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Hamko to yaara teri yaari

Posted on: September 3, 2020

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 69

Ten years ago, the blog was covering six songs every day and seven songs every fourth day. So I was a bit surprised to note that “only” five songs were covered on 3 September 2010. But there awsa very good reasohn for that, which will become clear during our discussion here.

Here is the list of the five songs that were covered on 3n september 2010:-

Blog post no Song Movie-Year remarks
2896 Ab to aa jaao balam Poonam 1952 YIPPEED
2897 Kaare badraa tu na jaa na jaa Shikast 1953 YIPPEED
2898 Ye jawaani ye haseen raat Khuda khair kare Khoobsoorat Dhokha 1959 4 Songs discussed out of 7
2899 Saamne ye kaun aayaa dil mein huyi halchal Jawaani Deewaani 1972 YIPPEED
2900 Kyaa huaa teraa waadaa wo qasam wo iraadaa Hum Kisise Kam Nahin 1977 Blog century post. 7 songs discussed (out of 9)

We can see from the above that three out of five movies that were taken up on 3 september 2010 have got YIPPEED in the bblog by now. So that leaves us with just two movies that are eligible for “Blog Ten Year CHallenge” today (3 September 2020).

“Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahin”(1977) is one of those movies. I notice that this musical blockbuster movie had made its debut in the blog on 3 september 2010. And thatsong that was discussed was a century song for the blog ! And the song was the National Aawrd winning song Kyaa huaa teraa waadaa wo qasam wo iraadaa . A movie making its debut in the blog with a blog century song ! It shows the musical calibre of the song in general and the entire movie album in particular.

Music lovers are unanimous in agreeing that “Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahin” (1977) had a stunning array of songs, that have remaiined popular to this day.

The movie had nine songs in it. Seven of them have been covered in the blog so far. Here are their details:-

Blog post no Song Date remarks
2900 Kyaa huaa teraa waadaa wo qasam wo iraadaa 3 september 2010 Debut song of movie. Blog century post
5892 Ye ladka haaye Allah kaisa hai deewaana 28 April 2012
8454 Chaand mera dil chaandni ho tum 2 August 2013
8628 Hai agar dushman dushman zamaana gham nahin 2 August 2013
13400 Bachna ae haseenon lo main aa gaya 5 July 2017 Blog century post
14162 Aa dil kya mehfil hai tere kadmon mein 13 March 2018
14833 Mil gaya ham ko saathi mil gaya 10 January 2019

We can notice that another song from the movie, viz Bachna ae haseenon lo main aa gaya was also a blog century song. And the writeup of that song was a special writeup by Sudhir Jee. It gave details of the musicians who were involved in creating that musical masterpiece.

When the name of this movie crops up, my mind immediately goes back to the second half of 1977. My Matriculation examinations were due in February March 1978 and like a sincere conscientious student that I was, I was seriously busy preparing for that Board Examination of Bihar State Board. Those were the days when I had no distractions. The last movie that I had watched in a movie hall was “Zindagi Zindagi”(1972) in 1972 and after that I had not watched any movies in movie halls.

There was a radio set at home, a big valve radio, but that was out of order because mice had made their home inside the warm cozy cabinet of the TELERAD 4 band radio and had damaged the valves. And my father had very wisely not bothered to get the radio repaired. So no radio commentary and no Radio Ceylon and Vividh Bharati distraction either.

But filmy music blaring out of loudspeakers was a distraction no one could guard against. These days we talk of noise pollution and disturbance to people because of loudspeakers, but no one bothered those days. Playing film songs on loudspeakers in full volume day and night, no matter what, was the norm in those parts of India. And what was the movie whose songs were the most popular with those loudspeaker playing enthusiasts ? “Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin” ! I would be trying to concentrate on my studies and my eardrums would receive songs of the movie one after the other. What rubbish songs these are, The standards of Hindi movie songs have gone to the dogs- These were the thoughts that crossed my mind while receiving constant bombardment of songs of this movie.

Fortunately, the songs of this movie failed to distract me from my studies and I was reasonably well prepared when the final exams were held in early 1978.

Having appeared for the examination, it was time for the results. Marks obtained in the examination determined which college one joined. St Xavier’s College, Ranchi was the coveted college not only for Ranchi, but for entire Bihar. Getting admission in this college was considered a matter of prestige.

