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Laagi Tumse Najariya Laagi, Najariya Laagi, Saanwariya Laagi Re

Posted on: July 9, 2022

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Blog Day :

5104 Post No. : 17043

This Week, That Year – 10
03Jul – 09Jul, 2012

OK so, another week. Just made it in time this time. 🙂

This thing about the ten year recalls and reminiscences, it surely brings up some very interesting  experiences. And I believe, the one connected with this week, will be one of the most interesting. Before getting into the numbers game, let me share this first.

Ten years back, as I was checking out and reviewing the activities on the blog for the seven day period – 3rd July to 9th July, 2012, I came across this very interesting exchange in the comments section of the one of posts of that week. It happened on the 8th of July. That day, as many as 6 posts were published. And the blog achieved a major milestone. The sixth song that got posted on that day is “Ye Wohi Geet Hai Jisko Maine”, in the voice of Kishore Kumar. The film is ‘Maan Jaaiye’ from 1972. The song is written by Naqsh Lyallpuri and the music is by Jaidev. With this post and song, the blog reached the 6200th milestone.

Writing on the occasion of completing 62 centuries, Atul ji had pointed out that the latest century (from 6101 to 6200) was achieved in 20 days. He also wrote that it was slower than the fastest that the blog had covered till then – which was sixteen days. But also that it was faster than the immediate preceding century (6001 to 6100) which had been accomplished in 27 days. The rest of the article with the post also makes a very interesting reading.

In the comments section, there is an exchange between Atul ji and myself, which is oh so pertinent for this 10 year recall of our own history. I reproduce the comments here verbatim, and I am sure you will see the immediate connection. I had written,

Oh wow,
another century already.

Atul ji,

Sometimes I do get caught unawares. 🙂

Congratulations – a wonder is unfolding, as we go on day by day, adding more to this wonderful collection. Mark my words, dear Atul ji and all other dear friends on this blog. Seven to ten years down the road, we will be viewing this as our own history, and will wonder . . . ‘Oh, did we really came up this path.’

Congratulations again, to ALL.


To my observation, Atul ji had responded as follows,


You are right. If we can continue for ten years at this rate, then the collection of songs here, alongwith the nuggets of valuable informations being gathered will become a priceless source of reference for music lovers.

In the context of where we were at that time, this exchange would have been regarded as wishful thinking. We were about 4 years into this journey as of that date. Our view into the future was more an apprehension rather than an educated expression of planning and resolve. Reading this exchange from 10 years ago, and in the context of where we are today with this journey, we can very aptly term this as visionary. Ha. Sure. Was it really so visionary at that juncture? Of course we did not know. It was an instinctive expression of what-if-then kind of a thought in our minds.

But then reading these words after ten years, it really gives such an exhilarating feeling of triumph and realization – yes, we did make it, and we did make it in great style, with continued strength and sustained consistency for all to see. And more than just a wonder – we HAVE a blog that surely is – “a priceless source of reference for music lovers“.

In the post Atul ji had specifically pointed out that although the pace on the blog may not be chugging along as fast as he would like to (at that time), but that he was very happy with the consistency of effort and the great feeling of continued success that was brought in by the fact that our onward progression continued to bring up milestone after milestone on the blog. Yes, ‘exhilarating’ surely is the right word.

The pace has surely slowed down significantly. But the spirit of continuity and forward progress has never faltered. In four years we had breached the 6200th mark. In the ten years since, we have added almost another eleven thousand posts, another eleven thousand songs, which just wishful thinking back then. As I have written earlier also, we have run out of epithets and qualifiers for this ongoing wonderful journey of music.

And it continues. . . 😀

I return to the numbers game and the review of the postings from that week. The following table contains the day by day information of the posts from that week.

