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Gumsum si khoyi khoyi

Posted on: September 4, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

This post is to say Yyiippeeee to one more movie of the ’70s.
“Badaltey Rishtey” (1978) produced by Sudesh Kumar and directed by R Jhalani, had story by Mahendra Saral.

This movie had a very funny story-line—

Rishi Kapoor and Reena Roy are in love but there is some astrologer who predicts that Reena roy is slated to loose her husband within a month of her marriage. So she decides to accept Jeetendra’s proposal of marriage so that she can save Rishi Kapoor and marry him later.
But like all Hindi movies the heroine has to fall in love with her husband. Then she takes it upon herself to save her husband from Rishi Kapoor’s plans to kill Jeetendra. But it turns out in the end that Jeetendra all along knew what who was upto and that Rishi Kapoor was only play acting in conjunction with Reena Roy’s brother to make her realize that “pati hi parmeshwar hota hai”
a very typical family drama movie.

This is what I had written in the comments to one of songs of the film. Recently I found out that A. K. Hangal was the astrologer who happens to be Reena Roy’s brother’s (Asrani) father-in-law who makes that weird prediction that leads to the twists and turns in the movie.
Four out of the five songs, in this film, were written by Anjaan and Anand Bakshi was the lyricist for meri-saanson-ko-jo-mahka-rahi-hai/ . Suman Kalyanpur, Lata Mangeshkar, Anuradha Paudwal, Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor were the playback singers.
The four songs, from this film, already present on the blog are

Song Date posted
Na jaane kaise pal me badal jaate hai 19 November 2008
Meri saanson ko jo mahkaa rahi hai 20 November 2009
Tum chaahe hamko pasand na karo 1 June 2019
Wo wo na rahe jinke liye ham thhey beqaraar 20 November 2019

Here is the fifth and final song. I had mentioned this song, in the comments of this post.. It is a romantic genre song where we see Rishi Kapoor trying to get Reena out of her bad mood. They are talking about ‘kar toh daro mat yaar, daro toh karo mat pyaar’.

This seemed to be the mood for many of the songs featuring Chintu (Rishi Kapoor’s pet name) in the 70s. Remember “Khullam khulla pyar karenge hum dono”. Looks like he didn’t believe in hiding his feelings from the world. That was evident in those times too, when all other actors and actresses hid their personal love stories behind the “we are just good friends” refrain, we could see Chintu with Neetu being open about their relation. An older Chintu was known to voice his opinions on the various social media channels about things that he felt was not correct or were out-of-place. Infact, Chintu’s commissioned biography is also titled “Khullam Khulla- Rishi Kapoor Uncensored”. That book has many interesting tales from his life about how his father asked his mother’s permission before casting him in the role of the young Raj in “Mera Naam Joker” which went on to fetch Chintu his first award of Best Child Artist at the National film awards that year.

He goes on to describe how he sneaked away from the conversation at the dinner table between his parents and started preening before the mirror and practicing his signature so that he can be prepared to give Autographs. In the book, Chintu also mentions how he was chosen for Bobby and how there was no great introduction scene for his character even though he was the film-maker’s son. That means there was no NEPOTISM there or special privileges given to him by Raj Kapoor, infact for the song “main shaayar toh nahin” the dance director was giving steps to Aruna Irani and not Chintu (as mentioned in the book); that explains Chintu’s awkward movements in that song. But he had a sense of rhythm that saw him shake a leg as if he was an accomplished dancer.

4rd September is the first birthday of Chintu after he lost his battle with the dreaded C in April this year. He would have been 68. We have enough of his work to entertain us for years to come. Thanks to the various channel and other video sharing platforms we can relish his songs where he dances with a Sridevi, Jaya Prada, Madhuri Dixit, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Poonam Dhillon, and all the heroines that he had worked with from his debut (as an adult) opposite Dimple in Bobby (1973).

Here is the last song from Badaltey Rishtey in the voices of Anuradha Paudwal and Kishore Kumar.



Song-Gumsum si khoyi khoyi (Badalte Rishtey)(1978) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


gumsum si
khoyi khoyi
jaise ho but koi
arre gumsum si
khoyi khoyi
jaise ho but koi
bolo kya soch rahi ho oo
arre kya soch rahi ho o
gumsum si
khoyi khoyi
jaise ho but koi

samajh gaya
samajh gaya main soch rahi ho
bina pankh ude baadal kaise
toh phir
samajh gaya main soch rahi ho
barf kahaan se barse aise
nahin nahin
toh phir
jaan ke mat anjaan bano
tum meri uljhan kya samjho
har pal darta hai mera mann
socha karta hai mera mann
meri kismat mein hai ya nahin
ban’na kabhi tumhaari dulhan

socha bhi toh ye kya socha
mujh par nahin hai bharosa kya aa
socha bhi toh ye kya socha
mujh par nahin hai bharosa kya
us aasmaan se poochho
yeh dharti degi gawaahi
jeewan ke safar mein hum tum
hain ik manzil ke raahi
daro to karo mat pyaar
karo to daro mat yaar
socho mat muskuraao
mere saath aao
gao ek baar
arre gaao na
daro toh karo mat pyaar
karo toh daro mat yaar
daro toh karo mat pyaar
karo toh daro mat yaar

ab kya soch rahi ho
gumsum si
khoyi khoyi
jaise ho but koi
bolo kya soch rahi ho o o
arre kya soch rahi ho o o
samajh gaya main soch rahi ho
honeymoon ko kahaan chalenge
haan haan honeymoon ko kahaan chalenge
jahaan kahogi wahan chalenge
des vides ki sair karenge
phir khayalo mein
hmmm hmmm
samajh gaya mai soch rahi ho
honge apne kitne bachhe
haan honge apne kitne bachhe
hum dono ke do hi achhe
bas do hi
aur nahin toh kya sau
sau toh nahin par
par kya
kam se kam hon to do darjan
bhara bhara sa lage ghar aangan

arre baap re baap
kya soch rahi ho
mera nahin to kuch desh ka socho
bas darr gaye
daro toh karo mat pyaar
karo toh daro mat yaar
daro toh karo mat pyaar
karo toh daro mat yaar

pyaar me apne dam hai toh
kismat maanegi haar

3 Responses to "Gumsum si khoyi khoyi"

Thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for this post and remembering Rishi Kapoor.
Congratulations Atul ji /Peevesie’s Mom ji on ‘Badalte Ristey-1978’ covering all its songs on the blog and moving to ‘Yippeeee’dom’ … one more to the ‘Yippeeee-Guru’ 🙂 Jai Ho !!!


3rd September? or 4 th September ?
That is what the group chat and Nahm ji’s post says , should be 4th Sep?


sorry I had meant to write 4th.
Atulj please correct the date in the body of the post


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