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Ab zindagi ka bojh uthhaaya na jaayegaa

Posted on: December 4, 2016

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Music lovers who are regulars of this blog know that we do not just discuss popular songs of well known artists. We also discuss obscure and forgotten songs created by artists who have been forgotten with time. It is our experience that finding out any kind of information about such artists is a tall order.

Music lovers sometimes get lucky and get information about such artists from quite unexpected quarters.

Some of our regulars may be aware about Mr Arvinder Sharma, a Delhi based music lover. Sudhir Ji has mentioned his name in quite a few of his write ups, like this and this, for instance. Even I have mentioned him in one of my writeups.

From these writeups, one can make out what a die hard HFM enthusiast he is.

One fine evening in 2015, there was this family gathering at Mr Arvinder Sharma’s house. He (as is his wont) started playing some music, softer romantic ones, in his attempt not to bore the guests by his oldie (real) favorites.

It was then that his co brother, Mr Sanjeev Goel asked him whether he had heard the name of Krishan Goel.

“Yes of course,and I could play many of his songs from my collections. “-Mr Arvinder Sharma replied.

“He’s my father”, Sanjeev stated.

So Mr Arvinder Sharma felt like one who had lots of money lying in his bank account, but he was not aware of that all this while. 🙂 He was related to the singer and he was not aware of it till then. 🙂

Had he been aware of this fact before 2010, when the singer was alive and was residing with his son in Mumbai, Mr Arvinder Sharma would have definitely gone to Mumbai and collected lots of information from him.

Mr Arvinder Sharma tried to get as much information from his co brother and his relatives about the late singer, and he got a few details, and some photographs. He shared this discovery with his facebook friends.

Now we know that the singer Krishan Goel was born on 29th September 1927, and he left this world on 4th June, 2010. At the age of six, he started singing in the court of Maharaja Hari Singh Ji of J&K, and was a friend of Prince Karan Singh Ji.
During his later years, he also used to accompany Jagjit Singh in his concerts.

Krishan Goel sang very few songs in HFM, and most of them are quite difficult to locate. This blog has six songs sung by him.

Here is another rare to find song sung by Krishan Goel (which is the correct spelling, Mr Arvinder Sharma informs us, as not Krishna Goel). This song is from “Dahej”(1950). Shams Lucknowi is the lyricist.

This movie had ten songs in it. Eight of them were composed by Vasant Desai and remaining two by Purusottam. This song is composed by Purushottam.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

With this rare song, “Dahej”(1950) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Ab zindagi ka bojh uthhaaya na jaayega (Dahej)(1950) Singer-Krishan Goel, Lyrics-Shams Lucknowi, MD-Purushottam


Ab zindagi ka bojh
ab zindagi ka bojh
uthhaaya na jaayega
uthhaaya na jaayega
mar kar bhi ??
dikhaaya na jaayegaa
dikhaaya na jaayegaa

tasweer unki rehti hai
nazron mein har ghadi
tasweer unki rehti hai
nazron mein har ghadi
aisa kabhi khayaal
bhulaaya na jaayega
bhulaaya na jaayega
Ab zindagi ka bojh
uthhaaya na jaayega
uthhaaya na jaayega

sheesha nahin jo tod ke phir jod leejiye
sheesha nahin jo tod ke phir jod leejiye
dil toot jaayegaa to banaaya na jaayegaa
banaaya na jaayegaa
ab zindagi ka bojh
uthhaaya na jaayega
uthhaaya na jaayegaa

kyaa jaante thhe
soz e mohabbat ki bebasi
kyaa jaante thhe
soz e mohabbat ki bebasi
ghar saamne jalega
bujhaayaa na jaayega
bujhaayaa na jaayega
ab zindagi ka bojh
uthhaaya na jaayega
uthhaaya na jaayegaa


5 Responses to "Ab zindagi ka bojh uthhaaya na jaayegaa"

Please correct the spelling as Krishan Goel below YT
Krishan Goel
Raees (1948) Manohar Arora Qaiser Sabai
Balam Mohe Man Se with Meena Kapoor
Kahi Tota Kahi Maina with Amirbai Karnataki
Wo Tasveer Me Aaye with Shanti Varma

Dahej (1950) Vasant Desai/S Purushottam Shams Lakhnavi
Aa Ja Nigaho Me Aa Ja

Kaale Baadal(1950) Shyam Sundar Rajinder Krishan
Hum Teri Gali Se Door Chale

Lanka Dahan(1952) Hansraj Behl S P Kalla
Tum Mujhse Shaadi Karlo with Devendra Mohan,Geeta Dutt

Dhuaan (1953) Dhaniram Rajinder Krishan
Kabhi Ye To Mujhse Puchho with Lata Mangeshkar
Syah Bhakti Me Kab Koi
Tera Dil Tere Gaalo Pe with Premlata

Ladki (1953) R Sudarshan, Dhaniram Rajinder Krishan
Inasaan Jo Rota Hai To Rota Hi Rahega

Mallika (1956) Hans Raj Behl Asad Bhopali
Raat Hai Nikhari Hui Neend Hai Bhikhari Hui Jaaye Ja with Geeta Dutt
Husnwale Bade Magrur
Suno Suno Sunaaye Afsana with Geeta Dutt

Passing Show(1956) Manohar Prem Dhawan
Laakh Dil Ko Bachaao with Geeta Dutt

Naag Padmini(1957) Sanmukh Babu Prem Dhawan
Sapera Been Bajaaye Gayo Naagan Ko Mast Banaaye Gayo with Geeta Dutt

S Purushottam
Sandesh (1952)
Devyani (1952)

Atul ji,

Here is some additional information on Krishan Goyal (Goel)…

He was born in Jammu. He got educated in Lahore and started singing on Lahore Radio. He came to Bombay in 1946 and in 1947 he met Shyambabu Pathak, who gave him chance to sing 2 Bhajans in film ‘ Krishna Sudama’ -47. He had also acted in that film in a small role.
He had some limitations in singing. He could not sing in high pitch. Due to this , he got few singing opportunities. He sang in films like,Krisna Sudama,Dahej, Dhuaan,Kaale Badal,Ladki,Lanka Dahan,Mallika, Naag padmini, Passing show, Raees etc. He did not sing after 1957.

Correction needed.
MD in the title should be ‘PURUSHOTTAM’ and NOT ‘Vasant Desai’.

Many thanks Atul Ji for this Lovely upload along the interesting way, you’ve my happy shocker of an experience in life. 😀
In fact dear Sanjeev was here in town for the marriage of my wife’s niece, and as expected, i tried to elicit some more information from him, but drew a blank. The only additional information about Krishan Goel J is that later in life, he joined a famous Bombay restaurant, Copper Chimney, and used to sing there as well. (Information from my wife’s uncle, and the period is around 1996-7, when they went to Bombay for Sanjeev’s marriage. He was a shy and reserved person, according to all.)
The regulars at Copper Chimney of those days could throw some additional information, though it’s a long shot 😀
Many thanks to Nitin Shah Ji Arun Ji and Bharat Ji for the additional inputs
Regards all

Thanks for your comments and additional information. It was quite a Manmohan Desai movie like discovery for you. 🙂

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