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Kachchi kali kachnaar ki

Posted on: January 25, 2022

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There are some events in the blog that need human intervention. These are events viz century of posts, artists etc. Then there are events that happen without any conscious efforts on our part.

One such event took place just now today (25 January 2022). The blog just clocked 15 million visitors at around 16:15 IST on 25 January 2022. I was aware of this event approaching. I was not the only one. Some other keeneyed regulars had also noticed it. One of them (Mahesh Mamadapur) had guessed that the 15th million visitor would get clocked to coincide with 26 january, the republic day of India. But the visitors were in a hurry. They clocked this figure one day in advance! 🙂

Here is a summary of all the million visitors that have taken place in the blog so far :-

Visitor number Date achieved Blog day number Days taken for the million hits Remarks
1 million 25 October 2010 829 829 Slowest one million @ 1206 visitors per day
2 millions 7 November 2011 1207 378 @2645 visitors per day
3 millions 7 April 2012 1359 152 Fastest one million @ 6579 visitors per day
4 millions 10 December 2012 1606 247 @ 4049 visitors per day
5 millions 29 October 2013 1929 323 @3096 visitors per day
6 millions 12 October 2014 2277 348 @2873 visitors per day
7 millions 4 July 2015 2542 265 @ 3773 visitors per day
8 millions 20 April 2016 2833 291 @ 3436 visitors per day
9 millions 24 February 2017 3143 310 @ 3226 visitors per day
10 millions 14 January 2018 3467 324 @ 3086 visitors per day
11 millions 22 November 2018 3779 312 @ 3205 visitors per day
12 millions 4 July 2019 4003 224 @ 4464 visitors per day
13 millions 8 February 2020 4222 219 @ 4566 visitors per day
14 millions 29 November 2020 4517 295 @ 3390 visitors per day
15 millions 25 January 2022 4939 422 @ 2370 visitors per day

Overall rate of visitors till now is 3037 visitors per day from the beginning of the blog 14 years ago. A fairly decent rate of visitors for a blog dealing with a non populist topic, namely old HFM.

This calls for a celebration. We in this blog know only one way to celebrate, viz by discussing a song. 🙂

So, here is a song from “Hangaama”(1971). This movie was produced by Babulal Chainrai and Mohan Chainrai and directed by S M Abbas for Chainson Films, Bombay. The movie , a comedy movie, had Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, Mehmood, Helen, Kishore Kumar, Fariyaal, Johnny walker, Aruna Irani, Yunus Parvez, Mukri, Dhumal, Jr.Mehmood, Kumud Tripathi, Janki Dass, Tuntun, Joginder, Ram Avtaar, Rajni Gupta, Master Bhagwan, Bhola, Jerry, Jagdish Kanwal, Gopal, Ranvir Raj, etc. in it.

“Hangaama”(1971) had five songs in it. One song has been covered so far. Here is the second song from the movie. This song is sung by Manna Dey and Asha Bhonsle. Anjaan is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

Only the audio of the song is available. Those who have watched the movie state that the song was picturised on Vinod Khanna and Zeenat Aman. Vinod Khanna, then well known as a villain, was signed up reluctantly because the movie, full of comedians (Kishore Kumar, Mehmood, Johny Walker etc) needed someone who would pass for a hero and so would sing the customary romantic songs in the movie while the comedians would go about doing their clowning job. So Vinod Khanna inadvertently became a hero with this movie, that too opposite Zeenat Aman.