Blog Ten Year Challenge (2012-2022) Series
Sl. No. Movie Name Year HFGK NoS ASAD NoS Possible UT Deb/Yip Milestone Film Status Pending
1 Do Gunde 1959 6 7 Yippeee’d
2 Duniya Jhukti Hai 1960 8 3 Pending 5
3 Aplam Chaplam 1961 7 4 2 Pending-c 1+ 2 UT
4 Laal Kothi 1978 4 1 D Pending 3
5 Hum Paanch 1980 8 3 D Pending 5
6 Jawaani Deewaani 1972 6 6 Yippeee’d
7 Teri Kasam 1982 6 1 D Pending 5
1 Daasi 1944 11 7 Pending 4
2 Anaarkali 1953 12 12 Yippeee’d
3 Samundar 1957 8 8 Yippeee’d
4 Sehra 1963 8 8 Yippeee’d
5 Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne 1964 9 9 Yippeee’d
1 Navrang 1959 12 12 Yippeee’d
2 Kavi Kaalidas 1959 9 10 Y Yippeee’d
3 Pyaar Ki Pyaas 1961 9 6 1 Pending-c 2+ 1 UT
4 Son of India 1962 9 9 Yippeee’d
5 Roop Sundari 1964 7 6 D Pending 1
1 Badi Bahu 1951 8 8 Yippeee’d
2 Taatar Ka Chor 1955 6 5 1 D Yc 1 UT
3 Naya Andaaz 1956 11 11 Yippeee’d
4 Pilpili Saahab 1954 9 5 Pending 4
5 Phoolon Ki Sej 1964 9 6 1 Pending-c 2+ 1 UT
6 Anokha Daan 1972 5 5 Yippeee’d
1 Hamaari Baat 1943 10 10 D Yippeee’d
2 Dulaari 1949 12 12 Yippeee’d
3 Minister 1959 6 3 Pending 3
4 Ramman 1954 10 5 D Pending 5
5 Shrimaan Satyawaadi 1960 7 7 Yippeee’d
6 Sant Gyaneshwar 1964 8 6 Pending 2
1 Gunjan 1948 9 4 1 D Pending-c 4+ 1 UT
2 Baazaar 1949 16 16 1 Yc 1 UT
3 Aankhen 1950 8 8 Yippeee’d
4 Doraaha 1952 8 5 Pending 3
5 Do Kaliyaan 1968 8 8 Yippeee’d
6 Maan Jaaiye 1972 3 3 BC – 6200 Yippeee’d
1 Baaz 1953 8 8 Yippeee’d
2 Laal Kunwar 1952 11 8 3 Yc 3 UT
3 Khilona 1970 6 6 Yippeee’d
4 Ladki Pasand Hai 1971 8 1 D Pending 7
5 Aahistaa Aahistaa 1981 8 5 Pending 3

As the table shows, a total of 40 songs were posted in that week, at a daily average of about 5.7 songs per day. Wow. What a powerhouse of energy it has been.

Another week of no repeats – meaning that 40 films got showcased that week. Of these, nine films had made their debut that week. And yes, during that week, one film was Yippeee’d. That is the 1959 film ‘Kavi Kaalidas’, which got Yippeee’d on 5th July of 2012. Since that week, during the past 10 years, another 21 of the 40 films that were represented, have been Yippeee’d.

About the decade preferences, here is the break up

1930s  –  (none)
1940s  –  6
1950s  –  16
1960s  –  10
1970s  –  6
1980s  –  2

As always, the distribution is obviously weighed down in the decades of 50s and 60s.

Of the 40 films from that week, 19 films still continue to have ‘Pending’ status. Of these 19 ‘Pending’ films, for 6 of them the Geet Kosh indicates that maybe all song were not released as gramophone records. We may not see a complete Yippeee status for these films

The song presented today is from the 1960 film ‘Duniya Jhukti Hai’. The songs of this film are from the pen of Rajendra Krishan and music is from the mind of Hemant Kumar. Just to remind readers – this is the film that contains the iconic popular song “Phoolon Se Dosti Hai Kaanton Se Yaari Hai”. This song was posted during the week under review – on 3rd July, 2012. Another very famous and popular song of this film is “Gumsum Sa Ye Jahaan, Ye Raat Ye Hawa”.

Our dear Arun ji has provided the following summary of this film,

DUNIYA JHUKTI HAI (1960) was a Wadia Movietone film, which was a surprise. Wadia Movietone was known only to make stunt or costume films of B grade. This was a social film trying to give a message that Evil work never pays.

Anyway, the producer/director was JBH Wadia himself and the music was by Hemant Kumar, ably assisted by Rizbert, his loyal companion of many movies. This Rizbert was from Goa and was an expert like other Goanese in film industry, in making notation based tunes.

One more interesting point about this film was that there were 3 Agha’s in this film. One was actor Agha Jan, the other was cinematographer Agha Hasham and the third was Agha Jani Kasmiri who wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film.

