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Daddy Tum Auntie Se Pyaar Karte Ho

Posted on: June 20, 2022

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Hullo Atuldom

3rd Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s Day and yesterday (19th June) was Father’s Day this year. The day is meant to honor Fatherhood and Paternal Bonds as well as the influence of fathers in society. In the USA, father’s day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd, and celebrated on the third Sunday of June, for the first time, in 1910. The day is held across the world on various dates and different regions have their own traditions of honoring Fatherhood.

Here I would like to mention that Sonora Smart Dodd was the daughter of American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart whom she held in very high esteem. Along with her father, she shared the raising of her five siblings, after the death of her mother. While hearing a church sermon about the newly recognized Mother’s Day, Sonora felt strongly that fatherhood needed recognition as well and suggested June 5th (her own fathers’ birthday) as a possible date for father’s day. The Ministerial Alliance of the Spokane County (the county where they lived) chose the third Sunday instead.

That is how Father’s Day came about to be on third Sunday of June and complements similar celebrations honoring family members such as Mother’s Day, Siblings’ Day and Grandparents’ Day.

Today we shall have a Father-Son song and continue with the celebration of Father’s Day here on our blog. We have a song from the film ‘Aamne Saamne’ (1982). The star cast of the film is Mithun Chakravarthy, Bindiya Goswami, Aarti Gupta, Tarun Ghosh, Dinesh Thakur, Leela Mishra, Kamal Kapoor etc. The film was released in January 1982 – 40 years already, wow!!! (Now I realize why I didn’t get to see it in the cinema hall back then. I was in the middle of preparing for my class 10 boards).

‘Aamne Saamne’ (not to be confused with the 1967 film with the same name, starring Sharmila Tagore and Shashi Kapoor, which has already been Yippeee’d on the blog) was produced by Shakti Samanta and directed by his son Ashim Samanta. Madan Joshi was the dialogue writer, KK Shukla wrote the story and screenplay. The songs of this film were written by Anjaan and (our very own) Panchamda was the music director. Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, RD Burman were the playback singers used. I think it is the voice of Vanita Mishra for the young boy in today’s song in duet with Panchamda for Mithun. This song may remind some people of “Papa Ko Mummy Se Pyaar Hai” from film ‘Andaz’ (1971).

The movie had a plot similar to the Rajesh Khanna starrer ‘Sachcha Jhootha’ (1970). Mithun has a double role where the simpleton Gopi from the village is spotted by Johnny, who is a stage-singer by day and a criminal by night. Johnny trains Gopi to take his place on stage so that he has an alibi if caught by the cops – age old formula, I am sure repeated later in ‘Dhoom 3’ (2013). Then there is a tiny angle of a child, who is on the lookout for his father, and has a photo of his parents to help him. Madhu Malhotra is the mother in the photo. This was Ashim Samanta’s debut as director, and Aarti Gupta’s first lead role.

With today’s post we are wishing (rather belatedly) Mithun Chakravarthy on turning 72 on 16th. May he continue to be busy with whatever his heart is after. May we get to see more of him.

The agenda closer to home of this post is to wish the Father of this blog, our very own fearless leader- Atul ji on his birthday today. Last year we had a wonderful post with the song “Main Nikla O Gaddi Le Ke” by Avinash ji on the same date. In that post Avinash ji has called the Blog a ‘gaddi’ which is driven by ‘engine’ Atul ji and all of team members and followers ‘wagons’ of this BANDWAGON. I fully endorse his thoughts.

Thanking Atul ji for taking us along with him on this grand journey of music and knowledge sharing. Thanking him also for giving us this platform and encouraging novices like me into writing out our thoughts. As always, I wish he gets more time with his family, pets, friends, music and the blog.

With this song, ‘Aamne Saamne’ (1982) makes its debut on the blog.




Song – Daddy Tum Auntie Se Pyaar Karte Ho (Aamne Saamne) (1982) Singer – Vanita Misra, RD Burman, Lyrics – Anjaan, MD – RD Burman
Mithun Chakravarty
Bindiya Goswami

Lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

tum chup kyon ho

nahin to

tum chup kyon ho

nahin to

main sab jaanta hoon

kya jaante ho

tum auntie se pyaar karte ho

o daddy tum auntie se pyaar karte ho
o daddy tum auntie se pyaar karte ho
lekin mujhse darte ho
chup shaitaan kahin ka

auntie tum daddy se pyaar karti ho
o auntie tum daddy se pyaar karti ho
lekin mujhse darti ho
a a bura mat maan’na
bachcha hai
kehne do na
achcha hai

lallall la
lallall la
la lallall la
lallall la
lallall la
la lallall la

o daddy ki nazar
jhukti nahin
auntie ki nazar
uth’ti nahin
peechhe reh gaya
saara shehar
gaadi ye kahin
rukti nahin

chalo utro
utro neeche

aage tum chalo
main peechhe peechhe
o chori se tum aankhen chaar karte ho
daddy tum auntie se pyaar karte ho

hutt tere ki
jhonka bhi diya
doli nahin
mauka bhi diya
boli nahin
daana to bahut
daala magar
chidiyon ne munh kholi nahin

lo ye choclate
aur chup ho jaao
tum mujhe rishwat dete ho

o yaani ke
tum iqraar karte ho
o daddy tum auntie se pyaar karte ho

khel khel mein
baat kya hui
aansoo nikle
khoyi hansi
auntie ne mujhe
pappi jo di
mummy ki mujhe
yaad aa gayi
auntie ko daddy meri mummy bana do
mujhse agar tum pyaar karte ho

o daddy tum auntie se pyaar karte ho
lekin mujhse darte ho

ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha

lallall la
lallall la
la lallall la

o ho ho ho

lallall la
lallall la
la lallall la
lallall la
lallall la
la lallall la
lallall la
lallall la
la lallall la


7 Responses to "Daddy Tum Auntie Se Pyaar Karte Ho"

A thing that I forgot to write in the post- in this part of the film Bindiya Goswami is acting blind.
Prakashchandraji, Avinashji, please clarify if it is the voice of RD Burman mouthing those words in between. I felt that it is not Mithun’s voice.


It is possible that it is Pancham’s voice only. (if Mithun is not available during recording of the song 🙂 ).
The title of the movies doesn’t mention the names of Mithun or Bindiya Goswami with the other singers.
Nice post and song.
Thanks and regards,


Mithun and bindiya’s voices are not there in dialogues and singing, I am sure of that fact…. , dialogues mein, ho sakta hai pancham ka voice ho, par do chaar baar sun’naa padta hai, I will comment afterwards..


Vanita Mishra sang under Pancham`s baton in movies like:
Chor Police(1983),
Boxer(1984->Hai mubarak….shaadmaani ho)
Masoom(1983)(famous “Lakdi ki kaati”)
amne samne(1982)

She sang under the baton of Bappi Lahiri in
1984 Bhavna

all above songs are children songs

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I remember Vanita Mishra sang “Lakdi ki kaati”
But didn’t know of her other songs

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child artiste who lip syncs for the song is Master Ashoo,(IMDB mixed up this child`s name with another senior oldtime actress AASHOO), who also appeared as Raakhee Gulzar`s child in 1980 Humkadam

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Many thanks, Madam for the post and, especially, reminding us of the birthday of our very dear Atul ji. Father’s Day is certainly an apt occasion to celebrate the birthday of the person who sired this blog, which has a very special space in the hearts of all of us in Atuldom.
I take this opportunity to add my name too to the long list of his acolytes who have already wished him or would now like to wish him (a little belatedly).
May Atul ji continue to have a great life ahead and regale us for ever.
Avadh Lal

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