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Tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiyaa hai

Posted on: July 22, 2021

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I am poor in remembering important dates, as I have stressed many a times. And ith passage of time, I am actually becoming more absent minded. We already have our anniversary page, hich is consulted by many music lovers, but I have not consulted it myself for quite some time. So, I come to know about important music related dates from others, who themselves may have come to know about these dates from our anniversary page ! 🙂

Today morning, I came to know that it is Mukesh’s birth anniversary. And I also noticed that as many as two Mukesh songs were covered yesterday (21 july 2021) and that took the tally of Mukesh songs in the blog to 799 !

So fate had ordained that Mukesh would complete his 800th song in the blog on his birth anniversary !

With so many Mukesh songs already covered in the blog, just a few Mukesh songs are left to be covered. One would expect that most well known Mukesh songs are already covered in the blog. And they are right. Still, there are some Mukesh songs that are so far still at large. There is one such song that readily came to my mind. I myself was surprised to note that such a well known Mukesh song was still not there in the blog.

This song is from “Dharmatma”(1975). The movie had five songs in it, including one multiple version song. The five songs were sung by five singers, namely Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mahendra Kapoor, Mukesh and Kanchan. While the first three singers sang one solo song each, Mukesh and Kanchan sang two duets in the movie. Both duets were extremely popular songs of those days. The first duet, Kya khoob lagti ho badi sundar dikhti ho(Dharmatma), is already there in the blog.

Here is the second Mukesh Kanchan duet from “Dharmatma”(1975). It is picturised on Rekha and Feroz Khan. Rekha is with him, and Feroz Khan is dreaming about Hema Malini. This way, this song is similar in picturisation to the “Gora Aur Kaala”(1972) song covered in the blog yesterday. 🙂

Indeewar in the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

As discussed above, This song is the 800th Mukesh song in the blog. Quite an appropriate song to mark the birth anniversary of legendary singer Mukesh.

With this song, all the songs of “Dharmatma”(1975) are now covered in the blog. The movie thus joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog.



Song-Tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiya hai (Dharmatma)(1975) Singer-Kanchan, Mukesh, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


ru ru ru ru
ru ru ru ru
ru ru ru rur
ru ru ru ru

tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiya hai
bolo na
tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiya hai
pyaar bhara dil kisi ko diya hai
pyaar kahaan apni kismat mein
pyaar kahaan apni kismat mein
pyaar ka bas deedaar kiya hai

tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiya hai
pyar bhara dil kisi ko diya hai

aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aaa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

tum ho itne haseen ke tum par laakhon marti hongi
haan haan
laakhon marti hongi
tum ho itne jawaan, hazaaron aahen bharti hongi
haan haan
aahen bharti hongi
kis ko kaha tumne apna aa
ban ke rahe kis ka sapna aa
sapne to sapne hain aakhir
sapne to sapne hain aakhir
kis ne inhen saakaar kiya hai

tum ne kisi se kabhi pyar kiya hai
pyaar bhara dil kisi ko diya hai

aaa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aaa aa
aa aa aa aa

maine dekha haal dilon ka
dekhe do dilwaale
maine dekhe do dilwaale
ek dooje ke pyaar pe donon jaan lutaane waale ae
donon jaan lutaane waale
pyaar ka saara jahaan dushman
dekh saka na unka milan

auron ki chhodo, apni sunaao
auron ki chhodo, apni sunaao
tum ne kahaan dil haar diya hai
tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiya hai
pyaar bhara dil kisi ko diya hai

3 Responses to "Tum ne kisi se kabhi pyaar kiyaa hai"

Thanks . Nice to recall this, probably, under played song.


shorter audio link of record label: ? ?


I knew this song was left . Also there is a five minute musical sequence which is essentially helen dancing with a Python (i think) on her shoulder. This sequence is just before the climax when Dara Singh and Feroz Khan are out to avenge Dharmatma’s death
So we finally reach 800 songs of Mukesh. Congratulations. But his journey on the blog has been rather slow, the fastest being Rafisaab


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