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Husn hai ya koi qayaamat hai

Posted on: October 9, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

“Saudaagar” released on 26th october 1973, that means it is 15-days short of 47 years ago. The movie had Nutan paired with Amitabh Bachchan (he was yet to taste success, when he signed up for the movie). He played a ‘Gur’ trader who made a living out of ‘gur’ made from Date-syrup by Mahzubeen -a widow played by Nutan. He meets Phoolbanu (Padma Khanna), likes her, and approaches her father with a marriage proposal. Phoolbanu’s father (Murad) asks for ‘Mehar’ which Moti (AB) does not have. So he proposes marriage to Mahzubeen, so that he doesn’t have to pay her for the ‘gur-making’ and save up for the mehar by the end of the ‘gur-season’. At the end of the season he divorces Mahzubeen and again approaches Phoolbanu’s father who is satisfied with the mehar and Moti marries Phoolbanu. But he faces a problem when the ‘gur’ as the product made by Phoolbanu is not on the same level as the previous season and Moti loses customers and business. He is forced to seek out Mahzubeen who has by the married a widower who is honest to her that he wants a mother for his children. Moti requests her to make a few “vats of gur’ she is at first upset at him for the way he had treated her. She relents on seeing Phoolbanu and Moti’s pitiable condition. The movie ends with the two ladies meeting each other affectionately signifying that Mahzubeen had forgiven Moti’s selfishness for the sake of his family.

“Saudaagar” was directed by Sudhendu Roy who was a art director, production designer who later on became a director with Rajshri Production’s “Uphaar” (1971). He was associated with Bimal Roy from 1958/9 in movies like “Madhumati” “Sujata” etc and was active in Bollywood till 1999. His work could be seen in Subhash Ghai’s “Karz” Karma” etc, Yash Chopra’s “Silsila” “Chandni” etc and right on till “Vijeta” (1996; not to be confused with the movie produced by Shashi Kapoor). His youngest daughter Sharmishta has followed in her father’s footsteps.

Coming back to “Saudaagar”, it was based on the Bengali story “Ras” by Narendranath Mitra and was produced by Tarachand Barjatya’s Rajshri Pictures. Ravindra Jain was the writer and composer of its songs. If I am not wrong this was his first Hindi movie. He was born in Aligarh to a homemaker mother and Sanskrit pandit father. He was sent for training in music by his father who recognized his talent very early and he started singing bhajans at temples when he was young.

We have been entertained by his songs in Chor Machaye Shor, Geet Gata Chal and numerous other movies. In this post from “Saudaagar” Atulji has made an interesting observation:- Ravindra Jain made a mark for himself with songs sung by singers other that the legends who were active then. But of course he had Asha, Lata, Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey singing a song each for him in this movie. Todays’ song is in Mohd Rafi’s vocals, a very soft song typical Rafi Magic.

This movie had seven songs of which 5 are there on the blog as under

Song Posted on
Har haseen cheez ka main talabgaar hoon 4 April 2009
Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye 15 april 2009
Tera mera saath rahe 17 april 2009
Door hai kinaara 18 april 2009
Champa nahin chameli nahin 4 april 2019

Another interesting thing about this movies journey on the blog is it made its debut in April of 2009. We had four songs from that movie in that month. And the next post from the movie happened after a ten year gap in 2019 under the Blog Ten Year Challenge.

Remembering Ravindra Jain today on his anniversary, it is five years since he left this mortal world, but he will be immortal because of his work.

Video (Partial)

Song-Husn hai ya koi qayaamat hai (Saudaagar)(1973) Singers-Rafi, Aarti Mukherjee, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain


husn hai yaa
koi qayaamat hai
khwaab dekha hai
ya haqeeqat hai
bebasi hai ke
pa nahin sakte ae ae
haaye ae
humse thhodi si door jannat hai
humse thhodi si doooor jannat hai

oooooo mmmmm
aisa koi na thha nigaahon mein
jaisa dekha hai
aaj raahon mein
dil khincha ja raha hai
pehlu se ae ae
haaye ae
ajnabee hamsafar ki baahon mein
ajnabee hamsafar ki baahon mein

kyun na milne ki koshishein kar len
poori tan mann ki khwaahishein kar len
koi taaqat jinhe na tod sake ae ae
haaye ae ae
aao hum aisi bandishen aen aen kar len
aao hum aisi bandishen aen kar len

5 Responses to "Husn hai ya koi qayaamat hai"

This movie is also by Rajshri productions. I have not seen it, but heard the story from my mother. During the song ‘Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye” keeps the syrup on the ‘chulha’ and goes to take bath. The gur is burnt, and Amitabh takes it to the market to sell. No one is buying it so the second husband of Nutan, seeing his plights tells him that his wife make very good ‘gur’, she will make it for you, etc. etc.

Sometimes the seen stories are not remembered well, but heard stories are. ‘Sajna hai mujhe ” used to be played on Vividh Bharati regularly.

Slow songs of Rafi are usually out of this world. I also found such a song which starts with Rafi’s low and slow singing. The song is unheard and fabulous, has other singers too. I dont know what to do with it, think I should keep it for a special occasion post.


Saudagar(1973), with Nutan & Amitabh is one of the gems of Hindi Cinema.


it was sent as India’s nomination to the Oscars. That is news


“During the song ‘Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye” keeps the syrup on the ‘chulha’ and goes to take bath. The gur is burnt”
My mother used to say “kaam pe dhyan nahin hai. chulhe pe gur chadake, who goes to take bath so far away?”
Looks like all mothers thought alike 🙂


Do you mean :

Cooker mein se chane nikaal diye
aur khaali cooker gas pe chadha diyaa…
chadha diyaa…..

🙂 🙂

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