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Kyun ankhiyaan bhar aayin…bhool sakey na ham tumhen aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye

Posted on: August 1, 2020

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In Memory of Meena Kumari :

Mehjabeen Bano, who gained name, fame and huge popularity as Meena Kumari, was born on 1st August 1932. Child artist, tragedy queen, poet and singer, are the various attributes to her name. Had she lived to see this day, she would have been 88 today i.e. the two fat ladies of housie. Really, she was just 40 when she left this world, her temporary abode.

Honestly, I have not seen many of her movies. Some of the earlier movies like “Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam” and “Chiraag kahan aur roshni kahan” I have seen on TV longback. The unforgettable “Dil Apna aur preet praayi” and “Ghazal”, “Kaajal” , “Mere apne” and “Bahu Begum” also on TV. “Pakeeza” is the only film I have seen on the big screen and revisited in recent times. The songs of ‘Pakeeza” are embedded in mind from early childhood, even before I am conscious of listening to radio.

I belong to a family of film buffs, and the only family outings known to my parents and their brothers and sisters was going to watch movies in Theatre. Discussing about the film stars and their lives and their movies was a favourite pastime of all of them. Emphasis has always been on education, doing well in studies, but watching movies was dangled as a prize in front of us while in school. But none of them bought Records or record players as far as I know. I had not seen a record player in my life or touched one till I was in college. One of my college friend’s father had one. That was one L-P record player, kept in his room, alongwith all his prized possessions of school and college days. That was a separate room, a little far from their house where the family lived. So when exams were near and I would go to the friends place and she will take me to that room, where no one would disturb us and it was a quite place. It was in a chawl system, and that room was kept separate and maintained to be used as guest room as and when need arose. So that was my actual ‘darshan’ of a record player. We played some records available on the player sometime. Afraid of damaging it, we left it alone mostly. I recall only one or two names of those records, one of them was ‘Nasbandi” and other may have been “Dastak”.

Then there is the childhood memory of Pakeeza songs. Usually on a Sunday, one of the nieghbours on the floor above us, who had ‘ishq’ with Pakeeza songs, he would play it in on his record player. That sound has never gone away from the consciousness. Right from ‘inhi logon ne’ to ‘thhaare rahiyo’ to “chalte chalte”. Childhood impressions are very strong, there is no denying that. My knowledge of the Gujarati language also belong to the same period. Terms like “advanu nathi” (don’t touch) and “saras chhe” (Its nice) were never forgotten. It was in the BEST officers quarters, so even if we shifted houses, we were in the same building and nieghbours. The kids all played and grew up together even studied together. But we kids would never go to their house as that aunty was a stickler for neatness and cleanliness of the house and the uncle was a disciplinarian sort of person. So that explains why I never actually saw the record player that played “Pakeeza“ songs most Sundays. Let me make it clear that only the songs of Pakeeza were heard from the house and nothing else. Explains the “Ishq” of Pakeeza songs.

Now of course the record playing era is also over. Youtube is, the be all and the serve all for people like me. Meena Kumari, for me is always about her urdu diction and that voice full of emotions. Some of the material read in urdu magazine’s about her is surfacing in the mind. Like someone saying that she was the most beautiful of all the female artists of her time. Meaning, more beautiful than Madhu Bala ? it is difficult to digest. But her voice and diction is the instantly recognizable feature of her persona and more appealing than her beauty, for my generation.

So I found this song of the film “Tamasha” to post on this occasion. I was put up for this post by Peevicie’s Mom. She acted as a prompt or the catalyst for this writeup. The song is a solo of Lata Mangeshkar, picturised on Meena Kumari. Lyricist is Bharat Vyas. The music composer include Manna dey with Khemchand Prakash. It is not clear whether they composed the songs as a team or separately.

The films cast includes Dev Anand, Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar.

I will conclude with a factual impression about Meena Kumari, that she was like a rare flower. It bloomed fascinatingly for a long while, but could not deal with its own beauty and frailty. So it wilted fast in neglect of its soul as the real beauty was in the soul.

Hazaaron saal nargis apni be-noori pe roti hai
Tab kahin jaa ke hota hai chaman mein koyi deedawar paida…..



