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Arre pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan

Posted on: October 10, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

Today’s date(10 cctober 2020) is rather unique. Fellow ASAD follower Satyajitji, from down-under, pointed it out. 10102020- “never before, never again” was the reaction to that from another regular follower of the blog. Of course it is a “unique arrangement of the numbers that form the date which is appreciated by our brain”. A true statement by our in-house encyclopaedia.

Today’s post is a rather difficult one too. Never before have I faced such a dilemma. It is a case of too many options. I sifted through a whole lot of songs before I made a choice.

The song features a heroine who was not so great-looking when she made her debut in 1970. She was extremely ordinary. Very gawky. She has said in many of her interviews that she was very uncomfortable wearing all those funny, awkward dresses and costumes. She was not happy doing the dance steps she was made to perform. She was cast opposite heroes old enough to be her father- she was hardly 13 or 14 when she made her debut. She didn’t have an elder to guide her in choosing films like her contemporary Hema Malini who had her mother with her at every stage in her career.

Her first film was not in Hindi though; it was in Telugu as a child actress- not one but two- one as a 4-year old in 1958 and next in 1966 when she was 12. Her next film was in Kannada with Dr. Rajkumar as the male lead in 1969.

But she accepted all that came her way. She has survived in an industry where fortunes change every Friday. She learnt the art of perfect make-up first. Then followed it up with some strict regimen and went from gawky to gorgeous. She was already good at emoting and dancing she just polished them up and learnt from her job and gave it all she had. For some of her heroes she was a lucky mascot and sure route to success whenever their career hit a few flops. And Jeetendra has said this in so many words once. And she doesn’t tire of admitting that if given a second chance she will love to walk the same path again.

I need not specify that I am talking of Bhanurekha Ganesan who is popular as Rekha- the sweet heart of a whole generation of moviegoers. There was a time when Hema Malini was my personal favourite as also the favourite of a few of my classmates. Then I saw “Khoobsurat” 1980 (I don’t tire of telling this) following it up with “Agreement” “Jal Mahal” and the best of the times-“Umrao Jaan”. “Umrao Jaan” was the best in terms of acting, direction, songs and small wonder that she was awarded the National Award for the best Actress for that year. I had seen a few of Rekha’s movies prior to “Khoobsurat” too but most of those movies had her playing the typical film heroine where she just had to look an eye-candy flutter her eyelashes, sing a song too and scream her way through. But she was earnest in all of those too.

She was cast in many two-heroine movies like “Nagin” (this had more than two heroines), “Muqaddar Ka Sikandar”, “Ram Balram” etc. She was heroine to actors of the 60s- Raj Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor, Feroz Khan, Biswajeet, Deb Mukherjee, Sanjeev Kumar (I am sure I am missing a few) and actors who made their debut in the later years of the 60s- Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Sanjay Khan etc. She has also paired with Navin Nischol (hero in her debut film), Anil Dhawan, Randhir Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, even Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakravarty. Some actors who were her fans as youngsters also got to be her hero- Anil Kapoor (another ageless wonder who has done two with her), Akshay Kumar for example. But Rekha herself did movies with Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand (whose fan she was) rather late in their careers. She was Shashi Kapoor’s Vasantsena in “Utsav” and Rakesh Roshan’s avenging angel in “Khoon Bhari Maang”.

Sorry I can go on and on and people will say a fan is at work here. But I cannot get enough of her and when I chanced upon this video of Hema Malini’s 70th birthday I was supremely pleased as it gave me both my favourites in one video. Such a lot of camaraderie between the two beauties, difficult to choose who is more beautiful

Getting to today’s song, it is from a movie which was directed by Manmohan Desai. As per the tradition of Manmohan Desai movies we have Randhir Kapoor and Shatrughan Sinha as brothers who get separated as children. Both like the same girl but the girl likes the simpleton from the village who has respect for even a night-club dancer. I shall not give the story of the movie will just give the name of the movie- Rampur Ka Laxman.

Wishing our ageless diva a very happy birthday with this song which shows her in one of those costumes that I spoke of earlier. It doesn’t compliment her and that hairdo was the standard which all heroines sported back then. Plus not to miss the kilos of makeup that she had on. If my memory is correct this was a song at the birthday party of the character played by Rekha and we have Sulochana (who was the mother of the heroes playing Rekha’s nanny), Roopesh Kumar, Raj Mehra, and a smart young looking Ranjeet (who is waiting in the wings for spoiling the party).



Song-Arre pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan (Rampur Ka Laxman)(1972) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


arre pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan
ladte hain log kaise wahaan
kyon mere yaar
maine bhi aaj
kya baat kahi de taali
arre pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan
ladte hain log kaise wahaan
kyun mere yaar maine bhi aaj
kya baat kahi de taali

jo bhi kare pyaar
main uska yaar
ghalat mujhe na samajhna
main to yahaan
aaya hoon milan ke liye
main subah shaam sabka ghulaam
itna magar yaad rakhna
bura hoon main
bas dushman ke liye
ulfat ke jo pyaase ho tum
chaahat ka hoon mai nbhi sawaali
pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan
ladte hain log kaise waha
kyon mere yar maine bhi aaj
kya baat kahi de taali

abhi ye sama hai meharbaan
jhoom ke jeele deewaane
kaisi ee haaye mastaani raat hai ae
zindagi ka lele maza
phir kya ho kaun jaane
bhaai mere ae
kuchh na tere haath hai
do char pal lehraake chal
hai zindagi kab rukne waali
pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan
ladte hain log kaise wahaan
kyun mere yaar maine bhi aaj
kya baat kahi de taali

khel hansi aadat meri
chup rehna main na jaanoon
maine yahi ab tak jaana nahin
tum bhi mere
tum bhi mere
sabko apna hi maanoon
par ye dil sabka deewaana nahin
aur jispe hai deewaana dil
uski ada sabse niraali
pyaar ka samya kam hai jahaan
ladte hain log kaise wahaan
kyun mere yaar maine bhi aaj
kya baat kahi de taali

2 Responses to "Arre pyaar ka samay kam hai jahaan"

Thanks for the detailed post on Rekha and thanks for giving details of the beginning of her career in Cinema.
Thanks for sharing the video of Hema Malini’s birthday.
I like the song too and it is surprising that we have yet to Yippeeee ‘Rampur Ka Laxman-1972’.


In my opinion we are one short of yyiippeeeeing Rampur Ka Laxman


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