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Tera Haath Haath Mein Aa Gaya

Posted on: July 31, 2020

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Songs Repeated in Hindi Films – 22
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I present here a repeat song that is quite different from the string of songs in this series so far. I shall begin by introducing the original song.

The original song is from the 1953 film – ‘Hamdard’. The song has been written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and the music composition is by Anil Biswas. The original song is in the voice of Manna Dey, and it is already posted on the blog a good eight years ago. That post can be viewed at “Tera Haath Haath Mein Aa Gaya”.

The repeat song, this time appearing in the film ‘Tu Nahin Aur Sahi’ from 1960. The song is the same, but for the latter film, it has been re-recorded. The music director of the latter film is Ravi. The second recording is different, both with regards to the composition, as well as the singing voice. The latter song has been recorded in the voice of Rafi Sb, in a tune that is quite different from the original.

In the latter film, only the mukhda of the song is present. The full song is not presented. It would be interesting to know whether the latter version of the song was recorded as a complete song, or only the lines that are actually present in the film.

So the repeat song has been re-recorded, using a different tune, and in a different voice. And it is only used partially. There surely are other instances in Hindi films, where snippets of songs from earlier films have been used partially. This case is interesting, in that it has been formally re-recorded, different voice, different tune. As far as I can check, it appears that this is the only instance of its kind, in the category of repeat songs.

Here is another very interesting anecdote about this song. There is actually another instance in Hindi films, where these lines appear, albeit equally briefly. The film is ‘Teesri Manzil’ from 1966. The scenario is played out as follows.

The location is again the restaurant of the hotel. Shammi Kapoor, or Rocky, (also Anil) has just finished singing the song – “Tumne Mujhe Dekha Ho Kar Meharbaan”. He is on the seventh heaven, considering that Asha Parekh, or Sunita has come to his performance of this song. Little does he know that the letter that was supposed to reach her the previous evening has just been delivered to her in the restaurant. Of course, knowing the truth, Sunita is livid at the deception played by Anil. And Anil, on the seventh heaven, has completed the song and launches into a monologue, telling the audience, how lucky he is having found love. He reaches the table where Sunita is sitting, and she is in tears. Continuing the monologue, Anil reaches out for her hand, and starts to speak these lines –

Tera Haath Haath Mein Aa Gaya
Ke Chirag Raah Mein Jal Gaye. . .

The unexpected next instant is a shock, as Sunita pulls back her hand and lands a resounding slap on Anil’s cheek.

So a very interesting set of appearances these lines make – from 1953 to 1960 to 1966.

Remembering Rafi Sb today, on his 40th remembrance day.

This snippet also brings back memories of another great performer – Kumkum, who passed away on 28th July, three days ago. In the closing minutes of this film, she makes a decision and leaves her home, to follow the person she loves, no matter that person is a dishonest conman.



Song – Tera Haath Haath Mein Aa Gaya  (Tu Nahin Aur Sahi) (1960) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD – Ravi
[Note: The music director for the original tune in ‘Hamdard’ is Anil Biswas.]


tera haath haath mein aa gaya
ke chiraag raah mein jal gaye
mujhe sehal ho gayin manzilen
wo hawa ke rulh bhi badal gaye

tera haath haath mein aa gaya

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

तेरा हाथ हाथ में आ गया
के चिराग़ राह में जल गए
मुझे सेहल हो गईं मंज़िलें
वो हवा के रुख भी बादल गए

तेरा हाथ हाथ में आ गया

3 Responses to "Tera Haath Haath Mein Aa Gaya"

Thank you Sudhirji for this “slog over” post. Was expecting you to do it.
Thank you for finding Kumkum with Rafisaab.


Original ghazal written by Majrooh Sultanpuri (Source : )

mujhe sahal ho gayi manzilen wo hawa ke ruḳh bhi badal gaye
tera haath haath mein aa gaya ki charaagh raah mein jal gaye

wo lajaaye mere sawaal par ki utha sake na jhuka ke sar
udi zulf chehre pe is tarah ki shabon ke raaz machal gaye

wahi baat jo wo na kah sake mere sher-o-naghma mein aa gayi
wahi lab na main jinhen chhoo saka qadah-e-sharaab mein dhal gaye

wahi aaāstaan hai wahi jabeen wahi ashk hai vahī aasteen
dil-e-zaar tu bhi badal kahīn ki jahaan ke taur badal gaye

tujhe chashm-e-mast pata bhi hai ki shabaab garmee-e-bazm hai
tujhe chashm-e-mast ḳhabar bhi hai ki sab aabgeene pighal gaye

mere kaam aa gayi āḳhirash yahi kavishen yahi gardishen
badee is qadar meri manzilen ki qadam ke ḳhaar nikal gaye


Sudhir ji, I wonder if this can be labelled as ‘Same song repeated’, especially when the tune is different.Two meaningful lines from a lyric is used since it fits a given situation in another story. ( as also in Teesri Manzil).
Am I missing anything?


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