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Main hoon Soorma Bhopali

Posted on: March 29, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

Ideally this post should have come last year, when this veteran of about a few hundred movies, turned 80. But then that has not happened.
I have decided that we shall not let the occasion go unnoticed. And in south India, the celebration for a person turning 80 is normally on completing 81, as the system of calculating the auspicious date to celebrate says that the person should have witnessed a 1000 full moons in his life, with the life being said to have started after the 1st birthday. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Whatever be the logic, the celebration called “Sadabhishekam” is after the person crosses 81 and our celebrity is turning 81 today. So here we are wishing this veteran a Happy 81st birthday.

He was born Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri on 29th March 1939 in Amritsar. He made his first screen appearance at the young age of 11 or 12. B.R.Chopra’s “Afsana” was the starting point followed by “Ab Dilli Door Nahin”, “Hum Panchi ek Daal ke”, “Do Bigha Zameen”, “Aar Paar” etc. AVM’s “Bhabhi” saw him in his first role of a grownup. And then there was no looking back and we have seen him in movies till 2017- a really long career. He played a leading man in a few movies before finding his comic timing in “Brahmachari”.

He has had many famous songs filmed on him -“Paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi”, “In pyar ki raahon mein”, we have seen him shaking a leg when Shamshad Begum sang, for Kumkum’s debut in movies, “kabhi aar kabhi paar”. This post introduces us to the person whose 81st birthday it is today.

Yes we are wishing “Soorma Bhopali” of Sholay a.k.a father of Jaaved and Naaved Jaafri of ‘Booogie Boogie’ fame. Simply put we are celebrating comedian Jagdeep’s birthday.

He may have done around 100 movies prior to “Sholay” but when Salim-Javed wrote the character of ‘Soorma Bhopali’ it changed Jagdeep’s fortunes forever. He was seen in many movies after “Sholay” too but very few remember him as the sidekick of Gopi (Mithun Chakravarty) ‘Kabari” in Surakksha”” (1979); ‘Chandu alias James Bond’ in the 1977 release “Agent Vinod”; he had a tiny-blink-n-miss role in Feroz Khan’s “Qurbani”. Jagdeep was forever requested to reappraise his Soorma Bhopali, atleast once, in many subsequent movies. He himself wrote and directed a movie with the title “Soorma Bhopali” in 1988. I don’t know much about that movie other than the fact that it had a whole lot of Jagdeep’s co-actors from “Sholay” making guest and special appearances in that movie. gives the list of actors as Agha, Amitabh Bachchan, Master Bhagwan, Birbal, Brahmachari, Danny, Dharmendra; Aruna Irani appears to be the sole female in the starcast.

I have chosen a song from this 1988 movie to accompany this post. The music directors were Dilip Sen- Sameer Sen and songs were written by Asad Bhopali, Jaan Nissar Akhtar and Jagdeep himself has written a song. It was a difficult task selecting a song from this movie as Jagdeep has also sung a few songs in the movie. But I finally decided that we will have a song that accompanies the movie’s credits that is what I have deduced from the available clip. This song is sung by Mohd Aziz and Jagdeep and Asad Bhopali is the lyricist. As I was writing the lyrics I caught the names of lot more actors than those that I have mentioned who were common to Sholay and this movie.

Here is wishing our very own Soorma Bhopali, who had a one-liner to his character in Sholay that said “Soorma Bhopali aise nahin hai”, A very Healthy and happy Birthday.



Song-Main hoon Soorma Bhopali (Soorma Bhopali)(1988) Singer-Md Aziz , Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Dilip Sen Samir Sen


assalaam vaalekkum
aadaab arz hai
aao hanste hanste
aur jaao hanste hanste
paan khaalo
aur issi baat pe bajaao taali

ke main hoon soorma bhopali
arre haan soorma bhopali
ke main hoon soorma bhopali
miyaan haan soorma bhopali
main na rahoon Bhopal mein
toh sheher lage hai khaali ee ee
main hoon soorma bhopali
miyaan haan soorma bhopali

yeh mera bhopal hai
jo pyaar se maalaamaal hai
bairagadh se T T Nagar tak
jo hai yahaan khush-haal hai
moti masjid jaama masjid
Taj ul Masjid dekh kar
jo bhi dekhe birla mandir
chamak uthhe hai uski nazar
kamlapati raani ka mahal hai
beech mein donon taalon ke
jaise meri naak hai pyaare
beech mein donon gaalon ke
meri chaal anokhi sabse
meri chaal anokhi sabse
meri ada hai niraali ee ee
main hoon soorma bhopali
miyaan haan soorma bhopali

meri cycle meri dulhan hai
isko saja ke rakhta hoon
ise akela jab bhi chhodoon
taala laga ke rakhta hoon
logon meri soorat pe na jaao
dil hai mera aaine jaisa
mujhse meri ammi ne kahaa thha
beta haath ka mail hai paisa

paise ki parwaah na karna
bhale kaam mein rehna aage
uske karam par rakhna bharosa
woh jab chaahe kismat jaage
ooparwaala kadam kadam par
kare teri rakhwaali ee ee
main hoon soorma bhopali
arre haan soorma bhopali
main na rahoon bhopal mein
toh sheher lage hai khaali ee ee
main hoon soorma bhopali
miyaan haan soorma bhopali
main hoon soorma bhopali
miyaan haan soorma bhopali

8 Responses to "Main hoon Soorma Bhopali"

Thank you Atulji for giving me the correct names of “bairagadh” and “TT Nagar”
But even you couldn’t decipher the words which I didn’t catch.
Hope one or other ASAD follower will help us


Moti masjid, Jama masjid, Taj -ul – masajid
dekh kar, Jo bhi dekhe …


Atul ji can correct the same in the lyrics please.


Thanks for a post on inimitable Jagdeep. I did not know that there is in fact a film ‘Soorma Bhopali’ :))

Liked by 1 person

i remembered about this movie as I was writing this post.


Very nice read

Liked by 1 person

thank you


May you be at peace dear Soorma Bhopali.
Rest In Peace Jagdeep


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