I had gone to my native place after the examination. I received a letter (or was it a telegram )informing me that I had passed in first division. Detailed marks would be known only later. My father, who was also there in the village, discussed this matter with a distant relative of his, who was a progressive villager and also the headmaster cum only teacher of the only Village school. We must go meet Father XYZ of the school ABC, the progressive villager suggested. So we went some six miles by walk, and met the Father. Our distant relative informed him that this kid, his close relative had passed Matriculation examination in First division. He needs to get admitted in Ranchi’s St Xavier’s college. You know the principal of that college, so please write a letter of recommendation. The father was reluctant saying only first division may not be enough, percentage of marks also matter. But repeated insistence by my relative forced him to act. He took out a small portable typewriter (I had never seen such a modern looking typewriter) and typed out a letter. He then took an envelope, sealed it after putting the letter inside it and on the top addressed in to the Principal of St Xavier’s College. We thanked him and went back to our village.

When I went back to Ranchi and got the detailed marksheet etc, I got the form of St Xavier’s college, filled it and submitted it there. My father had decided that the recommendation letter would be used only in case I failed to get admission on my own.

When the first list of selected candidates was put up on St Xavier’s College notice board, my name was very much there. So there was no need for that recommendation letter. Nevertheless, my father opened the letter and read what was written in the recommendation letter. We found out that the father had written a very nice letter highly recommending my case for admission. But I was happy that we did not have to use such means (sifaarish) to get admission.

After I got admission in the college, I got “freedom” under the impression that I had matured being a college student. I used this new found “freedom” quite irresponsibly, I must say. I started to watch movies by bunking classes. It was in this movie watching spree that I watched “Hu Kisi Se Kam Nahin”(1979) during its second run, in 1978 or 1979, in a movie hall called “Sandhya” which was located on the same road where my college was located. By that time I had warmed up to the songs of this movie. I did not find the movie any great shakes though. I did not think then that Rishi Kapoor was really a better dancer than Tariq. I had my sympathies with Tariq.

Much to my good luck, I somehow survived by the skin of my teeth academically despite acting so recklessly. Today I have become so “mature” that I cannot spare time to watch most movies. How I wish I had some of my present “maturity” during late 1970s as well. 🙂

Today, exactly ten years after “Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin”(1977) made its debut in the blog, here is another rollicking song from “Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin”(1977). This song is sung by Kishore Kumar, with Asha Bhonsle chiming in towards the end of the song. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman. The song is picturised on Rishi Kapoor and Kajal Kiran.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Audio link:

Video link:

Song-Hamko to yaara teri yaari jaan se pyaari (Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin)(1977) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)


hamko to yaaraa teri yaari
jaan se pyaari
tu chaahey tod de ae
tujhko diwana kaissey chhod de
kaisey ae ae chhod de ae
hey hamko to yaraa teri yaari
jaan se pyaari
tu chaahe tod de ae
tujhko deewaana kaissey chhod de
kaissey ae ae chhod de ae ae

dil ke heerey moti aa jaa mere dil mein aa
tu hai daulat meri
aa meri manzil mein aa
ae meri tamannaa
tu kahin na ja
hayye rey haa…aaaye
kahin na jaa
ae dil ke heerey moti aa jaa mere dil mein aa
tu hai daulat meri aa meri manzil mein aa
ae meri tamannaa tu kahin na ja
hayye rey haa..aaye
kahin na jaa
hamko to yaaraa teri yaari
jaan se pyaari
tu chaahey tod de ae ae
tujhko deewana kaisey chhod de
kaisey ae ae chhod de ae

ho gaya tumhaara jab meri baahon ka haar
bech bhi daalo to mera kya hai dildaar
main to itna jaanoon
mujhko hai tumse pyaar
hayye rey haa..aaaye
tumse pyaar
ho gaya tumhaara jab meri baahon ka haar
bech bhi daalo to mera kya hai dildaar
main to itna jaanoon
mujhko hai tumse pyaar
hayye rey haa..aaye
tumse pyaar

hamko to yaraa teri yaari (dilbar)
jaan se pyaari (dilbar)
tu chaahey tod de ae ae
tujhko deewaana kaissey chhod de
kaisey ae ae chhod de ae ae

naa naa narey nanna
naa naa narey
nanna naa naa lala lalla laa laaa
laa laaa laaa laaa la laa laaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa

2 Responses to "Hamko to yaara teri yaari"

Atul ji

Enjoyed reading this particular post very much , Thanks for writing for this post…..

Liked by 1 person

Lovely post and anecdote Atul ji.. could visualise what you were describing :). It is so surprising that songs that were played so often back those days are still not covered on the blog .. even though we are reaching close to 16000 songs now :). Shows us that there are still so many songs to be discovered.

Atul ji.. you have typed that the final exams were in 1998.. guess you wanted to write 1978 :).

Liked by 1 person

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