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Kat gayi waadon mein kuchh waadon mein kuchh kat jaayegi

Posted on: August 1, 2017

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During 1945-47, Hindi film industry went through a difficult phase. The speculative gains made by some businessmen during the period of WWII which were partly chanellised in the film industry, dried up which affected the film production. When the film industry was just recovering from the after effect of WWII, communal riots broke out on the eve of as well as following the partition, affecting film productions at Bombay (Mumbai)whereas Lahore film industry was badly affected as many film financiers and technicians migrated to India.

M R Bhakri whose filmy career as a story writer and lyricist was taking shape in Lahore film industry just after the end of WWII, became one of the many victims of partition in 1947 from the Lahore film industry. He alongwith his brothers (all associated in the film industry) arrived in Bombay (Mumbai) soon after the partition.

Mulkhraj Bhakri (18/12/1913 – ??) was born in Gujranwala in Punjab (now in Pakistan). His father, Moolchand Bhakri was a store-keeper in Indian Army Service Corps (IASC) at Pathankot. He went to school in Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) in Pakistan.

According to character actor Janaki Dass, M R Bhakri was an ardent fan of films. He watched almost all the films which were shown in the theatres of his place. His memory was so sharp that he used to recite important dialogues from the films and also remembered most of the songs. It was natural that after completion of his Matriculation examination in 1931, he was keen to join the film industry.

M R Bhakri started his career as a Cinema Manager. But it took a long time to get his first break in the film ‘Arsi’ (1947) as story and dialogue writer. After the success of the film, M R Bhakri got two films – ‘Barsaat Ki Ek Raat’ (1948) and ‘Papiha Re’ (1948) for which he wrote story, dialogues, screen play and lyrics. Both these films were being produced in Lahore studios. Unfortunately, these two films became victims of partition and were temporarily abandoned. These films were later released in some parts of India.

After arriving in Bombay (Mumbai), he devoted his time to bring together most of the displaced actors and technicians from Lahore some of whom were associated with his films and helped the creation of a film production banner ‘Nigaristan (India) Films’. Simultaneously, he wrote story, dialogues, screen-play and lyrics for films like ‘Chunariya’ (1948), Saawan Baadhon (1949), ‘Naach’ (1949), ‘Roomal’ (1949) ‘Chakori’ (1949) and ‘Lachhi’ (Punjabi,1949). ‘Bansariya’ (1949) was his first film as a producer under the banner of Nigaristan (India) Films, for which he also wrote story, dialogues, screen play and lyrics.

In 1950s, he produced films like ‘Moti Mahal’ (1952), ‘Shah Behram’ (1955), ‘Alladin Leila’ (1957), ‘Guest House’ (1959) and ‘Bhangra’ (Punjabi, 1959). Thereafter, he was associated with films mostly as screen-play and dialogue writer. His last film as a screen-play and dialogue writer was ‘Sansaar’ (1971).

M R Bhakri had three brothers – Lekhraj Bhakri, Deshraj Bhakri and Rajkumar Bhakri. All brothers were associated with Hindi film industry. Lekh Raj Bhakri who started with Kuldeep Pictures as Controller of Production for ‘Chunariya’ (1948) eventually became a producer-director.

Some of the films which Lekhraj Bhakri produced/directed were mostly under the banner of Kuldeep Pictures, Jubilee Pictures, Golden Films and Tasveeristan. His notable films as director were ‘Rajput’ (1951), ‘Resham’ (1952), ‘Daak Babu’ (1954), ‘Naqaab’ (1955), ‘Fashion’ (1957), ‘Sahaara’ (1958). ‘Panchaayat’ (1958), ‘Shama’ (1961) and ‘Banarasi Babu’ (1962). Desh Raj Bhakri looked after the film production side and Rajkumar Bhakri was a Cinematographer. M R Bhakri’s son, Mohan Bhakri was also a producer-director who was mostly connected with about a dozen ‘B’ Grade horror films made during 1980-2000.

Manoj Kumar is a second cousin of Bhakri brothers. In fact, the first shot he gave was in the film ‘Fashion’ (1957) directed by Lekhraj Bhakri. In this film, the song ‘maati ko lazaana nahin mera desh hai mahaan’ was picturised on him. Manoj Kumar also got a side role in ‘Sahara’ (1958) which was also directed by Lekhraj Bhakri.

As I mentioned earlier, ‘Papiha Re’ (1948) was one of the two films which were under production in Lahore when communal riots broke out. The film’s producer, Kuldeep Sehgal along with M R Bhakri, the story and dialogue writer and other actors and technicians associated with the film arrived in Bombay (Mumbai) almost penniless. According to Janki Dass, it was M R Bhakri who organised the finance, casting, technicians and distribution for the film and got it released in 1948. In fact, in some references, M R Bhakri has been mentioned as the producer of ‘Papiha Re’ (1948) though the banner is Kuldeep Pictures owned by Kuldeep Sehgal.

‘Papiha Re’ (1948) was directed by Lahore-based Dawood Chand. The star cast included Amarnath, Akhtari, Pran, Asha Posley, Mumtaz Begum, G N Butt etc. Not much information about the story and plot of the film is available online. As happened with some of the films caught in the sword of partition in 1947, this film also did not get an all India release. The film was released in limited places in India.

The film had 12 songs written by Mulkhraj Bhakri which were set to music by Dhaniram, a debut film for him. Here is the film’s first song ‘kat gayi waadon mein kuchch waadon mein kuchch kat jaayegi’ to appear in the Blog. The name of the singer is not known but it is apparent that the voice is that of Ameerbai Karnataki.

Incidentally, a song with similar first line was also listed under the film ‘Dhamki’ (1945). But the singer, lyricist, and the music director were listed as ‘Zeenat Begum, D N Madhok, and Pandit Amarnath respectively. Unfortunately, I could not trace the song online.

With this song, ‘Paphia Re’ (1948) makes its debut in the Blog.

Note: The main source of information on the early life of Mulkhraj Bhakri is from an article written by the character actor Janaki Dass which appeared in July 1949 issue of ‘Sound Magazine’.

Song-Kat gayi waadon mein kuchh waadon mein kuchh kat jaayegi (Papeeha Re)(1948) Singer-Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Mulkraj Bhakri, MD-Dhaniram


aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aaa
kat gayi waadon mein kuchch
waadon mein kuchch kat jaayegi
aankh bhar aayegi jab
meri wafa yaad aayegi

jitna jee chaahe
sataa lo
ek din wo aayega
aa aa aa
jitna jee chaahe
sataa lo
ek din wo aayega
dard ban kar yaad meri
dil mein sau bal khaayegi
dard ban kar yaad meri
dil mein sau bal khaayegi

dekh lo o o
mere tadapne
ae ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae
kaa tamaashaa
dekh lo aa aa aa aa
dekh lo o o
aa aa aa aa
mere tadapne kaa
tamaashaa aa
dekh lo
aa aa aa aa
meri khaamoshi bhi tumko
ek din tadpaayegi
meri khaamoshi bhi tumko
ek din tadpaayegi
kat gayi waadon mein kuchch
waadon mein kuchch kat jaayegi
kat gayi waadon mein kuchch

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