Mohan is an honest to the core young man, in love with a girl. The girl ditches him by marrying some rich man. Mohan is frustrated and he becomes a gunda, joins a gang of a Boss whom no one has seen. He also changes his name to Bankelal. (Sunil Dutt).

One day this Banke saves a child Munna (Daisy Irani) from drowning and they become close friends as Munna has no father. Munna’s mother Laxmi (Shyama) does not approve this and warns Munna to keep away from Banke, as he is a gunda.

Munna falls ill and Banke visits him, promising him to reform and become a good man. He goes and surrenders to the police, but police want him to help them capture the Boss. The Boss is already looking for Banke as he does not want to lose him. He kidnaps Munna to blackmail Banke to return to his fold. There is a fight and when Banke is about to kill the Boss (BM Vyas), Laxmi reveals that Boss is Munna’s father. Boss runs away but is killed by the police.

Banke marries Laxmi and they live happily with Munna.

The song is a mujra song, which is performed on screen by Kumkum. The quality of the video is not great, and it is difficult to identify the other performers present in the scene. Dear Prakash ji has helped to identify the dancer Kumkum and two other performers present in this clip – Wasti and Kesar.

A wonderfully crafted song that has been performed equally well by Kumkum. A great reminder, and a great recall – where we were ten years ago, and what were our hopes and aspirations.

The lyrics for this song have been sent in by Prakash ji. Listen to this less heard, but a really beautiful melody.

Great memories.




Song – Laagi Tumse Najariya Laagi, Najariya Laagi, Saanwariya Laagi Re  (Duniya Jhukti Hai) (1960) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – Rajendra Krishan, MD – Hemant Kumar

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

laagi tumse ae

laagi tumse najariyaa laagi
najariyaa laagi
saanwariyaa laagi re

dum bhar ko..oo
dum bhar ko padat nahin chaaina
lage kya naaina
ke nindiya bhaagi  re
laagi tumse najariyaa laagi
najariyaa laagi
saanwariya laagi re
laagi tumse ae ae

kat jaaye ab aankhon mein
har raat gin gin taare ae ae
katt jaaye ab aankhon mein
har raat gin gin taare
ae ishq tere haathon
hum jaan se bhi haare
begaane huye ae apne saare
laagi tumse ae
laagi tumse najariya laagi
najariya laagi
saanwariya laagi re
dum bhar ko padat nahin chaaina
lagey kya naaina
ke nindiya bhaagi  re
laagi tumse aey ae ae

mat poochh zindagi mein
ye pyaar kya kya laayaa..aa
mat poochh zindagi mein
ye pyaar kya kya laayaa..aa
aankhon mein ashq aaye
gham dil mein muskuraaya
ye ishq magar kab ghabaraaya
laagi tumse ae ae
laagi tumse najariya laagi
najariyaa laagi
saanwariya laagi re
dum bhar ko padat nahin chaaina
lagey kya naaina
ke nindiya bhaagi  re
laagi tumse aey ae ae

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

लागि तुमसे॰॰ए

लागि तुमसे नजरिया लागि
नजरिया लागि
साँवरिया लागी रे

दम भर को॰॰
दम भर को पड़त नहीं चैना
लागे क्या नैना
के नींदिया भागी रे
लागि तुमसे नजरिया लागि
नजरिया लागि
साँवरिया लागी रे
लागि तुमसे॰॰ए

कट जाये अब आँखों में
हर रात गिन गिन तारे
कट जाये अब आँखों में
हर रात गिन गिन तारे
ए इश्क़ तेरे हाथों
हम जान से भी हारे
बेगाने हुए अपने सारे
लागि तुमसे॰॰ए
लागि तुमसे नजरिया लागि
नजरिया लागि
साँवरिया लागी रे
दम भर को पड़त नहीं चैना
लागे क्या नैना
के नींदिया भागी रे
लागि तुमसे॰॰ए॰॰ए

मत पूछ ज़िंदगी में
ये प्यार क्या क्या लाया
मत पूछ ज़िंदगी में
ये प्यार क्या क्या लाया
आँखों में अश्क आए
ग़म दिल में मुस्कुराया
ये इश्क़ मगर कब घबराया
लागि तुमसे॰॰ए
लागि तुमसे नजरिया लागि
नजरिया लागि
साँवरिया लागी रे
दम भर को पड़त नहीं चैना
लागे क्या नैना
के नींदिया भागी रे
लागि तुमसे॰॰ए॰॰ए


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