Song-Bhool sakey na ham tumhen aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye (Tamaasha)(1952) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Khemchand Prakash-Manna Dey


Kyun Ankhiyaan bhar aayin een
kyun Phir koyi yaad aaya aaa
Aaaa aaaa
Kyun Ankhiyaan bhar aayin

Bhool sakey na ham tumhen
Aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye ae
Bhool sakey na ham tumhen
Aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye ae
Ro ro ke kehta hai dil
kyun dil ko lagaa ke bhool gaye ae
Bhool sakey na ham tumhen

Ye kya kiyaa aa aa aa aa
Bewafaa aa
Ye kya kiyaa aa
Dil ke badle gham diyaa
Muskuraayi thhi ghadi bhar
Raat din ab roun piyaa aa
Ek pal ab chain na miley
Tum jhalak dikhaa ke bhool gaye ae
Bhool sakey na ham tumhen
Aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye ae
Bhool sakey na ham tumhen

Kaun si thhi bairan ghadi wo
Jab ke tujh se uljhe nayan
Kaun si thhi bairan ghadi wo
Jab ke tujh se uljhe nayan
Sukh ke meethhe jhoole mein rum jhum
Jhoom uthhaa thhaa paagal sa mann
Din sunehre raatein rupehli ee eee
Tum mile main huyi magan
Aankh khuli to
Maine dekhaa
Dekhaa thhaa ek jhoothha sapan
Sapnon ke sansaar mein
Mera mann bharmaa ke bhool gaye ae
Bhool sakey na ham tumhen
Aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye ae
Bhool sakey na ham tumhen

11 Responses to "Kyun ankhiyaan bhar aayin…bhool sakey na ham tumhen aur tum to jaa ke bhool gaye"

True, can’t forget Meena Kumari. Her simple looks. Even as the miserable wife of Rehman when she sang “na jaao saiyyan chudakr baiyyan” inspite of drunken stupor she looked simple and beautiful.
And we cannot agree with the person who said that she was the most beautiful heroine of that time or even more beautiful that Madhubala. Both were beautiful and had different aura about them. We like both of them because they were different from each other.
And as u have rightly said she was a rare flower who didn’t know how to handle her beauty and frailty
Thank you for the post


Thank you for reminding me about the birth anniversary. Meena Kumari was more talented and ambitious as a performer.

I have also read that she was very keen on having children, which her husband Kamal Amrohi, was denying her. She was always keen on completing ‘Pakeeza” which took a longtime due to different reasons. Despite her differences with Kamal Amrohi, her illness, knowing its potential of becoming a classic, she made sure it was completed and released.


Meena Kumari was a born actress. At the age of 8, she had acted, sung and danced in the film ‘Bahen’ (1942). Watch out the video:

Meena Kumari would have added one more credit to her acting prowess in the role of Paro in ‘Devdas’ (1955) but for her husband, Kamal Amrohi who put a condition to Bimal Roy that she would not go for outdoor shooting. The role ultimately went to Suchitra Sen.


Please read ‘Bahen’ (1941).


Oh, new tit bit for me that Bimal Roy initially offered Paro’ s role to Meena Kumar. Perhaps as a result of association while making Parineeta. But Suchitra being new face for Hindi cinema it worked well.


Kamath Sir,

Thank you for sharing the song of child artist Meena Kumari. She did prove a versatility, had an innate ability to blend in with the story background and character. I have seen ‘Devdas” and this is new info that Meena Kumari was to do the role of Paro. Suchitra Sen was no less a significant actor, and maybe it was destined that way.


Oh, new tit bit for me that Bimal Roy initially offered Paro’ s role to Meena Kumar. Perhaps as a result of association while making Parineeta. But Suchitra being new face for Hindi cinema it worked well.


Nahm Ji, Nice going thru the post. Lot of your childhood, school days recall, matches with mine ( like listening to the radio, only at local Panchayat office, or while moving past a rich zamindar’s house…).Even then lot of film music was caught and enjoyed.
.Meena Kumari was certainly an actress who would be remembered for a long long time. When I think of Meena Kumari I also remember Savitri of South ( I would bracket them in looks and talent).
You may have seen ‘ Miss Mary’. , I have also seen it’s original ‘ Missiamma’ ( with Savitri in main role)


Gemini Ganeshan, Savitri and Jamuna in ‘Missiamma’ :))
Hemanth Kumar re used the original tune


Thanks sir, for your comment.

I have just revisited a post for one of Meena Kumari’s own ghazal recited by herself.



She was really a Gem. Her earlier movies ( before she was treated as “Actress” like Chandani Chowk, she looks so beautiful that when I had played the Videos, I have to tell others that she is Meenakumari.


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