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Bin bulaaye hum chale aayein

Posted on: July 9, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 68

This date ten years ago (viz 9 July 2012) saw five songs from five different movies getting covered in the blog. Here are the details:-

Blog post number Song Movie (Year) Remarks
6201 Jo dil ki baat hoti hai Baaz (1953) Movie YIPPEED by now
6202 Nigaahen kyun milaayin thhin Laal Kunwar(1952) 8 songs covered out of 11
6203 Khilona jaan kar tum to mera dil tod jaate ho Khilona(1970) Movie YIPPEED by now
6204 Agar tu aabroo apni bachaa leti to achcha thhaa Ladki Pasand Hai(1971) One song covered out of 8
6205 Maana teri nazar mein Aahistaa Aahistaa (1981) 4 songs covered out of 8

One can notice that two movies (out of five) whose songs were covered ten years ago on this date have since been YIPPEED. That leaves us with three movies that are eligible for blog ten year challenge today.

“Aahistaa Aahistaa”(1981) is one of the three movies that is eligible for Blog Ten Year Challenge today (9 July 2022).

“Aahistaa Aahistaa”(1981) was produced by Sibte Hasan Rizvi and directed by Esmayeel Shroff for New World Enterprises, Bombay. The movie introduced Kunal Kapoor who was cast opposite Padmini Kolhapure. The movie also had Shammi Kapoor, Nanda, Shashikala, Girish Karnad, Aruna Irani, Kader Khan(, Deven Verma,
Rehman, Savita Bajal, Leela Mishra, Ashalata Wabgaonkar, Rakesh Bedi,Soni Razdan, Monisha, Sudhir Pandey, Deepak Puri, Ilyas contractor, Krishnakant Pandya,
Pramod Pathak, Harish, Kalu Singh, D.A.Ambaole, Master Sandeep, Baby Waheeda, baby Ghazala, Sundar Taneja, Suresh, Ramesh, Santosh Sahu etc in it.

“Aahistaa Aahistaa”(1981) had eight songs in it. Four songs have been covered so far.

Here is the ifth song from “Aahistaa Aahistaa”(1981) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Naqsh Llayalpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Khayyam.

The song is picturised on Padmini Kolhapure and Kunal Kapoor. Padmini Kolhapure is seen making passes on KunalKapoor, which is an act that is ahead of its time even today and was very much so four decades ago when this movie was released.

Lyrics of the song and other details were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

audio link:

video link:

Song-Bin bulaaye hum chale aayein (Aahista Aahista)(1981) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, Md-Khayyam

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

bin bulaaye hum chaley aayein
bin bulaaye hum chaley aayein
gawaaraa keejiye
gawaaraa keejiye…aey…ae…ae
gawaaraa keejiye
baithh jaayein yaa chaley jaayein
baaithh jaayein yaa chaley jaayein
ishaaraa keejiye
ishaaraa keejiye..aey…
ishaaraa keejiye…ae

haahaa…haa haa
laa laa laa laaa laa laaa laaa
kayee bahaaney karke
kitney mushqil se…aey ae ae
kayee bahaaney karke
kitney mushqil se…aey ae ae
hum aaye hain
lagaa leeje dil
yoon na tanhaa ye haseen shaamein
yoon na tanhaa ye haseen shaamein
guzaaraa keejiye
guzaaraa keejiye…aey…ae…ae
guzaaraa keejiye
roz hum aayein ke na aayein
roz hum aayein ke na aayein
ishaaraa keejiye
ishaaraa keejiye…aey…ae…ae
ishaaraa keejiye….ae…ae

laa laa laa lalaa laallaa laallaaa
laa laa laa lalaa laallaa laallaaa

aapko dil ne
aur saraahaa hai ae ae ae ae ae
aap ko dil ne
aur saraahaa hai ae ae
khud se badhke
aapko chaahaa hai ae ae
hum deewaanon ko muhabbat se ae
hum deewaanon ko muhabbat se
pukaaraa keejiye
pukaaraa keejiye….aey…ae…ae
pukaaraa keejiye
is qadar chaahein ke na chaahein…aen
is qadar chaahein ke na chaahein
ishaaraa keejiye
ishaaraa keejiye….aey…ae…ae
ishaaraa keejiye…ae
bin bulaaye hum chaley aayein
baithh jaayein yaa chaley jaayein


1 Response to "Bin bulaaye hum chale aayein"

One of Khayyam ji`s fast paced song, I liked very much, …….

I like the energy with which Asha ji sang and the way Naqsh ji written the song, I guess Naqsh saab always got to write slow paced song…..

In this movie, Asha bhosle got very good songs with different shades :
Kabhi kisee ko muqammal jahan nahin milti(sad gazal/philosophical)
Jab Kabhi khwaab chamakthaa hai(asha solo, not picutrised I guess)
Nazar se phool chunthi hai(peppy duet with Anwar, there are two more duets,all of them are very good,one duet was not picturised I guess)

But Sulakshna Pandit got the ultimate sad one written by Naqsh ji, “Mana teri nazar mein, tera pyaar hum naheen”

I noticed that this movie does not have any Lata Mangeshkar songs, which is somewhat exceptional….

Totally This movie has got very good Khayyam saab`s compositions,
The director of this movie is Esmayeel Shroff, whose other 2 songs i.e. Dil aakhir dil hai(1982) and Thodi si bewaffayee(1980) also has got Khayyam saab`s musical compositions, which are very good……

Thanks Atul ji for presenting this song in the blog


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