Song-Kachchi kali kachnaar ki (Hangaama)(1971) Singers-Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-R D Burman


kachchi kali kachnaar ki
haay haay kachchi kali kachnaar ki
arre kya samjhegi baatein pyaar ki ee ee
kya samjhegi baatein pyaar ki ee ee
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
haay re
haay re
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
ho kuchh din sambhaal

khilne toh de re piya
ho kuchh din sambhaal jiya
khilne toh de re piya
aane toh de rut bahaar ki

aayegi aayegi
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
ka ka ka ka kachchi kali kachnaar ki
kach kach kach kach

chehra gora gora
chunari dhaani dhaani
tere aage gori chanda bhare paani
yoon na jaal bichchha
yoon na baat badha
hamako pyaar ka yeh
tu na paath padha
teri samajh hai udhaar ki ee ee
kyun chhede baatein bekaar ki

arre kya samjhegi baatein pyaar ki ee ee
kya samjhegi baatein pyaar ki
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
hey hey hey kachchi kali kachnaar ki

khushboo meri udi mehke gali gali
behke log jahaan
meri baat chali

haan jaane kiski umar
tere saath kate
jaane kisko miley jaane kispe lute
daulat yeh solah singaar ki ee ee
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
arre re re
kya samjhegi baatein pyaar ki ee ee
kya samjhegi baatein pyaar ki ee ee

kachchi kali kachnaar ki kach kach kach
kachchi kali kachnaar ki kach kach kach kach

khil ke teri umar
jis din phool bane
chaahe laakh tujhe
tu bas mujhko chune
sochoongi yeh kabhi
woh din aane toh de
bachpan jaane ko hai
bachpan jaane to de

ghadiyaan kate na intzaar ki ee ee
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
ho kuchh din sambhaal

khilne toh de re piya
aane to de rut bahaar ki

aayegi aayegi
kachchi kali kachnaar ki
kachchi kali kachnaar ki

9 Responses to "Kachchi kali kachnaar ki"

Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji !!!
– (There are many movies where only one song has been posted so far)
Thanks for the post and the song 🙂

Heartiest Congratulations to all associated with this blog !!!


Yeh toh HANGAMA ho gaya, Atul ji and everyone else associated with ASAD. A momentous event!

The blog will cross many more important milestones in the days to come.

Excuse my inability to contribute even after so many years of association with the throbbed and alive blog.


Congratulations are in order to all associated with the blog. Post and lyrics contributors, visitors, commenters and most importantly the two towering hosts.

Every post has a story and facts accumulated with utmost sincerity and dedication. This is by all means the one-stop station for authentic information and details for HFM lovers.

May the tribe increase.


Atul ji,
My Hearetiest Congratulations for reaching a milestone which represents People’s mandate for your efforts.
Sometimes I wonder, how the efforts of just ONE single person are joined by a team of enthusiasts, in achieving something which is nothing short of an extraordinary example of what can be achieved with common purpose !
The credit must go to you and you alone. Agreed, a team is contributing dedicatedly with posts, lyrics, data, video updating and in many other ways from time to time, but the credit to keep such a motley group bound by love and a feeling of belonging goes to you.
No wonder this Blog has earned a special and honourable place in the minds of lovers of Old Hindi film music and related matters, some grudgingly, some jealously but overall most willingly and rightly so.
I feel happy, lucky and proud to belong to this group of contributors. Several years after retirement, this Blog gave me a new direction and purpose of keeping busy.
After Bharatbhai Upadhyay ji, I must be the senior most (in age) group member here. May God bless this Blog, you and all other members on this occasion. Congratulations once again and my wishes for many more such milestones for this venture.

Liked by 2 people

Heartiest concongratulations to on getting 15million hits.
Good luck to Atulji
The next milestone is round the corner or just a date away.
Love to be associated with this blog


record company audio link:

Congratulations on another amazing milestone


Heartiest congratulations Atul ji for yet another milestone among many which the Blog has achieved over the years. I wish the Blog many more milestones to be achieved in the years to come.


This is a song I have heard a number of times but did the movie release. There was some initial film of Zeenat Aman that did not get a release


full video link where the above mentioned song
“kachchi kali kachnaar ki” starts from 1:36:30 and ends at 1:40:51
song was picturised as a stage dance song featuring Mehmood, Helen, Zeenat Aman, Vinod Khanna


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