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Uthh neend se mirziyaa jaag re

Posted on: March 30, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

Today’s is a “this happened to me” post. It was a “dream” more than a “dream come true”. A chance to see the Dream Girl in person on my last trip to Mumbai.

So this is what happened- we had just landed at Mumbai airport. I was very tired after a long day followed by a delayed-flight. I told my husband that today i am in no position to walk the distance to the baggage-claim and am planning to hop on to any buggy that ferries passengers and I did. There were two passengers already on that buggy and the lady who was sitting mentioned that the passenger who was in the buggy that overtook us was Hema Malini. And I was disappointed that I had missed having a glimpse of her.

When we reached the drop-off point, I saw that the Dream Girl had just got off and was being courteous with the airport staff and allowing selfies. Very hesitantly I waved out to her and she acknowledged. Then I hinted through action that I would like to come closer and also click pictures with her and she permitted. Then my husband clicked a picture and she said:- “you will not get a good pic from so far, come closer.” And we had one more click which I shared instantly with my children.

My son commented immediately “He has never seen me smile so brilliantly.” But my personal feeling was there can be no smile as Brilliant as that of the Dream Girl -Hema Malini. She still looks a dream, and carries herself so elegantly and majestically. She displayed no airs about being a star or MP i.e. Member of Parliament.

My husband mentioned to her that I was a huge fan of hers and occasionally write about her in the blog. To this she replied- “hope you don’t write anything uncomplimentary”, and I said “oh no, not at all. We write only about the songs and their related movies.” And she gave me her brilliant smile. But this is one encounter that will stay with me forever and I am yet to believe it happened to me.

Recently my husband asked me why I haven’t written about my experience and I said I was waiting for an occasion. Plus I was wondering which song of hers should go with the post, and on what occasion do I present it etc. Today seems to be a good enough occasion. The anniversary of the lyricist of the song.

It is the 18th anniversary of lyricist Anand Bakshi (21 July 1930 – 30 March 2002). He was born Bakshi Anand Prakash Vaid, in Rawalpindi, in modern day Pakistan. His family came to India in the aftermath of partition. Poetry writing was his hobby and when he joined the Indian Army he continued to write whenever time permitted.

All of this are well known facts about Anand Bakshi. We also know that simultaneously he tried marketing his songs to Mumbai film industry. He finally got discharged from the army in 1956 and tried to become a writer or singer but found his foothold as a lyrics writer and “Bhala Aadmi” in 1958 was his first released movie where he wrote four songs.

“Mehndi Lage Mere Haath” with music by Kalyanji Anandji was his first success. And then the songs which found a mark in the hearts and minds of cine-goers never stopped. His wish to sing in movies was fulfilled when he sand “Baaghon mein bahaar aayi” and another solo for “Mom Ki Gudiya” in 1972. he has sung few more songs but written close to 3500 and we have 1036 of them on the blog.

Coming back to today’s song. On my return from Mumbai, last weekend, I saw “Pratiggya”(1975) starring Hema Malini, Dharmendra and Ajit. I don’t remember seeing the movie at the time of its release. This was a movie produced by Dharmendra himself and had “main jat yamla pagla deewana” (the only song from the movie on the blog) which is still in the minds of the fans even after a lapse of 45 years.

Laxmikant- Pyarelal were the music directors with whom Anand Bakshi collaborated in 302 movies. As I was writing this I came across the list of movies released in 1975, fifteen of which had songs written by Anand Bakshi, would like to know if it is a record of some kind.

The song with this post comes immediately after the song “jatt yamla pagla deewana” comes to a close. At the end of the song a drunk Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) falls into the river and dreams that Radha (Hema) is Sahibaan and he is Mirza.

So here is this love song where Hema looks a dream in the dream sequence and let us say Thank You to Anand Bakshi for leaving us this gem.



Song-Uthh neend se mirziya jaag jaa (Pratigya)(1975) Singers-Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa

hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm

uthh neend se mirziya jaag ja aa
teri sahibaan kare pukaar
tu ek akela bhaag jaa aa
tere peechhe ae ae ghudsawaar
vo aa gaye badla lene nu
haan aan aan
tere dushman mere veer
bedardi teer kamaan se ae ae
teri chhaati denge cheer
aisa lagta hai pyaar ke ae
nahin achche kuchh sanjog
humko mar ke bhi soniya aa aa aa
nahin milne denge log

sun sahibaan ?? yaqeen ke
rakh pyaar ki laaj jara
meri bakki(??) se daran farishte
te jatt se dare khuda
aane de unko saamne
hone de lahu-luhaan
chupchaap tamaasha dekh tu u u u u
tere sadke meri jaan
ye baat nahin wo jaante
mere dushman tere veer
jo maar sake mujhe soniye
ae ae ae ae
nahin bana abhi vo teer

o o o o o
o o
o o o o
o o o
haaye re

4 Responses to "Uthh neend se mirziyaa jaag re"

I suggest
?? – saath.




What a lovely memory. I love this song. Dharam and Hema were in their prime at the time. How was the movie? I have never seen it. I wonder if I should.


you can see it. u will enjoy if you are a fan of this jodi, or just to feast your eyes on the village belle that Hema plays. its pure masala entertainment.


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