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Aap Jab Yaad Karenge Hum Ko

Posted on: July 31, 2017

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hum kahin bhi hon
chale aayenge

What an extraordinary promise this is.

We had a small get together of music lovers, earlier in the day today. And for the day it is, part of our conversation revolved around Rafi Sb, and his persona, and his legacy. ‘God’s Own Man’ is the phrase expressed by one of the gathering. Certainly, all people are God’s people. But then some are special. They are ‘God’s Own People’. Humble and giving – the two traits that stand out as shining beacons in this industry that is famous for cutthroat competition, and the rule of money power. So much corruption and cruelty bleeds into it, and in turn, generates more cruelty and heartlessness.

A small anecdote that expresses Rafi Sb’s true persona – small but truly profound. The day (this day thirty seven years ago), when he felt the first tremors of the heart problem that would very shortly prove to be ultimately decisive, and the family was getting ready to take him to the hospital, his last words to his wife were – please take care that no needy person reaching the doorstep of the Rafi household, is ever turned back empty handed. Was that a statement arising out of a presentiment of what was about to transpire? If it was, then it is remarkable that in such a portent moment of intuition, his thoughts were about some needy person coming to his doorstep, and not about anything else related to family or assets or instructions for the future.

So much has been said and written about him. Most things one can think of expressing, have already been said. And yet, there is this feeling that so much more has still to be said. About him, about his voice, and his songs. Some months back, when I was working on the series “Mohammed Rafi – ‘अ’  से  ‘ह’ तक”, there were two songs that I had short listed to present as part of the series. However, on repeated listens, the mind pulled them out of the series, and thought better to save them for the anniversaries. Both these songs have something to say about the persona that Rafi Sb endures to be. Incidentally, both these songs get posted today.

The first one is the song that Raja ji posted earlier in the day – “Khushboo Hoon Main Phool Nahin Hoon”. The words of this song are such an endearing statement – that the sounds of his songs will sustain the music and the personality, enduring the passage of time, just like fragrance that wafts forever in the alleyways of the mind, unlike a flower that will decay and die, and be forgotten.

The second song is this one that I am posting now – “आप जब याद करेंगे हमको, हम कहीं भी हों चले आएंगे”. What a remarkable and a lasting promise he makes to us. We just have to stir the memories, whenever, and he promises that he will be with us. And every time that happens, it is a bevy of his songs that passes through the mind, re-enlivening his voice echoing into our ears. And his songs playing in close vicinity, makes one feel that yes, he is still around, for his voice is still here with us.

The film is an unreleased picture from the 1970s – ‘Murder On Highway’. One wonderful lilting song of this film has already appeared on our blog, as part of the above mentioned series – “Saawan Ki Pari, Chup Chup Hai Khadi”. Music is from the mind of C Arjun, and the words are (likely) from the pen of Asad Bhopali. Although, in effect, it is a call to the beloved, for a tryst, for a union. The words are simply superb. A couplet from the first antaraa says

aap ko dekh ke jeene waale
aap ke naam pe mar jaayenge. . .

The words and the sound of the voice seems to carry the being to the place where, yes, we are face to face with this divine voice. . . always,

hum kahin bhi ho chale aayenge. . .


Song – Aap Jab Yaad Karenge Hum Ko  (Murder On Hihgway)(UR) (1971) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Asad Bhopali, MD – C Arjun


jab yaad karenge humko

hum kahin bhi hon chale aayenge
aap jab yaad karenge humko
hum kahin bhi hon chale aayenge
ek din aap hamaare honge
log munh dekhte reh jaayenge
aap jab yaad karenge humko

ru e roshan hai gulaabi
shokh aankhen hain sharaabi
chaal aisi hai ke dekha kijey
aap ae jaan e bahaaraan
kyun hain betaab pareshaan
kya hua kuchh to ishaare kijey
aap ko dekh ke jeene waale
aap ko dekh ke jeene waale
aap ke naam pe mar jaayenge
aap jab yaad karenge humko

aap ki zulf ka saaya
jab se ehsaas pe chhaaya
aaj tak hosh na aaya humko
pyar karne ka saleeka
dil lagaane ka tareeka
aap hi ne to sikhaaya humko
berukhi hum se karenge to huzoor
berukhi hum se karenge to huzoor
pyaar karne ko taras jaayenge
aap jab yaad karenge humko
hum kahin bhi hon chale aayenge
ek din aap hamaare honge
log munh dekhte reh jaayenge
aap jab yaad karenge humko

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

जब याद करेंगे हमको

हम कहीं भी होंगे चले आएंगे
आप जब याद करेंगे हमको
हम कहीं भी होंगे चले आएंगे
एक दिन आप हमारे होंगे
लोग मुंह देखते रह जाएँगे
आप जब याद करेंगे हमको

रु ए रोशन है गुलाबी
शोख आँखें हैं शराबी
चाल ऐसी है के देखा कीजे
आप ए जान ए बहारां
क्यों हैं बेताब परेशान
क्या हु कुछ तो इशारे कीजे
आप को देख के जीने वाले
आप को देख के जीने वाले
आप के नाम पे मर जाएँगे
आप जब याद करेंगे हमको

आप की जुल्फ का साया
जब से एहसास पे छाया
आज तक होश ना आया हमको
प्यार करने का सलीका
दिल लगाने का तरीका
आप ही ने तो सिखाया हमको
बेरुखी हम से करेंगे तो हुज़ूर
बेरुखी हम से करेंगे तो हुज़ूर
प्यार करने को तरस जाएँगे
आप जब याद करेंगे हमको
हम कहीं भी होंगे चले आएंगे
एक दिन आप हमारे होंगे
लोग मुंह देखते रह जाएँगे
आप जब याद करेंगे हमको

2 Responses to "Aap Jab Yaad Karenge Hum Ko"

Heard this song for the first time only now, Sudhirji. Enjoyed it, thanks. 🙂 Again, felt like Rafisaab was talking to us, saying “aap jab yaad karenge, chale aayenge”. 🙂
Thank you for this song and lovely post.


Lovely song and post. Asad Bhopali has done a great job summarising the feelings and they are showcased in a breezy romantic manner by Rafi sahab.


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