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Wo Khet Mein Milega, Khalihaan Mein Milega

Posted on: April 13, 2019

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2009-19) – Song No. 28

Looking at 13th April of ten years ago, the post score card was six songs.

Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi Aawaara 1951
Teri Duniya Me Jeene Se To Behtar Hai Ke Mar Jaayen House No 44 1955
Tu Kahan Ye Bataa Is Nasheeli Raat Mein Tere Ghar Ke Saamne 1963
Iktara Bole Yaadgaar 1970
O Neele Parbaton Ki Dhaara Aadmi Aur Insaan 1969
Prem Kahaani Me Ik Ladka Hota Hai Prem Kahaani 1975

Two of the six films represented that day had made their debut – ‘House No. 44’ (1955) and ‘Yaadgaar’ (1970). Of the six films, five are already yippeee’d over the past 10 years. The one film that still awaits all its songs to be posted is ‘Yaadgaar’. Today, we bring to fore the fourth third song of this film, from a total of six songs listed.

Manoj Kumar, having started his career in 1958 with films like ‘Panchaayat’ and ‘Sahaara’, turned a writer and a producer less than a decade later. His first venture was ‘Shaheed’ in released 1965. The film was directed by S Ram Sharma under the banner of KPK Movies, Bombay. Then in 1967, under the new banner of Vishal International, he produced and directed ‘Upkar’. Coming close on the heels of the 1965 conflict with Pakistan, and the sudden demise of Lal Bahadur Shastri in Jan 1966, this film rode a wave of popularity on the sentiments of nationalism and social integration, and became one of the major blockbusters of the 1960s. The film also established the image and tag name of Mr. Bharat for him.

In 1970, he followed it up with ‘Purab Aur Paschim’, again from his own banner of Vishal International, another film that is on the same theme of nationalism and Indian culture, further strengthening that image. The fact that the title role he played in these two films has the name ‘Bharat’ helped a lot, of course.

In 1970 came another film that followed in the footsteps of his earlier creations, with the similar socially relevant theme of nationalism and Indian culture. Although not from the banner of Vishal International (the production house was Kunal Chitra, Bombay), the film was directed by S Ram Sharma, an old friend who had also directed ‘Shaheed’ of 1965. As with ‘Shaheed’, the story and screenplay is written by Manoj Kumar himself.

The cast of actors for this film is listed as Nutan, Manoj Kumar, Pran, Prem Chopra, Kamini Kaushal, Mehmood (Junior), Madan Puri, Tiwari, Mohan Choti, Lalita Chatterjee, Asit Sen, Lakshmichaya, Shammi, Manmohan, Paulson, Jayshree, Kuljeet, Renu, Raj Kishore, Harbans Pape, Kirti Behal, Manohar, Naidu, Beerbal, Hansraj, Shrinath, Mohan Jerry, Dubey, Sabeena, Manohar Gosvai, Kesho Rana, Brahm Bhardwaj, Sobati, Aleeja, Genius, Darshan M, Ravikant, Chandra, Mohan Chhotu, Narbada Shankar, and Ramlal etc. One cannot help but notice a set of names that had had become regular in the cast of actors in his films – Kamini Kaushal, Pran, Madan Puri, Prem Chopra, Asit Sen, Tiwari, Mohan Choti, Manmohan, Shammi etc.

The theme song of this film is “Iktaara Bole, Sun Sun Kya Kahe Ye Tumse”. The song was a major hit in its time, as the film tried to address the malaise of degradation of social values in the Indian society. The song touches upon a series of topics like population, corruption in routine life, fashion, cold war and deteriorating relations between nations, political leaders, religious dogmas etc. The theme runs in parallel to the romantic love interest between Manoj Kumar and Nutan, touching also upon the class/caste conflict in the society.

This song carries forward this message of class/caste conflict and the desire for social equality. The scenario relates to the class conflict in religion. A number of people are waiting outside a temple, to enter and to worship theie God. But the pujari (priest) at the temple, temporarily halts the entry of devotees into the temple, as the chief patron of the temple is expected shortly. Rana Shamsher Singh (role played by Tiwari) is the rich man who has provided the funding for the temple, and so the temple is known by his name – Rana Mandir. As other devotees wait to enter the temple, a war of words breaks out between Bhanu (name of the role played by Manoj Kumar, thankfully not Bharat, as in ‘Upkar’ and ‘Purab Aur Paschim’) and Rana, which turns into this song that tells about God and his relationship to His devotees. The words tell that God is not necessarily housed in the temple, and that He also manifests Himself in many other locations and endeavors that also involve the poor and the downtrodden of the society.

The words of this song are from the pen of Indeewar, who also wrote the iconic “Kasme Waade Pyaar Wafa Sab. . .” for Manoj Kumar’s ‘Upkar’. The music is by Kalyanji Anandji. This music director duo was the regular MDs for Manoj Kumar’s films – ‘Upkar’, ‘Purab Aur Paschim’ and ‘Yaadgar’. But come 1972, Manoj Kumar switched to Laxmikant Pyaarelal with his next venture ‘Shor’.

The singing voice is of Mahendra Kapoor, the playback singer that Manoj Kumar preferred for himself. Listen to this typical ‘Bharat’ message that helped further strengthen the image of Mr Bharat.



