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Paawan Ganga sir pe sohe

Posted on: February 3, 2021

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Blog Day :

4583 Post No. : 16200

So it is that day again. The day when we reach a blog century. Though the going is quite slow now a days, still we are regular (no DOT days since 2020) and so we keep clocking our blog centuries every five to six weeks or so.

This article is blog post number 16200. This century took us exactly 50 days to reach.

I have mentioned it in the past that I remain tension free on most days but I get a bit tensed up when the century post arrives, because we need to look for a special song for the occasion. And I began worrying about locating the special song only at the eleventh hour and 59th minute. 🙂 This is an old habit of mine. My preparation for Examinations also used to be on similar lines. 🙂

The song that I have chosen for the occasion has been on my radar for several months. I considered covering it on many occasions during the last few months, but I backed off every time. There were many reasons.

One main reason why I could not cover this song earlier was its lyrics. Noting down the lyrics of this song has been a great challenge, mainly because the words are totally unfamiliar. At the same time, the words are not gibberish. They have definite meanings. So effort was needed to try and note them down as well as one could.

The second challenge was writing about the song. It is a special song, at at the same time a lesser known song. People have not been able to appreciate this song because this song is difficult to locate and secondly because of lack of information about what makes this song special.

This song is from “Patraani”(1956). “Patraani”(1956) was produced by Shankarbhai Bhatt (the elder brother) and directed by Vijay Bhatt (the younger brother) for Prakash Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Vyjayantimala, Pradeep Kumar, Omprakash, Shashikala, Durga Khote, David, Jeevan etc. in it. The story was written by Kanhaiyalal Maneklal Munshi.

The story, losely based on a real life story of 11th century has been narrated by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our beloved inhouse encyclopedia, while discussing a previous song from the movie. Here is the story as narrated by him:-

King Karnadev Solanki, king of Gujrat(Pradeep Kumar) had many queens but no issues. The Rajmata(Durga Khote) insisted that he marry another girl after ascertaining astrologically her capability to give children.

The king had seen one princess in Somnath temple once and wanted to marry only her.But he does not know who she is. Actually she is princess Mrinal(Vyjayanti Mala) daughter of King Jai keshi(Ramesh Sinha) of Karnatak. She was on a Teerth yatra when she saw Karnadev. She also wanted to only marry him, but did not know who he was.

Munjal Mehta (David), Mahamantri of Karndev goes on a mission and soon finds out Mrinal. She is beautiful, but her skin becomes black in the sunlight. Munjal knows Karndev’s dislike of black. Mrinal is astrologically also fit. He tells her and shows the sketch of Karandev, after which she is happily ready to marry him.

They all travel to Gujarat, but during travel Mrinal’s skin becomes black. During marriage, there is a veil, but after marriage Karndev sees that she is black and rejects her.

She is good natured and becomes Raj mata’s pet. When the King falls sick, Mrinal serves him very well and slowly the King realises that outer skin colour does not make a person good or bad. He accepts her as she is and all’s well that ends well.

The movie was a musical blockbuster, with as many as ten songs in it. Nine songs have already been covered in the past. Here are the details of the songs already covered:-

Blog post number Song Date of posting Remarks
5560 Chandrma madbhara 2 March 2012 Lata solo. Based on Raag Shivranjani
11601 Arre koi jaao ree piya ko bulaao ree 27 November 2015 Three Mangeshkar sisters singing together
12206 Na jaane tum kaun meri aankhon mein sama gaye 12 July 2016 Lata solo
12453 Ho balma tum bedardi 15 October 2016 Lata solo
12521 Rang rangeeli pagiyaa baandhe aaye rituraaja 4 November 2016 C Ramchandra-Lata duet
12678 Dil gaya dard raha seene mein 10 December 2016 Lata solo
13758 Saat samandar paar haaye re mera sapnon ka sansaar 22 November 2017 Lata solo
15438 Kabhi to aa 15 February 2020 Lata solo
15812 Raaja pyaare mat karo pyaar ka mol 17 August 2020 Lata, Usha Mangeshkar duet

One can notice that the voice of Lata Mangeshkar was present in all the songs of the movie. Even the final song being discussed today contains her voice. So this movie was one of those special movies where one singer sang all the songs. All ten songs- in this case !

While most Hindi movie songs have classical music elements in them, the songs of “Patraani”(1956) were specifically so. Shankar Jaikishan, the most popular music directors of the golden era, seem to have composed the songs of this movie as a labour of love, rather than as a means to score another box office success. It appears that the songs were not promoted well during its time and they did not become as popular with music lovers of those days who already had many more popular songs to chose from.

The tenth and final song from the movie is listed in HFGK as “paawan ganga sir pe sohe”. The song begins with these words, and these words are among the few words that most music lovers can understand. Then the song gets transformed into a pucca classical song, namely Tarana. Tarana is a genre of pure classical Hindustani music which was created by Amir Khusro (1253–1325 AD). Amir Khusro was also the creator of a more popular form of semi classical music namely qawwaali. He was also the creator of Ghazal.

Unlike Qawwali and ghazal, Tarana is far less known and heard in Hindi movies and elsewhere. Hindi movies have had very few Taranas in them. One such tarana was covered by me in the blog in 2015 when I had started a series on Classical music. There I had given some information about Tarana. That song from “Ladki”(1953) was sung by Lata and it was picturised on Vyjyanti Mala.

