare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail
o pyaare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail
karaa le saaf karaa le
zara tu saaf karaa le
meri ja saaf karaa le
fatafat saaf karaa le
pyaare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail
o pyare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail

kaan me jab tak
mael rahegi
kaise sunega sadaa
joru teri
sar dhunegi
roz kahegi gadha
dhenchu dhenchu
kaan me jab tak
mael rahegi
kaise sunega sadaa
haan joru teri
sar dhunegi
roz kahegi gadha
dhenchu dhenchu

tu bhalu lai ke aayega
wo jab aalu batayegi
tu baniya le ke ayega
wo jab dhaniya mangayegi
isi liye guru
arey sun le meri pukar
paakitmaaron se hoshiyaar
aur ab dekho mera chamatkaar
karaa le
karaa le saaf karaa le
jara tu saaf karaa le
meri ja saaf karaa le
saaru bolon chhoo
fatafat saaf karaa le
teri maa
pyaare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail
o pyaare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail

arre kaam ho gaya toh chor darwaje se bhaag jao

behri janta
behra neta
sab hai kolhu ke bael
ooo sab ka kaaran
ek hai raja
kaan mein dheron hai mael
hai hai hai
behri janta
behra neta
sab hai kolhu ke bael
sabka kaaran ek hai raja

kaan mein dhero hai mail
jo malik hai
wo behra hai
jo naukar hai
wo behra hai
jo babu hai
wo behra hai
jo afsar hai
wo behra hai
ae sun
wo family planning waala chilla ria hai
hum do aur humare do ka naara lagaa ria hai
aur tu bachche paida hi kiye jaa ria hai
(child crying)
arrey saale
sunta kuch nahi
sirf kaan khuja ria hai
main bolta hun karaa le
o kaminey karaa le

karaa le saaf karaa le
zara tu saaf karaa le
meri jaan saaf karaa le
fatafat saaf karaa le
pyaare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail
o pyare kaano ka ye mael
mere bhole bhale chhail
arre karaa le
aur agar kaam ho gaya to apna samaan batwaa le
main bolta hoon karaa le
o chhutti le ke bhaag gayo o seth

karaa le

bhaag ja

karaa le

4 Responses to "Karaa Le Saaf Karaa Le, Zara Tu Saaf Karaa Le"

The correct name is SHUBHA KHOTE and NOT Shobha Khote.


Nitin – Mangesh was not one man, it was a pair.
Not much info is available on them except that Nitin worked as an arranger with few composers like R D Burman etc.
They gave music to 4 films. Samaanata-72, Qaid-75, Aafat-77 and


Maya Govind
Jalte Badan (1973)
Aarop (1974)
Albeli (1974)
Mutthi Bhar Chawal(1975)
Aafat (1977)
Heera Aur Patthar(1977)
Saawan Ko Aane Do (1979)
Khanjar (1979)
Ek Baar Kaho(1980)
Payal Ki Jhankaar(1980)
Main Aur Mera Hathi (1981)
Ye Rishta Na Toote(1981)
Baawri (1982)
Jeet Hamari (1983)
Rang Birangi(1983)
Hum Se Hai Zamana (1983)
Jhoothi (1986)
Patton Ki Baazi(1986)
Trikon Ka Chautha Kon (1986)
Imaandaar (1987)
Kalyug Aur Ramayan (1987)
Mere Baad (1988)
Tohfa Mohabbat Ka(1988)
Galiyon Ka Badshah (1989)
Ek Number Ka Chor (1990)
Maut Ki Saza(1991)
Anmol (1993)
Bechain (1993)
Dalaal (1993)
Aaja Meri Jaan(1993)
Aag Ka Toofan(1993)
Janata Ki Adalat(1994)
Kanoon (1994)
Amaanat (1994)
Janata Ki Adalat(1994)
Pathreela Raasta(1994)
Mr. Shrimati (1994)
Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994)
Prem Yog (1994)
Naaraaz (1994)
Diya Aur Toofan(1995)
Takkar (1995)
Dil Ka Doctor(1995)
Veer (1995)
Rock Dancer(1995)
Yaraana (1995)
Policewala Gunda(1995)
Haqeeqat (1995)
Hathkadi (1995)
The New Album (Shweta Shetty)(1995)
Ram Shastra(1995)
Beqabu (1996)
Chaahat (1996)
Muqadama (1996)
Smuggler (1996)
Aar Ya Paar (1997)
Maharaja (1998)
Keemat (1998)
Miss 420 (1998)
Hatyara (1998)
Sun Chhaila (Sapna Awasthi) (1998)
Mohabbat Aur Jung(1998)
Lal Baadshah(1999)
Ganga Ki Kasam(1999)
Lal Baadshah(1999)
Sautela (1999)
Ab To Piyaji Mann Dole Re (2000)
Hari Bhari (2000)
Beti No. 1 (2000)
Daman (2001)
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (2002)
Sheesha (2005)
Aetbaar (2004)
Yatra (2007)
Deewana Main Deewana (2013)
any more???

She sang
Mandir Me Bhagwan
Mere Baad (1988)
Mera Naam Hai Jameela
Filmy Duniya (2013)



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