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Meri galiyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi

Posted on: August 24, 2020

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Since yesterday, when I chanced upon “Dharmatma”(1975) in the “list of songs-moviewise”, I am in a fix. How to start this post !

Unbelievably, only two famous songs from ‘Dharmatma” are posted.
kya khoob lagti ho and

tere chehre mein wo jaadoo hai

Dharmatma had only 4 songs but all were quality songs. As a tribute to Kalyanji (of Kalyanji-Anandji duo) on his 20th death anniversary, I am presenting this song “meri galiyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi”, a duet by Lata Mangeshkar and Mahendra Kapoor. Indeevar is the lyricist.

I have seen this movie in the early 80’s at Belgaum. A lasting memory is of people throwing coins in the theatre, when the song ‘tere chehre mein woh jaadoo hai’ began. I have seen the movie one more time after that, on TV. So the impression is of that pristine scenery of locations in Afghanistan, the colourful and beautiful Hema Malini, those light romantic songs, which are light yet intense. This is, I think is the hall mark of Kalyanji-Anandji, not so much in the early phase of late 50’s but later movies, I find the compositions to be a bit more intense than what other music directors were making. They are basically in the mold of Shankar-Jaikishan, similar to Laxmikant-Pyarelal. But Kalyanji-Anandji’s compositions usually were intense and sharp, but fell short of going over the top. The music orchestration was sounded brighter, never dull. Take the songs of “Saraswati Chandra”, understated yet intense on emotion. Or the songs of ‘Jab jab phool khile”, it was like extreme emotion of a Madan Mohan’s and the unwillingness of SDB to cross a boundary. I think S D Burman crossed his own self-imposed boundaries only in “Pyaasa” and “Guide” to some extent. But that is another story.

This unique balance is visible in numerous songs they composed for Manoj Kumar’s films and Feroz Khan’s films too. Take “Purab paschim”’songs, they are a study in contrasting compositions, from “koyi jab tumhaara hriday tod de” to “purva suhaani aayi re….”. Through 70’s they were using a mix of male playback singers for singing for various camps and also actors, including Rajesh Khanna. For female songs, by and large they were faithful to Lata Mangeshkar.

I think the audio cassette I had of sad songs of Mukesh, had mostly Kalyanji-Anandji’s compositions. I will try and list them.
koyi jab tumhaara hriday tod de
Chaandi ki deewaar na todi
Mujhko iss raat ki tanhaayi mein aawaaz na do
Hum chhod chale hain mehfil ko
Main to ek khwaab hoon
Waqt karta jo wafaa
Mere toote huye dil se
Hamne tujhko pyaar kiya hai itna
Jis dil mein basa thha pyaar tera

Another thing to be noted here is that most of them are written by Indeewar. The Kalyanji-Anandi teaming with Indeewar was pretty consistent throughout, with few exceptions like “Kora Kaaghaz” and “Jab Jab Phool Khile”. By 1980’s they had also teamed up with Anjaan.

Coming back to the film ‘Dharmatma”, it could have been tacky and gone out of control. But Feroze Khan as director did manage to make this film a worthy adaptation of ‘The Godfather”. An indianised version couldn’t have been better than this in the 70’s. Clearly the outdoor location shots are fabulous and full of vibrant colour. Cinematography must have been one of the reasons for its popularity when released, the same year with the block buster like “Sholey”. Later on more technically slick movies could be made, but no one could quite capture the brilliance of the deserted sunny Afghanistan. The ‘buzkashi’ scenes were replicated in ‘Khuda Gawaah” later. It is also a fact that need for glorification and glamorization of nomadic tribes held sway over authentic portrayal of the tribal lifestyle of the region.

The song is a function song, where Hema Malini as ‘Reshma’ is dancing, more trying to make a statement and asserting her independence to both Feroz Khan and Danny Danzongpa.

I quote these lines from another song (waqt karta jo wafaa) by Indeevar :

ham bhi pyaase hain ye saaqi ko bataa bhi na sake
saamne jaam thaa aur jaam uthaa bhi na sake
kaash ham ghairat-e-mehfil ke na maare hote

Certainly, Reshma here has no such hang-ups 🙂 🙂

And Hema Malini as the gypsy girl is yet to be emulated by anyone. It is the magic of Cinema in Eastman colour. I want to say no more.

Editor’s note: According to Hindi Film Geet Kosh, This is not one song, but two solo songs, first part being Mahendra Kapoor solo and second part being Lata Mangeshkar solo. That is as far as the record version is concerned. The video version does look like a duet song.


Video :

Song-Meri galiyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi (Dharmatma)(1975)
Mahendra Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Indeevar, MD-Kalyanji-Anandji


Ae liyaa aaa aa
ae ae ae liyaa aa
zubaan zubaan par charche tere
gulshan gulshan mehkaa hai
teri jawaani ki yeh khushboo
saara ‘aalam behka hai
tu hi mera pyaar hai
tu hi meri bandagi
tu hi mera khwaab hai
tu hi meri zindagi
padaa jo tere
husn kaa saayaa
kaante khil gaye ban kar kaliyaan
zair-o-haram ko bhool gaye ham
jab se dekhi teri galiyaan

reshmaa aaaa
reshmaa aaaa
reshmaa aaaa
reshmaa aaaa
reshmaa aaaa

meri galiyon se
meri gliyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi
meri gliyon se
logon ki yaari badh gayi
sab ki nazron mein meri jawaani chadh gayi
koyi kahe dil le jaa
koyi kahe dil de jaa
koyi kahe dil le jaa
koyi kahe dil de jaa
tujh mein agar
himmat ho mujhe tu
le jaa le jaa le jaa
hoy qurbaan
le jaa aa
le jaa aa
le jaa aa
meri galiyon se
meri gliyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi
meri gliyon se

