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Main teri dushman dushman tu mera main naagan tu sapera

Posted on: March 17, 2018

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There are songs that run their course during their time and are then forgotten with time. Most of these songs that end up forgotten are unlikely to get a second look in future. But there are exceptions. Some interesting developments may rekindle interest in such songs among future generations as well.

The first such song that readily comes to my mind is the song “April Fool banaaya to unko gussa aaya” from “April Fool”(1964). This song was a reasonably popular song of its time which then got forgotten. It was in 1980s when “Andha Kaanoon”(1983) was released that the title song of “April Fool”(1964) caught the fancy of music lovers once again. In the movie “Andha Kanoon”(1983), inspector Durga Devi Singh (Hema Malini) is trying to secretly record the confession of her brother Vijay Kumar Singh (Rajnikant) how he killed the murderers of their father. But when she plays the recording then instead of the confession, this title song “April Fool banaaya” gets played, much to the cheer of movie watchers. Many movie watchers became aware of this “April Fool”(1964) song thanks to this scene of “Andha Kaanoon”(1983). Even I began to take a second look at this song only as a result of this scene of “Andha Kaanoon”(1983).

“April Fool”(1964) title song saw a revival thanks to a movie that was released two decades later. But sometimes songs can see revivals and renewed public interest in them because of reasons that have nothing to do with films !

Take the case of the “Nagina”(1986) song, Main teri dushman dushman tu mera. This song has suddenly become quite popular these days, not only among Indians, but even among non Indians. 🙂

The reasons are non filmy, and they have to do with cricket !

Yes, indeed it is a cricketing incident involving non India players that this “Nagina”(1986) song has become popular. More than the song, it is the picturisation of the song that has caught the fancy of cricket loving public.

Let me explain the situation for those who may not be aware of the cricketing incident. A three nation T20 cricket tournament involving India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is in progress at the moment, where every team plays its opponents twice. The two top teams then play the final.

In the first match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on Sunday 11 march 2018, Sri Lanka after batting first piled up a huge total of 214. Bangladesh, who were not expected to be able to overhaul the total batted spiritedly and emerged victorious, scoring the winning runs with two balls to spare. The hero of Bangladesh win was their diminutive batsman wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim who played a scintillating unbeaten knock of 72 from 35 balls to clinch a famous victory for his team. In an earlier T20 match in the past, he had celebrated prematurely thinking that his team had won, but his team ended up losing to India by one run in that match. Here Mushfiqur celebrated only after he hit the winning run. And how did he celebrate ? He did a “Naagin” dance, Sridevi style.

His “Naagin” dance celebration overshadowed even the victory of his team. Some criticised him for his immaturity, some supported him, some called for restraint, some ridiculed him. On social media, one found Mushfiqur getting trolled. On youtube, there were several videos in which his photo was superimposed over SriDevi’s in that “Main teri dushman” song.

I had watched this song and the movie in a movie hall during the time this movie was released in 1986. This song was popular but I did not take much notice of the song then. But this time, after 32 years, I took a second look at this song. For that I have to thank Mushfiqur Rahim of Bangladesh!

The fact that a Bangladeshi cricketer is aware of this song and he is in fact a fan of Sri devi’s Naagin dance movement is news to me. 🙂

In the second match between the same two opponents, Mushfiqur Rahim, after batting well for some time, threw his wicket away and this time the Sri Lankan bowler did a “sapera” dance movement, as Sapera played by Amrish Puri does in the song picturisation. So, even Sri Lankans were aware of this Hindi movie song ! The fact that the fans too were aware of it was proved when cameras showed a placard being carried by some fans showing a sketch of a sapera and a naagin. 🙂

Just imagine, a Hindi movie song of 1986 catching so much attention of non Indian cricketers. It is clear that these cricketers must have watched the movie, or at least the song picturisation.

With these two matches attracting the attention of cricket fans world wide, even non Asian cricket fans are bound to take notice of this “Naagin” song and some of them may get interested in this song. 🙂

The fact that foreign cricketers have begun to take interest in Indian movies, thanks to so many of them playing in IPL, is no secret. A few weeks ago, South African bowler Lungi Ngidi was snapped up by Chennai Super Kings in IPL auction. The bowler then tweeted

Just listened to the #LungiDance song loving it already.

