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Favourite main ghode khela

Posted on: February 18, 2018

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“Miss Frontier Mail”(1936) was produced under the banner of Wadia Movietone and was directed by Homi Wadia. The star cast included Fearless Nadia, Sardar Mansur, John Cawas, Sayani Atish, Jaal Khambata. Gulshan,  Jaidev, Master Mohammed, Meenu Cooper, Bashir Qawwal, Munchi Thoothi etc.

Mr Sadanand Kamath, our beloved inhouse HFM researcher has given some interesting information about this movie. He informs that the movie was originally named “Frontier Mail”. Frontier mail which used to run between Bombay and Peshawar was the most prestigious train of BBCI Railways. The promotional posters of the movie carried the picture of a train crash. BBCI offcials took exception to that. In order not to displease the BBCI officials, The movie makers changed the name of the movie to “Miss Frontier Mail” and carried the disclaimer that the movie was about the adventures of a lady and had nothing to do with the train.

The story of the movie, as reconted by Mr Sadanand Kamath is as following:-

The Deputy Station Master at a railway station is murdered by a masked man. He escapes from the scene just before the Station Master Maganlal (Master Mohammed) arrives. Maganlal touches the knife which has been used by the masked man to kill the deputy. The police arrest Maganlal for the murder. His daughter Savita (Nadia) and son Jayant (Jaidev) is informed by their uncle, Shyamlal (Sayani Atish) about the news of their father’s arrest.

Savita is fond of hunting, playing tennis and racing fast cars while Jayant is an amateur film maker. Soon Jayant and his friend (Munchi Thoothi) get involved in the villain’s evil design and manage to film the mask man’s gang readying to blow up a bridge. The masked man dynamites the bridge as he has been contracted to do so by a man who wants to promote his airline business. However, Shyamlal tries to implicates Sunder (Sardar Mansur), son of a railway official, for the crime.

There is also a gangster’s moll, Gulab (Gulshan) who is romantically linked first with Shyamlal and then with Kishore (John Cawas), one of the gang members of the masked man. Both Gulab and Kishore are reformed and they side with Savita and her brother, Jayant in hunting down the masked man.

Sunder has a soft corner for  Savita and rushes to help her in dealing with rail gangs and murders. He and Savita are involved in several chases culminating in a fight scene on top of a speeding train where Savita fights the gang alongside Sundar on her bare hands successfully. At last, the identity of the masked man is revealed. He is none other other than Savita’s uncle Shyamlal. Ultimately, Shyamlal is killed by the police while he is trying to escape in a plane.

This movie had four songs in it. Three of these songs have been covered in the blog in the past. Here are their details:-

Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Gaawo gaawo ae mere saadhu 6147 29-Jun-12
Bhar bhar ke jaam pila de 10977 26-Mar-15
Karega har ek qadr jaani tumhaari 13032 12-Mar-17

Here is the fourth and final song from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Meenu Cooper, credited as Meenu the mystic. Lyricist is not known. Music is composed by Master Mohammad.

All the four songs in the movie, including the one under discussion were picturised on the same set. The song is a light hearted song where the artist talks about his experiences of betting on horses in the race course.

I have failed to get many words right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections as applicable.

With this song, “Miss Frontier Mail”(1936) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Favourite main ghode khela (Miss Frontier Mail)(1936) Singer-Meenu the Mystic, MD-Master Mohammad


Favourite main ghode khela
arabi weller sab purzor
Favourite main ghode khela
arabi weller sab purzor
?? pe jocky jaawe
?? pe jocky ??
Favourite main ghode khela
arabi weller sab purzor
Favourite main ghode khela
arabi weller sab purzor

seep mein moti bhi
meri kismat se niklega koi ??
seep mein moti bhi hai ??
meri kismat se niklega koi ??
sab ko ??? lagaao
??? hi lagaao

arre ?? tak main pahunch jaaunga
?? tak main pahunch jaaunga
joda badal ke
joda badal ke
Favourite main ghode khela
arabi weller sab purzor
Favourite main ghode khela
arabi weller sab purzor
first class se first class tak
ghoda aaya shor
arre ?? se first class tak ghoda aaya shor
jocky ne jab side dabaayi
jocky ne jab side dabaayi
nikla number four
jocky ne jo side dabaayi
nikla number four
jab ?? pe jaa ke dekha
ye kismat ka andher
jab ?? pe jaa ke dekha
ye kismat ka andhera
ghoda mera thha nowhere

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