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Na jaiyyo re sautan ghar sainyya

Posted on: March 7, 2018

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“Kaaghaz Ki Naao” (1975) was produced and directed by BR Ishara for BRI Arts, Bombay. The movie had Sarika and Raj Kiran (making their debuts as lead actors in grown up roles). The movie also had Pradeep Kumar, Aruna Irani, Helen, IS Johar, Paaro, Johnny Whisky, Dileep Dutt, Shyam Dubey, Amal Sen, Hamid, Asha Sharma, Rajni Verma, Hardeep, Maniyar, Arbind Dasgupta, Manhar Desai, Asit Sen, Manmohan Krishan, Reena Ghosh, Master Mitthoo etc. in it.

There were four songs in the movie. Three of these songs have been covered in the past.

Here are the details of the three songs already covered in the blog:-

Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Har janam mein hamaara milan 5050 22-Nov-11
Main tumhaare khayaalon mein khoi rahi 6610 8-Sep-12
Aaj sakhi main baabul ka ghar chhod chali 14127 5-Mar-18

Here is the fourth and final song from “Kaaghaz Ki Naao”(1975) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Naqsh Llayalpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sapan Jagmohan.

The song is picturised as a mujra song on Aruna Irani and Pradeep Kumar.

With this song, “Kaaghaz Ki Naao”(1975) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

This song marks an “artificial”, but significant century for the blog. “Kaaghaz Ki Naao”(1975) becomes the 1100th movie that has been YIPPEED in the blog. To put things in perspective, 1100 movies constitutes some one fifth of all the movies that were released from 1931 till 1980. These 1100 movies had nearly 7100 songs in them, viz. 50 % of all the songs covered in the blog.

While some movies are easy to YIPPEE, if all their songs are all time classics and so readily available, majority of movies are such that at least one or two of their songs are rare and obscure. Searching for these songs can be a tall order. There are cases where the missing songs are not even available online. There are several instances where the missing songs of these movies had to be uploaded and made available online for the first time by us (read by Sudhir Ji).

One benefit of YIppying a movie is that we no longer have to search for songs of that movie. We can forget about these movies and concentrate of movies that are as yet unyippeed.

To take the example of the year 1959, 1959 saw as many as 114 movies getting released. 103 of these movies are represented in the blog. As many as 47 of these movies are already YIPPEED. This is the highest number of YIPPEED movies from one calender year. So in effect, now we only have to search for missing songs from 56 + 11 movies of 1959.

“Rajnigandha”(1974) was the first movie to be YIPPEED in the blog on 10 september 2008. We were not even aware of this fact on that date. 🙂 It was the only YIPPEED movie during 2008. 2009 saw another 8 movies getting YIPPEED. It is from 2012 that we consciously started thinking on YIPPYing movies. More that 10 movies each are being YIPPEED since 2012. As many as 202 movies were YIPPEED in 2013, which is the highest number of movies YIPPEED in a year.

This year 2018 has seen us YIPPYIng at least one movie every day. Till now we have YIPPEED 66 movies in 65 days of the year. We were on a similar new year resolution during the last year of 2017 as well. On that year we posted one YIPPEE every day till 5 may 2017, viz for 125 days, when that steak got broken on 6 may 2017. Let us see how long our unbroken streak of 2018 lasts. 🙂

The blog at present has songs from 3858 movies and we are adding one extra movie every day (which is another new year resolution with us). My guess is that all the songs may be available for around 2000 movies. It may not be possible for other movies to get YIPPEED because all songs of these movies are not available.

Time will show whether I am proved right or otherwise vis a vis final tally of YIPPEED movies in the blog. For now, let us celebrate having the 1100th YIPPEED movie in the blog.



Song-Na jaiyyo re sautan ghar sainyya (Kaaghaz ki Naao)(1975) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Sapan Jagmohan


na jaiyo re ae
sautan ghar sainya
na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya
ruk ja main ro ro padoon tore painya
ruk ja main ro ro padoon tore painya
na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya
na jaiyo re ae

jaadu bhi jaane wo tona bhi jaane
najariya se dil ko pirona bhi jaane
hans ke mile door hona bhi jaane
hans ke mile door hona bhi jaane
tu hi na maane
na maane ae ae
na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya
ruk ja main ro ro padoon tore painya
na jaiyo re ae sautan ghar sainya
na jaiyo re ae

tan se lubhaaye
adaaon se loote
pal mein vo maane to pal mein hi roothhe
bairan ke hote hain sab roop jhoothe
bairan ke hote hai sab roop jhoothe
tu hi na jaane na jaane ae ae
na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya
na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya
ruk ja main ro ro padoon tore painya
ruk ja main ro ro padoon tore painya
na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainya
na jaiyo re ae ae ae

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Many thanks Prakash ji for updating and providing all the songs links,


Thanks for the post Atul ji and congratulations on “Kaaghaz Ki Naao”(1975) covering all its songs on the blog and joining the list of movies – all songs covered 🙂


Wow a century of YIPPEEEE!! being celebrated.. awesome! On our project we are 82 short as of now to reach this milestone :). I love how both Sudhir ji and you have so many statistics with you and you constantly are on top of these numbers.. i am in awe! :).


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