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Duniya ka mela mele mein ladki

Posted on: March 16, 2019

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This article touches upon “blog ten year challenge (2009-2019)” but this article is not part of that series. It is not possible to post an article in this series Today (16 march 2019), because movies of all the songs (all six of them) that were covered ten years ago (on 16 march 2009) have already been YIPPEED by now. 🙂

This blog ten year challenge (2009-2019) was started to serve some purpose, though we were not fully clear about them.

Let me try and enumerate them one by one.

Revisit movies that have not been revisited for years
Songs and movies that we covered ten years ago and then forgot about those movies once again get our attention. Take “Sharaabi”(1984) for instance. It was as a result of this series that we realised that this movie, despite being introduced in the blog as far back as in 2009 had only three songs in the blog and that no songs from this movie were covered in the blog since 2012 !

The case of “Do Dishaayen”(1982) was specially remarkable. The movie had three songs in it. Two of these songs were covered on consecutive days on 2 and 3 february 2009 and then we forgot all about this movie. Thanks to this series, the third and final song from the movie got covered ten years after its debut in the blog and the movie got YIPPEED on 3 february 2019.

Likewise, movies like “Gomti Ke Kinaare”(1972) etc got fresh lease of life in the blog as a result of this series.

A fillip to YIPPEE project
As a result of this series, we found that a few movies whose songs got covered became YIPPEED as well. For instance, when we covered this song from “Sitaaron Se Aage”(1958), this had the added advantage of this movie getting YIPPEED as well.In other case, after we covered a song from a movie, we realised that the movie had one or two songs left and so that movie came under our radar for YIPPYdom.

Bringing back memories
For some regulars (especially those born in 1960s), this series brought back memories of the past.

A better appreciation of the past
The blog has evolved over a period of more than ten years. It has changed a lot. The way songs and movies were chosen in the past has undergone a change with time, though all these changes are mostly inadvertent and largely unplanned. Only some other observers can notice any patterns in the song posts of the blog one decade ago.

Mr Sadanand Kamath, our inhouse HFM researcher, who posted an article in the series carried out some indepth research on the way songs were covered ten years ago. He observed that

during July 19, 2008 to December 31, 2008, an overwhelming number of songs covered were of the films released in the 1960s and 70s with few songs from the 1950s and 1980s. However, the representation of songs from the films released in the 1930s and 40s were negligible. For instance, out of 475 songs covered during the period under reference, only 5 songs pertained to the films released in the 1940s – that too the late 1940s. Not a single songs of films released in the 1930s were covered during the period under reference.

These trends were, however, on the expected lines for two reasons. First, Atul ji, considering his age profile at the time of starting of the Blog, has virtually grown up in the midst of popular songs of the films of 1960s and 70s. Obviously, as a ‘start-up venture’ of his Blog, he would have been influenced by such songs. Secondly, and most importantly, even if he intended to cover the songs of the 1930s and 40s, I doubt whether these songs were available in good numbers on the video sharing platforms in 2008. Youtube was set up in 2005 as a video sharing platform. A random browsing of videos on YT gives me an impression that videos of Hindi film songs were uploaded in good numbers only from 2007 onward and the videos of old film songs (1930s and 40s) were getting uploaded mainly from 2009 onward.

The song under discussion is not a “ten year challenge” song, but this song appears here today as a result of this exercise. Another song from this movie “Raja Jani”(1972) was part of the “ten year challenge” post on 5 march 2019. That post triggered all kinds of nostalgic feelings among regulars. This movie “Raja Jani”(1972) had made its debut on the 22nd day of the blog on 9 august 2008 and it was the 22nd post in the blog. By the time the second post from this movie appeared on 5 april 2009, the blog was more than one thousand songs old. The third song from the movie came after a gap of 5800 songs in 4 november 2012. After that there was a big gap of over six years during which this movie was all but forgotten.

It was on 5 march 2019 that the fourth song from “Raja Jani”(1972) was covered as a part of “blog ten year challenge”. It was then that we realised that the movie was another two songs short of being YIPPEED.

One of these two missing songs has subsequently been covered in the blog.

Here are the details of the songs from the movie that have been covered so far:-

Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Kitna mazaa aa raha hai 22 9-Aug-2008
ABCD chhodo naino se naina jodo 1038 5-Mar-2009
Jaani O Jaani 6948 4-Nov-2012
Aa aa jaa aa jaa kuchh keh jaa kuchh sun jaa 14908 5-Mar-2019
Mubaarak ho tujhe ae dil 14925 14-Mar-2019

Mr Pratap, senior to most of us had watched this movie when it was released. Here is what he has to say about this movie:

I saw the movie when it was released and remember that I enjoyed it mainly due to the songs.

As far as I recall, the story was a standard formula one, Hema Malini is a lost princess, raised by Nadira and earns her living through dances and acrobatics. Dharmendra is the lovable rogue who notices the similarity of Hema with the description of the lost princess in the posters/newspaper ads and thinks up a scheme of passing her off as the princess and get the promised reward. Durga Khote is the grandmother Rajmata who is literally dying for the lost girl. She gladly accepts Hema and soon announces her engagement to the evil Prime Minister Premnath’s still more evil son Prem Chopra. Hema is heartbroken when she learns that Darmendra was using her as a pawn to get the reward and she accepts. Not very original, so you know the rest of the story.

Here is the sixth and final song from “Raja Jani”(1972) to appear in the blog. The song is chronologically the first song of the movie. It is sung by Lata. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

One can watch the picturisation and guess what is going on, in the light of the movie synopsis provided earlier.

In this blog, we first cover a song and then regulars post comment about that song. The song is “special” because this song has received comments about it even before it has been posted. These comments were posted in the penultimate song post of course. For instance, Peevesie’s mom commented that

A song that I love, specially “shanno naam uska” line.
I used to substitute shanno with my name. 😉

With this song, all the songs of “Raja Jani” (1972) have been covered and the movie joins the list of movies that have been YIPPIED in the blog.



Song-Duniya ka mela mele mein ladki (Raja Jaani)(1972) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska
duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska
gaal uske gulaabi
chaal uski sharaabi
o baabu o laala sabko salaam uska
duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska

tauba o meri tauba
karte hain sab ishaare
tauba o meri tauba
kiski taraf vo dekhe
aashiq hai uske saare
kiski taraf vo dekhe
o o o
sabki aankho me baske
sabko dekhe vo has ke
sabka dil bahlaana jo thahra kaam uska
duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska

kahte hain log uski
jaadu bhari hai baaten
kahte hain log uski
aankhon mein har kisi ki
katne lagi hai raaten
aankhon mein har kisi ki
o o o
neend uski udaaye
chain uska churaye
aaj kal shahar mein hai charcha aam uska
duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska

dekho to ek tamaasha
ye khoob ban gaya hai
dekho to ek tamaasha
har ek us haseen ka
mahboob ban gaya hai
har ek us haseen ka
o o o
koi aankhen bichaaye
naaz koi uthaaye
jaise har ik deewaana hai
ghulaam uska
duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska
gaal uske gulaabi
chaal uski sharaabi
o baabu o laala sabko salaam uska
duniya ka mela
mele mein ladki
ladki akeli shanno naam uska

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Thanks to our dear Atul and the endearing duo of Raja Jani and Shanno, I have earned this ‘Mention in dispatches’!


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