Song – Wo Khet Mein Milega, Khalihaan Mein Milega  (Yaadgaar) (1970) Singer – Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics – Indeewar, MD – Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapvaala)

aaye jahaan bhagwaan se pehle
kisi dhanwaan ka naam
us mandir ke dwaar khade khud
royen krishna aur raam

dhanwaan ko pehle miley
bhagwaan ke darshan
darshan ko tarastaa rahey
jo bhakt ho nirdhan
ye dakshina ki reet
ye pandon ke chhalaawe
dukaan mein biktey huye
mandir ke chadhaawe
aise hi agar
aise hi agar dharm ka vyaapar
bhagwaan ka duniya mein
koi naam na legaa
aisi jageh pe jaa ke tu kuchh bhi na paayega
bhagwaan aisa mandir khud chhod jaayegaa
chhod jaayega
chhod jaayega

bhagwaan raana mandir mein nahin
to aur kahaan milegaa

wo khet mein milega
khalihaan mein milegaa
wo khet mein ae milegaa
khalihaan mein milegaa
bhagwaan to ae
bhagwaan to ae bande
insaan mein ae milegaa
wo khet mein milega
khalihaan mein milegaa

dhanwaan jo hai jhoothha..aa
ho ho o o 
shaitaan ke baraabar
aa aa aa aa
nirdhan agar hai sachchaa
bhagwaan ke baraabar
wo dhong mein nahin hai
imaan mein milegaa..aa
wo khet mein milegaa

ganga se bhi hai paawan
ho ho o o 
mazdoor ka paseena
aa aa aa aa
paani na koi samjhe
anmol ye nagina
aise hi paseenon ke nirmaan mein milegaa
wo khet mein milegaa

geeta sunaa rahaa
aawaaz mein kalon
taqdeer likh rahaa hai
nokon se wo halon
mazdoor mein milegaa aa
wo kisaan mein ae milegaa aa
wo khet mein ae milegaa
khalihaan mein milegaa
bhagwaan to ae bande
insaan mein ae milega..aa
wo khet mein milega
khalihaan mein milega
wo khet mein milega
khalihaan mein milega
wo khet mein milega
khalihaan mein milega

bhagwaan to ae bande
insaan mein ae milega

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapvaala)

आये जहां भगवान से पहले
किसी धनवान का नाम
उस मंदिर के द्वार खड़े खुद
रोयें कृष्ण और राम

धनवान को पहले मिले
भगवान् के दर्शन
दर्शन को तरसता रहे
जो भक्त हो निर्धन
ये दक्षिणा कि रीत
ये पंडों के छलावे
दूकान में बिकते हुए
मंदिर के चढ़ावे
ऐसे ही अगर॰॰र
ऐसे ही अगर धर्म का व्यापार चलेगा
भगवान् का दुनिया में
कोई नाम ना लेगा
ऐसी जगह पे जाके तू कुछ भी न पायेगा
भगवान् ऐसा मंदिर खुद छोड़ जाएगा
छोड़ जाएगा
छोड़ जाएगा

(भगवान् राणा मंदिर में नहीं
तो और कहाँ मिलेगा)

वो खेत में मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा
वो खेत में ए मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा
भगवान् तो ए बन्दे॰॰ए
भगवान् तो ए बन्दे
इंसान में ए मिलेगा
वो खेत में मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा

धनवान जो है झूठा॰॰आ
हो हो ओ ओ
शैतान के बराबर
आ आ आ आ
निर्धन अगर है सच्चा
भगवान् के बराबर
वो ढोंग में नहीं है
ईमान में मिलेगा॰॰आ॰॰आ
वो खेत में मिलेगा

गंगा से भी है पावन
हो हो ओ ओ
मजदूर का पसीना
आ आ आ आ
पानी न कोई समझे
अनमोल ये नगीना
ऐसे ही पसीनों के निर्माण में मिलेगा
वो खेत में मिलेगा

गीता सुना रहा है॰॰ए
आवाज़ में कलों कि॰॰ई
तकदीर लिख रहा है
नोकों से वो हलों की॰॰ई
मजदूर में मिलेगा॰॰आ
वो किसान में ए मिलेगा॰॰आ
वो खेत में मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा

भगवान् तो ए बन्दे
इंसान में ए मिलेगा॰॰आ     
वो खेत में मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा
वो खेत में मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा
वो खेत में मिलेगा
खलिहान में मिलेगा

भगवान् तो ए बन्दे
इंसान में ए मिलेगा


5 Responses to "Wo Khet Mein Milega, Khalihaan Mein Milega"

audio link


Sudhir ji ,
Namaste .

I liked the post . ( But nt the song , it was quite boring !!! )
I liked the narration U hav written about this song .

Well , यादगार is यादगार for 2 songs , first,the one U hav mentioned “इकतारा बोले” nd the other was a Lata song ” जिस पथपें चला ”

I also liked MK’s short biography written by U . I always feel that there were 2 different MK in hindi cinema . He was so different in pre – शहीद nd उपकार period , romantic chocolate hero kind of an image ( Many a times, the lip- stick on his lips can also b seen !!!)
Nd then came the Mr . भारत , always carrying frowns on his forehead !!!

I must say the lyrics by Indeewar r very good but as in many MK songs , the picturization is nt worth .
Thnx for the post , Sudhir .
— with best wishes
Pramod .


Many thanks for your comment and feedback Sir ji. This song was shared by me and requested for post. I like this song. May be it was not popular and heard frequently, but it has ‘message’ in it. Also we have to bring and showcase all songs here including the lesser known songs too.
Thanks again,


@Sudhir ji,
Many thanks for this post.
one correction please ‘…we bring to fore the (fourth) song of this film’
This is the ‘third’ song from the movie we posted now.


Avinash ji,

Thanks for the catch. The correction is made.



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