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Ab rahoge tum apne hi bas mein

Posted on: January 20, 2017

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Today (20 january 2017) is the 12th death anniversary of Parveen Babi (4 April 1949 – 20 January 2005). She was the classiest and prettiest leading actress of 1970s as far as I was concerned. Unlike most other leading actresses of her time, she sadly had a disturbed life post retirement when she suffered from mental disorders viz paranoia, schzopheria etc and she met with an anonymous death staying alone. Her death in fact was discovered on 22 january 2005 after her residential society secretary alerted the police that she had not collected milk and newspapers from her doorstep for three days. Police speculated that she was dead for about 72 hours before her body was discovered. That is how her death has been estimated to have taken place on 20 january 2005.

Quite a sad end for the most glamorous and sought out leading lady of 1970s and 1980s.

As a tribute to Parveen Babi, here is a song from “Trimurti”(1974). This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Gulshan Bawra is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

This song is picturised on Parveen Babi and Sanjay Khan, with Rakesh roshan also visible momentarily.

Though I was at the prime of my Hindi movie songs listening phase in 1970s, I had never heard this song before ! That too when it sounds quite a classy song, composed by none other than R D Burman.

But then what can R D Burman do alone if got no support from the actors of the movie. This movie had Sanjay Khan as the hero. Expecting Sanjay Khan to contribute in making a movie succeed because of his screen presence was like expecting a number eleven batsman to singlehandedly win you a cricket match with bat.

Anyway, here is this obscure song from a forgotten movie called “Trimurti”(1974). I never thought that I would have to use this phrase for a movie whose songs were composed by R D Burman. But that is life.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra bandb that is how I became aware about this song.

With this song, “Trimurti”(1974) makes its debut in the blog.



Song-Ab rahoge tum apne hi bas mein (Trimurti)(1974) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Gulshan Bawra, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

ab rahogey tum apne hi bas mein
hamne tumko
dil ke qafas mein
umr bhar ke liye ae ae ae
giraftaar kar liyaa
giraftaar kar liyaa rey ae
ab rahogey tum apne hi bas mein
hamne tumko dil ke qafas mein
umr bhar ke liye ae ae ae
giraftaar kar liyaa
giraftaar kar liyaa rey ae ae ae

bandh gayaa ke kuchch aisey
ho o
ab toh daaman
laakh chhudaao jee
kuchch na kar paaogey ae
tumko o o
de bhi dein jo aazaadi
ho o
ghoomke phir tum
inn zulfon ke hi
saaye mein aaogey
yahin pe hansi hai
yahin pe khushi hai
yahin pe zindagi hai
ab rahogey tum apne hi bas mein
hamne tumko
dil ke qafas mein
umr bhar ke liye ae ae ae ae
giraftaar kar liyaa
giraftaar kar liyaa rey ae ae ae

ab toh mil hi jaayegi
hamsafar hum ban ke chalenge jee
pyaar ki in raahon mein ae
hamne ae
de diyaa jo dil tumko
chain ab us dil ko milega jee
reh ke in baahon mein
pyaar se badh ke
kuchch bhi nahin hai
pyaar bandagi hai
ab rahogey tum
apne hi bas mein
hamne tumko
dil ke qafas mein
umr bhar ke liye ae ae ae ae
giraftaar kar liyaa
giraftaar kar liyaa
rey ae ae

6 Responses to "Ab rahoge tum apne hi bas mein"

Thanks Atul ji
for posting this song,

I too re-discovered this Asha/Panchan/Gulshan Bawra combo song recently, bachpan mein bahut baar sunaa hogaa,iss gaane ko, but Vividhbharti , it seems doesn`t have records of this song,
I am not able to recollect,where I heard this song during my childhood, But the tune is there in my subconscious mind,
but the song is superb,just my type of panchamda/asha creations, I miss Pancham Da`s creations ……….

The credit for the story is given to K.P.Kottarkar, who was also the story wrinter of Jungle mein Mangal,
which was also directed by the same director Rajendra Bhatia, who directed Trimurti,
Whether this movie is a remake of any famous Malayalam Movie……..Help, There are 3 important male actors in this alongwith Sanjay Khan, Rakesh Roshan and Asrani, and many superb character actors………..
Sorry Atul ji, I hope you don`t mind me posting the information about cast & crew of the movie, here

17 reels
Censor certificate date:1st august 1974
35 mm
Censor certificate no.:75525
Production house:Kiron Productions
Starring:Sanjay aka Sanjay Khan,Parveen Babi,
Rakesh Roshan,Asrani,I.S.Johar,
Achala Sachdev,A.K.Hangal,Kesto Mukerji,Bipin Gupta,
Arpana Chaudhary,Bhanumati,
Sarita Joshi,Parveen Paul,Arvind Trivedi,
Kanchan Mattu,Kamaldeep,Sheel Kumar, Major Anand,
Birbal, Misrilal, Soni,Bhola,Charanjeet,Shobha,Pradhan,
Parvesh Sawhney,Pramathesh Mehta,
Sushil Bhatnagar,Rafique,Nawab,Kapoor,Ashwin,Mahmood,Rajkumar

Special appearances:Indrani Mukerji,Vinod Sharma,
Gulshan Bawra,Krishnakant,Upendra Trivedi
Screenplay:Jyoti swaroop,S.Khalil
Dialgoues:Vrajendra Gaur
Playback singers:Kishore Kumar,Asha Bhonsle,Lata Mangeshkar,
Manna Dey, Bhupendra,Nitin Mukesh
Dances:Suresh Bhatt(assistant:Aruna)
Fight composer:M.S.Dass
Art:Bansi Chandra Gupta
Editing:Nand Kumar
Photography:Krishan Saigal
Lyrics:Gulshan Bawra
Producer & Director:Rajendra Bhatia


@ Atul ji – Prakash ji – Thanks for launching this movie on the blog. Congratulations !!! 🙂


workign video 2nd




sorry working video 2nd


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