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Aa Ja Meri Jaan Ye Hai June Ka Mahina

Posted on: June 29, 2019

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Yesterday (26th June) there was a discussion on the ‘Atulites Whatsapp group’ regarding songs containing the word ‘June’ in them. I thought that some of us would definitely point out this song – how can seventies’ fans miss this. So, our beloved Raja ji pointed out this song and reminding it that it was quite a popular song in those days. I must be 2/3 years old then, so I can’t say much about this 🙂 but, after listening this song now, I can say that it’s tune is quite nice and enjoyable and one can easily be humming this song after listening to it once.

I had come across this song few months back during my routine browsing, and since the starting of this month – ‘June’, I wanted to share the song during this month. I was thinking of sharing this song, but as the month progressed it was very hectic on work front for me and it slipped out of mind. But nevertheless, since yesterday’s discussion I thought we still have few days in this month of June and can enjoy this song.

The song is from the 1970 movie ‘Jawaab’ and it is picturised on the favourite comic side plot jodi of the seventies i.e. Mehmood and Aruna Irani. I was also wondering how our regular Mehmood fans have missed this song or maybe they have shared and waiting for its posting. By Mehmood fans I mean our respected Atul ji and Nalini ji. I apologize Atul ji, if he already had a post on this song in his mind. And if he has any, I would like that he present this song with his post here, because all his posts on Mehmood are very very nice and enjoyable.

The following other songs were noted during the discussion.

  • Hai ye June ka maheena – from the 1962 movie ‘Mud Mud Ke Naa Dekh’ – and this also is yet to be posted on the blog!!
  • The other song having the world June is ‘Mere Piyaa gaye Rangoon’

The movie ‘Jawaab’ was directed by Ramanna for RR Pictures, Madras’.  It had Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari, Jeetendra, Leena Chandavarkar, Prem Chopra, Jyothi Lakshmi, Ulhas, Aruna Irani, Rajan Haksar, Leela Mishra, Prem Kumar, Madhumati, Kanhaiyya, Lakshmi, Pandey, Indra Acharya and Mehmood.

NS Bedi was the dialogue director for this movie. Editing of this movie was done by MS Money. Dialogues of this movie were written by Rajinder Krishan who also wrote the lyrics for all the six songs of this movie. Music for this movie was composed by Lakshmikant-Pyaarelal. Asha Bhonsle, Hemlata, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

From the re-certification date of the movie (available online) – 15.07.1980, it can be concluded that it was originally passed by Censor on 15.07.1970). Two songs from this movie have already been posted on the blog earlier.

This song is a fun love song picturised in a well and when Mehmood is there its entertaining and enjoyable given his own specialities. When I noted the lyrics from the video, the mukhda of this song goes like ‘aaja meri jaan ye hai june ka maheena, june ka maheena hai ye june ka maheena’. However, there is one audio version where the second line of the mukhda is different and having the words as ‘garmi hi garmi, paseena hi paseena’. Except this change in mukhda and “zulfon ki chhaon mein…” in place of “palkon ki chhaon mein bitthaa le o haseena”, rest of the lyrics are same in both versions. HFGK Vol – IV in its listing of this song also mentions the song title as “aaja meri jaan ye hai june ka maheena, garmi hi garmi, paseena hi paseena”, though I could not get to refer the appendices of this Vol IV of HFGK so I am not aware if any additional information about this is noted there. It seems that the first mukhda was overlaid later, in the movie version, before released. Possibly some objection by the censors. The change can be noticed in the lip movements of Mehmood.

Well, as Raja ji mentioned “though the Monsoon has started over and spreading its ‘wings’ across, some parts of the country still may be hot and humid”. So for those areas where monsoon has not yet reached, I think the words “garmi hi garmi, paseena hi paseena” and this song is still very applicable 🙂 .

Let us now enjoy this song…



Song – Aa Ja Meri Jaan Ye Hai June Ka Mahina  (Jawaab) (1970) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics – Rajendra Krishan, MD – Lakshmikant Pyaarelal
Asha Bhosle + Kishore Kumar

Lyrics (Based on Video Clip)

aa aa
aa aa aa aa

hey ae ae
hey hey hey hey hey ae
ho o o o o ho

aaja meri jaan
aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena
aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena

arey june ka maheena hai ye
june ka maheena
june ka maheena hai ye
june ka maheena
palkon ki chhaaon mein
bithha le o haseena
aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena
chak june ka maheena hai ye
june ka maheena

ajab hai ye duniyaa
hmm hmm hmm hmm
ajab hai ye duniyaa
ajab ye jahaan hai
ke naa ye zameen hai
naa ye aasmaan hai
ke naa ye zameen hai
naa ye aasmaan hai
naa dar hai
naa khidki
naa hai koi zeena
hyaa hmm hmm
hyaa hmm hmm
aaja meri jaan
hai ye june ka maheena
aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena

mile jo thhandi thhandi ee ee ee
mile jo thhandi thhandi
kunwe ki hawaayen
to kyun tokyo mein
ya paris mein jaaye
to kyun tokyo mein
ya paris mein jaaye
ye love in well
ye love in well
ye love in well
suni hogi kabhi naa
ja ja
arey aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena
palkon ki chhaaon mein
bithha le o haseena
aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena
aaja meri jaan
ye hai june ka maheena

4 Responses to "Aa Ja Meri Jaan Ye Hai June Ka Mahina"

audio track


Dear Avinash ji,

There is one more song with June (there must be many others) and one which has been posted by Atul ji sometime in 2012 and that is “Dekh Idhar Ai Haseena” from the 1958 Movie 12 O’Clock. Here is that song :

With warm regards



Ji Sir ji, actually this song was mentioned by our Shri.K.S.Shenoy ji in that conversation as the song he ‘remembers every June’. I missed to mention it in my write-up.
And the main intention behind my sharing of the song from ‘Jawaab-1970’ is to trigger the discussion on the Hindi songs on ‘June’, so that knowledgeable readers can share the information with us here.
Thank you very much for your comments Sir,




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