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Takra gaye do baadal ambar pe

Posted on: February 10, 2018

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My movie watching spree was at its peak during the year 1975 – 76. Mind you, in 1976 I had to appear for my school leaving certificate (the SSC board exam). But being a street smart teen with a knack for remembering most of the things that I came across, I always used to score good marks in my exams. Not that I stood in the top three in my class, but I was not in the bottom three as well. Hope you get my drift.

During the several morning shows I saw, missing my classes, I distinctly remember seeing Mazaaq because it was the movie which I saw on the penultimate day before the school closed for my half yearly exams. It was not a great movie that one can remember (as you can see from the synopsis below), but I had to see it as it was the new release on that day (Friday) and watching movies was my staple diet, so any movie would do.

It was only in my twenties that I heard this sweet song and was floored by it. This song has Asha Bhonsle and Pancham at one of their best. I hope many of you remember this song and those who haven’t can marvel at this beautiful melody.

The movie synopsis:

The movie story deals with Vinod who is in search for job. One day he rescues Dr. Aruna (Irani) from a fire, and when she recovers, he steals a certificate in the name of Heeralal Mehta, certifying that the person is medically mentally challenged. He changes the name on the certificate, goes around acting mad, getting food & clothing for free. He also involves his down and out friend, Raja (Mehmood) in this scheme.

The Police are informed about Vinod, and in order to escape he re-locates to Bangalore. Once there he applies and gets a job as a Manager with the Narang family business, meets with Moushumi and both fall in love with each other. One day Moushumi’s dad comes across the certificate, and also a newspaper notice about Vinod’s escapade and his mental condition. He fires Vinod and asks him never to meet Moushumi again.

Vinod returns to Bombay, gets another certificate from Dr. Irani, this time certifying that he is sane, and he past actions were just a joke, and returns to Bangalore – only to find that Moushumi is about to married to another man her dad has chosen for her. The rest of the movie is about what happens next?

The movie stars Vinod Mehra, Moushami Chatterji, Aruna Irani, Iftekhar, Asrani, Mukri, Keshto Mukherjee, Agha, Bhagwan, Shobha Khote, Viju Khote, Paintal, etc. It is directed by Kumar for producers Jayantha Mukherjee, Ritesh Mukherjee (Moushami’s husband in real life). The music is composed by Rahul Dev Burman and the songs are penned by Yogesh Gaud.

“Takra Gaye Do Baadal Ambar Pe” by Asha Bhonsle with monologues in the interludes by Vinod Mehra, composed by R D Burman and penned by Yogesh Gaud from “Mazaaq 1975”.



Song-Takra gaye do baadal ambar pe (Mazaaq)(1975) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-R D Burman
Vinod Mehra


Takraa gaye do
Baadal ambar pe ae
Takraa gaye do o
Baadal ambar pe ae
Toh barasne lagi
Boondein bikhar ke ae
Takraa gaye do o
Baadal ambar pe ae ae
Toh barasne lagi
Boondein bikhar ke ae
Takraa gaye do o

Kitna pyaaraa naam hai
Is naam ka saath toh
Har mausam se hai
Chaahe woh sardi ka ho
ya garmi ka
Patjhad ka ho
ya saawan ka

Ahh Chhodo
Bade woh ho tum m
Naam mera
Jod diya
Mausam se sanam m
Phir bhi
Mausam hai sanam m
Naam mera
Joda na bataa
Khud se kyun balam
Mujhse milaao yeh nain to
Aise na jalaao mere mann ko o o o
Takraa gaye do o
Baadal ambar pe ae
Toh barasne lagi
Boondein bikhar ke ae ae
Takraa gaye do

Yeh saawan ka mausam to khoobsoorat hai hi
Lekin tumhaari is khubsoorat umar ne
Ise aur bhi khubsoorat bana diya hai

Kaisi yeh umar
Ban ke kali
Khilne lagi
Sooni raah par r
Tan mein
Mann mein
Uthhi yeh lehar r
Tujhse sajan
Takraaye mann
jaaoon main bikhar
Aag lage re saawan ko o
Chhoo gaya mere daaman ko o o
Takraa gaye do o
Baadal ambar pe ae
Toh barasne lagi
Boondein bikhar ke ae
Takraa gaye do o

3 Responses to "Takra gaye do baadal ambar pe"

Satyajit ji Thanks for posting this wonderful pancham creation


Thank you Prakashchandra Ji.


video link of this song


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