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Aashiq hoon main qaatil bhi hoon

Posted on: November 2, 2019

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Hullo Atuldom

Let us all wish the Baadshah of Bollywood on his 54th birthday.

Wish this was an audio post, then I would have started my post with what we used to hear on the radio Ads in the 70s and 80s. I would have first played a line “aashiq hoon main qaatil bhi hoon” then after the voice over by a Vijay Behl or Ameen Sayani or a Vinod Sharma or it could be Harish Bhimani (I don’t remember the names of all the announcers, sorry) the Radio Ad would have closed with the repeat of the last line of the mukhda of the song – “Baadshah o baadshah, baadshah hey baadshah, baadshah”.

But then this is neither an audio post nor a radio ad. But our today’s birthday boy is a huge fan of those days, when we used to hear songs on the radio. Up the volume when our favourite song was played and sat glued to hear all the details of the song viz: singer, lyricist, composer, movie name etc. And if due to some disturbance on the frequency waves or any other reason we missed the details then we would have to wait for god-knows-how-long to hear it again. Because back then, Radio Ceylon and Vividh Bharati were our sole source for HFM- Doordarshan happened much later and IMDB and other sites were not even on the horizon. Right Birthday Boy? I am talking of our Sudhirji here. We have seen him mention about his love for HFM being fed by what he heard on the Radio in many of his posts.

He is an ‘Aashiq’ of film music and is so knowledgeable about its many aspects. And he keeps discovering new angles of HFM and his posts are rich because of this constant search of his. And occasionally he also doubles up as Atulji’s most trusted aide in keeping the blog running. Thank you Atulji for introducing us to Sudhirji- the dilldaar Dilliwala. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sudhirji, may you never run out of ideas for new posts and series.

November 2nd also happens to be the birthdate of music director/ singer Anu Malik- son of yesteryear-music director Sardar Malik. He has been around in the industry since 1980 – debuting with an obscure movie “Hunterwaali 77” (never heard of this movie before 🙂 ). He has worked his way to the A-list music directors with successful albums like “Mard”, “Sohni Mahiwal”, “Ganga Jamuna Saraswati” etc. His albums of the 90s had many melodies which got their movies a slightly long run at the box-office; movies like “Sir”, “The Gentleman”, “Vijaypath”. “Naaraz’’, “Naajayaz’’ etc. Music by Anu Malik in “Chamatkaar” was the first collaboration of SRK (the other birthday boy for today). Subsequently Anu Malik has given music to a few of SRK’s movies- “Baazigar”, ‘Ram Jaane”, “Duplicate”, “Baadshah”, “Josh”, “Asoka”, “Main Hoon Na” etc etc. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Anu Malik.

As can be seen in the list in the previous paragraph we have a huge library from which to choose a song for today. I have had suggestions from my Peevesie and Nahmji too about which could be a good choice for today’s triple birthday and I am settling for the song with which I opened the post as I have inside information about the possibility of Peevesie’s suggestion being fulfilled today.

From his debut in movies in 1992 to 1998 SRK had about 3 or 4 releases every year. 1999 had only one SRK movie- Baadshah (it was after the success of this movie that Shahrukh was given the epithet “Baadshah of Bollywood”), which was directed by Abbas – Mustan. It had him playing a bumbling detective with Sudhir, Johnny Lever, Sharad Sankhla, Harpal as his team mates and Twinkle Khanna was the female lead. It had Rakhee and Amrish Puri with Sharat Saxena, Deepshika, Sachin Khedekar etc in supporting roles and Shashikala and Prem Chopra in guest appearances. Our song today is from “Baadshah” which was written by Sameer and filmed as a disco song performed in a night club with Twinkle, Amrish Puri, Viju Khote etc as audience and Pankaj Dheer makes an entry towards the end of the song. It is sung by Abhijeet (who turned 61 on 30th October).

A very Happy Birthday to all the Birthday Boyz. Lets enjoy the party.

Song-Aashiq hoon main qaatil bhi hoon (Baadshah)(1999) Singer-Abhijeet, Lyrics-Sameer, MD-Anu Malik


Aashiq hoon main 
qaatil bhi hoon
sabke dilon mein shaamil bhi hoon

o ho o oh o ho o ho
o ho o oh o ho o ho

Aashiq hoon main 
qaatil bhi hoon
sabke dilon mein shaamil bhi hoon
Aashiq hoon main 
qaatil bhi hoon
sabke dilon mein shaamil bhi hoon
dil ko churaana,
neendein udaana
bas yahi mera kusoor
waadon se apne mukarta nahin 
marne se main kabhi darta nahin
baadshah o baadshah,  
baadshah hey baadshah
baadshah o baadshah,

hae ae ae ae yo
hae yo

chaaron taraf hain mere hi charche
honthon pe hai bas mera naam
rangon bhari subah meri
masti mein doobi hai meri sham
jhoothi kahaani sacchi lage
aawargi mujhe achchi lage
nagmein sunaana
sabko nachaana 
bas yahi mera kusoor
waadon se apne mukarta nahi
marne se mai kabhi darta nahi
baadshah o baadshah,
baadshah hey baadshah
baadshah o baadshah,

ho o ho o ho o

hai yeh mohabbat kamzori meri
chaahat ki duniya pe mera raaz
bas rab ke aage jhukta mera sar
jhukte mere saamne takhto taaj
andaaz mera sabse juda
mein baadshahon kaa baadshah
sapne sajaana
hansna hasaana
bas yahi mera kusoor
waadon se apne mukarta nahin
marne se mai kabhi darta nahin
baadshah o baadshah 
baadshah hey baadshah
baadshah o baadshah,
baadshah o baadshah,
baadshah hey baadshah
baadshah o baadshah,

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Nalini Ji, ( IMHO) Sharukh was referred to as Baadshah of bollywood well before this movie, mostly/probably after Darr & Dilwale Dulhaniya. I would even guess this movie was titled Baadshah after epithet given to its lead actor, and his already established popularity :))

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