The video of the final “Patrani”(1956) songs does not seem to be available, which is a shame. I am sure that the song, like the Tarana song from “Ladki”(1953) was picturised on Vyjyanmti Mala. I request our knowledgeable readers, who may have seen the movie, to throw light on the picturisation of the song.

The song is mentioned in HFGK as a Lata solo, but one can detect a male voice too who sings one full stanza of tarana bols. The song also has long passages sung by chorus, before Lata Mangeshkar resumes singing. Not just Shankar Jaikishan, even Lata Mangeshkar must have drawn considerable creative satisfaction in recording this song.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the identity of the male voice.

I have tried my level best to note down the lyrics of the song, but I have fallen short. I request our readers to help correct the lyrics wherever applicable.

Shailendra is the lyricist. If he actually came up with the tarana bols then that is a fantastic achievement for him. With this song, Shailendra completes 700 songs in the blog as a lyricist.

With this song, all the ten songs of “Patraani”(1956) are covered in the blog. The movie joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the past. The movie becomes the 1248th movie to get YIPPEED in the blog.

With this one song, now all the Shankar Jaikishan compositions in HFM, each and every Shankar Jaikshan movie from 1949 to 1968, viz from “Barasaat”(1949) to “Shikaar”(1968)-all 94 of them- have been YIPPEED in the blog. Now one will have to look at movies of 1969 to find the earliest Shankar Jaikshan movie not yet YIPPEED in the blog.

So, this one song helps tick many invisible boxes in the blog.

This blog has survived for more than 12 years, and it has survived the COVID 19 year as well. With so much of musical treasure already covered, and with so much of musical treasure still to be covered, I am sure this musical bandwagon will continue to see many more milestones in the days to come. I take this opportunity to thank one and all whose continued support and encouragement serves as the fuel for this musical bandwagon and keeps it moving.


Song-Paawan ganga sir pe sohe (Patraani)(1956) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan
Unknown male voice


paavan ganga
sir pe sohe
maathe pe chandr chhata pyaari ee
jai jai shiv shankar tripuraari

tanitam tititam
dhunu ta
dhit ta
jhunu jhunu
dhimi dhimi
dhitata dhitata
tana tana
dhimitakita ta
ta dhit ta
dhita ta
trimatam dha
dhit ta dhit
ta ta dhimi
dha ti ta
dhita ta
dhim trinadhum

dheem tanana
mu dha na ti
tim dheena na
na dhi dhim
dheem tananana
dheem tanana
tan udana theem
na dir dheem
dheem tanana
na dir dheem dheem
odana dheem
dhi ra na
na dir dheem
dheem ta na na
na dir dheem
dheem tanana
na da na dheem ta
dhi na na
na dir dheem
dheem tanana

taam takitatam
ni dha ma
na ta ni dha
ni sa
tadam takam
ni dam
ma dha ni paa
na ta ki ta dum
ni dha ma ga
sa ni sa ra
ni dha ma da ni
ni ta jam jam
ma dhi ma hi
dha ni sa paa
ma ga sa ni
ma ga sa ma
ga ma ga ni sa
jhana jhunu
dhi na pama
ni ma ga sa
tadhi pa ta
tam ta
ni dha
tagum tari
dheem tiratam
ma ni dha ma ga
tam dhim dhinam

dheem tanana
u da na dheem
ta dhir ra tam
na dir dheem
ta na na dheem
dheem tanana
u da na dheem
na dhu na
na dhir dheem
dheem tanana
u da da dheem
dhi na na
na dir dheem
dheem tanana
na dir dheem

6 Responses to "Paawan Ganga sir pe sohe"

Heartiest Congratulations Atul Hi and all our respected members, readers and well wishers of the blog.

Liked by 1 person

Heartiest congratulations Atulji on reaching 16200 posts.
Also on yyiippeeeeing “Patrani”.
And on getting all songs of Shankar Jaikishan upto 1968 on board I.e. yyiippeeeeing 94 movies of S-J
Congratulations Atulji, this is a real special post and song and movie considering it has Lata Mangeshkar in all its songs

Liked by 2 people

Congratulations Atu ji on century
I can feel the pain you have undergone while writing the lyrics of this song,……….

Liked by 3 people

All 10 songs of Lata Mangeshkar in one film is a special record. This seems to be the only such film.

Asha Bhonsle already had it in ‘Halla Gulla’ 1954, where all 9 songs are duets with Mohammed Rafi. She may have a few more such films.

700 songs of Shailendra means we are so close to completing his 758 songs.

About Amir Khusro : There are four qawwali’s credited to him in the blog. There are many proponents of hindustani classical music and various forms, but none that could raise a voice, for Khusro himself, his traditions, and the sanctity of his memory. I was aghast and ashamed when I saw one hindi movie a few years ago, which as good as desecrated him and his companions. Or the attempt was just ignored, by the hindustani classical music fraternity. There are people who want to hail that movie as a great classic, in their ill informed ignorance.

Liked by 3 people

Congratulations on multiple achievements, with one song.

Liked by 2 people

The film was due for YIPPING for quite a long time. The comments provided by dear fellow readers are quite interesting. Lata had sung all the songs for SJ in film AURAT and POONAM also.
Congrats to ATUL ji for touching 16200 marks.

Liked by 2 people

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