mujhe paa
sakegaa wohi ee
mera dil jis pe ho meherbaan aaan
mera dil jis pe ho meherbaan
aise paana nahin hai aasaan aan
pehle rakh le hatheli pe jaan
pehle rakh le hatheli pe jaan
kitne mere deewaane
tera kaanp na jaaye kalejaa
kitne mere deewaane
tera kaanp na jaaye kalejaa
tujh mein agar
himmat ho mujhe tu
le jaa le jaa le jaa
woy qurbaan
le jaa aa
le jaa aa
le jaa aa
meri galiyon se
meri gliyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi
meri gliyon se

ho oooo ooo
oooo ooooo

ho agar nibhaane ka dam mm
dil lagaane ka tab naam le ae
dil lagaane ka tab naam le
tu agar jawaan mard hai ae
haathh aa ke meraa thaam le ae
haathh aa ke meraa thaam le
honnthon ne tujhe daawat di
paighaam nazar ne bhejaa aa
honthon ne tujhe daawat di
paighaam nazar ne bhejaa aa
tujh mein agar
himmat ho mujhe tu
le jaa le jaa le jaa
le jaa aa
le jaa aa
le jaa aa
meri galiyon se
meri galiyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi
sab ki nazron mein meri jawaani chadh gayi

6 Responses to "Meri galiyon se logon ki yaari badh gayi"

Thank you Madam ji for the post regarding Kalyanji Anandji and Dharmatma, very well written and enjoyed reading very much,

One of the very few Lata Songs sung for Feroze Khan Productions,

other one I remember a duet with Kishore Kumar in Feroze Khan`s Apradh(“Hamare siwa tumhare aut kitne diwane hain”)


This song also reminds me (even though the mood of both songs differ)Kalyanji Anandji/Prakash Mehra/Hema Malini/Lata/Gulshan Bawra Combination song “Tu kya jaane hai waffa, o bewaffa,pyar karna teri bas ki baat nahin”(Haath Ki Safai->1974)sung in anguish


Thank you for linking the post. You are right about Lata and FKP. That means the few songs that Asha Bhosle sang for K-A were in FK, including the a duet each in ‘Dharmatma’ and ‘Qurbani”. Otherwise there were no such instances in 60’s, I couldnt find any songs by Asha Bhosle.


Asha Bhosle Songs from the Movies produced and directed by Feroze khan:


1.Kishore,ASHA Bhole duet:”Tum mile Pyar se,mera sab kuch tumhara hua”
2.ASHA Bhosle gorgeous cabret: “Aei Naujawan,hai sab kuchch yahaan,jee chaahe le le khushi se” (picturised on HELEN,Mumtaz)

3.ASHA Bhosle,Mahendra Kapoor duet(edited out from the movie):
“Assalaam waallaikum….le le salaam”

and in
there were NO songs sung by ASHA BHOSLE,

2 duets by Mukesh and Kanchan(“Kya khoob lagti ho”,
“Toone kabhi kissi se pyaar kiyaa hai,bolo na”

1 duet by Lata,Mahendra Kapoor(“Meri galiyon mein logon ki yaari badh gayee)

in QUARBANI(1980)

only one song by Asha Bhosle i.e.Duet with Rafi Saab:”Kya dekhthe ho, soorat tumhari”
and all other songs sung by female singers KANCHAN,
Nazia Hassan

Here onwards there are NO songs by Asha bhosle or Lata mangeshkar in movies produced and directed by Feroze Khan

Female playback by Sadhana Sargam,Sapna Mukherjee,
Marian Stockley

Female Playback by Anuradha Paudhwal,Kavita Krishnamurthy,Alka yagnik, Sapna Mukherjee

Female Playback by Sapna Mukherjee,Kavita Krishnamurthy

Prem aggan(1998)
Female playback by Sadhna Sargam,Kavita Krishnamurthy,Sapna Awasthi,Prescilla Corner

Female Playback by Alka Yagnik,Gauri bapat,Sunidhi Chauhan,Jaspinder Narula,Muskan

Totally Lata sang only 2 songs for movies produced and directed by Feroze Khan( one duet with Mahendra kapoor and one duet with Kishore kumar)

Totally Asha Bhosle sang only 4 songs for the movies produced and directed by Feroze Khan(1 solo, 1 duet with Kishore, 1 duet with Mahendra Kapoor, 1 duet with Mohd.Rafi)

Further Feroze Khan used Mohammed Rafi Saab for Only once that too duet with Asha Bhosle in 1980 Qurbani under his Home Production Banner.

Hope I am correct with my guess work !!


Nahm ji,
Enjoyed reading your post.
I had a Mukesh-KA audio cassette which I heard for a zillion times. It however did contain 2 romantic songs, Chanda sa Badan and Chand aahe bharega apart from the songs listed in the post.

I suppose Anand Bakshi and Gulshan Bawra were also regulars in such songs of KA.



Thanks for reading the post.

Yes, great teaming with Gulshan Bawra in ‘Zanjeer, M.G. Hashmat in “Kora kaaghaz” and also Akhtar Romani in “Haseena Maan jaayegi”. It was Anjaan a’Muqaddar ka Sikandar” onwarads. Yes Anand Bakshi was also a regular with films like “Jab jab phool khile”, ‘Geet” etc.


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