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Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan

Posted on: May 28, 2021

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When I was about 15 year old, I saw Dev Anand for the first time. Not on screen, but in person. I had gone to my Uncle, who was an assistant Police Commissioner in Bombay that time. Through his contacts, we attended a shooting of Dev’s film. After this I saw Ashok kumar, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and many other actors and actresses in person at various times. Though I did not speak to any cine artiste in those times, I have seen them with my own eyes. So, I had access to their first hand information, their films, songs, music etc. All the material was available in film magazines, newspapers and also in books. If I had wanted to write about them at that time, all the material was available – all credible,genuine and full of facts which could be corroborated or checked with them or with persons close to them……

CUT to old times, like the 30’s and the 40’s….

I was not living in those times and it is almost impossible to find a cine artiste alive who worked in films of the 30’s or 40’s. So today, if I want to write about those artistes,films,
music, songs etc of the bygone era, what should I do ? To get the right, genuine and credible information, I must depend on historical documents like books, newspaper cuttings, old film magazines or collect information from the sons/daughters or near relatives of old time artistes.

None of today’s old film writers were living in those times, and they have to depend on materials listed above. Due to the advent of and easy availability of the Internet, many sites and Blogs are available. Some of these sites proclaim themselves as a store-house of information on old films and music. At one time I had found and listed some 110 such sites. The problem with these sites is that they hardly give any information other than what is given in the HFGK. There are many authors who consider themselves as Experts and have brought out books on old films and artistes. Such books are available in almost all languages.

While some books genuinely provide research based credible information (it shows in their writings itself) on old films, many books churn out recycled half-true information collected from Internet sites. I have a collection of many books in many languages, but barring few books most others are of no use. Sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, Gomollo etc are not trustworthy. The reason is, Wikipedia is a site where anyone can upload, update, add or delete information. Unfortunately many enthusiastic new and fresh entrants of old films, present their data on Wikipedia.

I quote an example. The actress-singer Nirmala Devi (mother of actor Govinda) was born in a Hindu family in Banares. Someone changed this on Wikipedia and added that ‘ she was a Muslim and her name was xxx’. Dr. Surjit Singh ji immediately corrected this matter and wrote about her parents and that she was a Hindu. This was published. After some days, this was again changed to Muslim. This alternately went on for some time. Now imagine a New enthusiast of old films getting wrong information or getting confused with information from Wikipedia, this way.

IMDB is notoriously famous for mixing up information and filmography of artistes, who are members of ” Same -Name -Confusion” group. Any number of letters for correction are neither replied nor information corrected on IMDB. Thus bad quality information is passed on to seekers. In this respect Cineplot and muVyz are much better. They take immediate action to rectify mistakes, if you write to them with correct information with proof.

There was a film ” Bramhachari “-1938, in which Master Vinayak and Minakshi Shirodkar were the lead pair. Internet site Gomollo gives the name of Minakshi Seshadri as its Heroine in 1938 ! When Shamshad Begum aka Chhamia, mother of actress Naseem Bano died, one site declared that singer Shamshad Begum had died in 1998 ( she actually died in 2013). Both these examples are still on the sites, if anyone wants to check both sites.

Therefore, my advice to people who are eager to write about old films is to be careful and to corroborate your information with other sources or books or an expert to confirm that you have the right information. When film titles are repeated many times in different years, mistakes about the cast etc becomes common. Films with the title ” Insaf” were made 7 times from the 30’s to the 90’s !

Finally, a point. Like any History, old film history also gets updated as and when new documentary evidence becomes available. So what was written earlier, with good faith, becomes wrong ! I have experienced this. Some of my comments in 2011 and 2012, on this Blog, have been rendered wrong, because new information became available. Some examples are 1. Singer of song ” Dilli se aaya bhai Tingu” (film Ek thi ladki-49), 2. Singers of ” Bharat ki ek sannari ki” (film Ramrajya-1943), 3. Child actor Rajkumar Khatri (film Sautela Bhai-62) etc.etc.

Today’s song is from the film Dhiraj-1942. It’s cast consists of names like Sitara, Noorjehan, Khatoon, Rajkumari and Ibrahim – who are all members of “Same Name Confusion.” There were 2 Sitaras, 3 Noorjehans, 2 Khatoons, 4 Rajkumaris and 2 Ibrahims. Now if someone wants to write about one of these artistes, he will have to be very specific and careful.

The song is sung by Gyan Dutt, MD of the film himself. Gyan Dutt composed 604 songs in 58 films as MD, he sang 15 songs in 9 films and he wrote song lyrics of 13 songs in 3 films. With today’s song, film Dhiraj-42 makes its Debut on this Blog. This rare song was given to me by shri Abhay Jain ji and it was uploaded by Sadanand Kamath ji. Thanks to both.

Song- Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan (Dhiraj)(1942)Singer-Gyan Dutt, Lurics-Pt Indra, MD-Gyan Dutt


Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan
teri kya hai jaan pehchaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan
teri kya hai jaan pehchaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan

kabhi kabhi meri aah sune tu
kabhi na sune pukaaar
kabhi kabhi meri aah sune tu
kabhi na sune pukaaar
kahin band darwaaze tere
kahin khule hain dwaar
kahin band darwaaze tere
kahin khule hain dwaar
tera kya hai naam nishaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan
teri kya hai jaan pehchaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan

bade aadmi gulaab jal se
tere paanv dhulaaye
bade aadmi gulaab jal se
tere paanv dhulaaye
ham to baarah maas aapse (?)
ganga jal bhar paaye
ham to baarah maas aapse(?)
ganga jal bhar paaye
kyun phir bhi maan gumaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan
teri kya hai jaan pehchaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan
teri kya hai jaan pehchaan
Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan

2 Responses to "Tu kaisa hai Bhagwaan"

Very infortmative post about how internet sites carry mistakes from one site to another and how people can easily get confused when the names of films and artists get repeated.
And you are very humble to admit that you had made mistakes in your observations in 2011 etc.
Salute you


Thanks for your kind words and appreciation.


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