The tweet was retweeted and liked thousands of time, mostly by Indians.

Foreign players are even getting interested in learning Hindi. On the eve of Deepaawali of 2017, India played New Zealand in an ODI match. New Zealand won the match, thanks to the batting of Ross Taylor of New Zealand. Sehwag tweeted:-

Well played @RossLTaylor Darji ji . Great effort after handling the pressure of Diwali orders .#indvsnz

— Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) October 22, 2017

Guess what ! Look at the response of Ross Taylor:-

Thanks @virendersehwag bhai agli Baar Apna order time pe Bhej dena so Mai Apko agli Diwali ke pehle deliver kardunga ….happy Diwali

So one can say that foreign cricketers are getting interested in things Indian. This is because India is now emerging as an attractive destination for opportunities in many areas, including cricket. Foreign cricketers have begun to take lots of interest in India because of IPL. Forget active cricketers, even retired cricketers are getting involved in various capacities viz mentors, coaches, commentators etc. When it comes to commentary, opportunities are increasing. The TV channels have now started to offer commentary in Hindi and some other languages as well. So ex cricketers able to speak in these languages are in demand as commentators. Ex cricketers like Sehwag and V V S Laxman have emerged as a much sought after Hindi commentary jodi. Even Gavaskar, Ganguly, Murli Kartik etc do Hindi commentary. In the present tri series underway in Sri Lanka, I found Athar Ali Khan too being called up for Hindi commentary. He understands Hindi but cannot speak in it. Hopefully he will brush up in his Hindi speaking then he can find more commentary opportunities.

The movie “Nagina”(1986) was produced and directed by Harmesh Malhotra. The movie had Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Amrish Puri, Komal, Prem Chopra, Sushma Seth, Pinchoo Kapoor, Viju Khote, Guddi Maruti, Lalita Kumari, Baby Guddo, Manmouji, Jagdeep, Satyadevi, Rajan, Sheetal, Suresh etc in it.

The movie had five songs in it.

Here is the first song from “Nagina”(1986). This song is sung by Lata. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The song is picturised as a naagin-sapera song on Sridevi, playing naagin, and Amrish Puri (playing sapera). Amrish Puri is assisted by many other saperas in the picturisation. 🙂

With this song, whose song picturisation has attracted so much attention in a couple of cricket matches played in 2018 between two international teams, “Nagina”(1986) makes its debut in the blog.



Song-Main teri dushman dushman tu mera (Nagina)(1986) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


main teri dushman
dushman tu mera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main teri dushman
dushman tu mera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa
janam janam se tera mera bair
ho rabba khair
main teri dushman
dushman tu mera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa aa

aaj ka badla main bas loongi
chhed na mujhko
main das loongi
aaj ka badla main bas loongi
chhed na mujhko
main das loongi
jantar mantar jaadu tone
yeh toh mere khel khilaune
mujh par chalega na zor tera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa aa

chhed ke apni been ka lehra
chhed ke apni bean ka lehra
toone bithhaaya mujh par pehra
bas mein nahin main aanewaali
main nahin dhokha khaanewaali
aaya hai jogi ban ke lutera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa aa

sab ki jubaan par meri kahaani
mera dasa huwa maange na paani
sabki jubaan par meri kahaani
mera dasa huwa maange na paani
tera tamaasha sab dekhenge
kya hota hai ab dekhenge
dekhega tu na kal ka savera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main teri dushman
dushman tu mera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa
janam janam se tera mera bair
ho rabba khair
main teri dushman
dushman tu mera
main naagan tu sapera aa aa
main naagan tu sapera aa aa

5 Responses to "Main teri dushman dushman tu mera main naagan tu sapera"


Thoroughly enjoyed this post, laughing all the way through it.

Thanks Atul ji,
for all these wonderful observations and connections.
Well played. . . 🙂



Thanks. This cricketing episode demonstrates the soft power of Hindi Films even among non Indians. 🙂




longer video link


Trust an atulite to connect cricket to Bollywood. And who better than atulji to execute it. Perfect shot.
When I began to read the post I thought you were going to talk of sridevi’s death as this was the most shown song.
But this post gave a very good picture of the post Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match. Thank you so much


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