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Recently I saw an ad in the newspapers which made me realise that there is something called the “World Music Day” and that it is held in about 120 countries. It is Fête de la Musique’ or Make Music Day or World Music Day.

Now whenever I come across such World or International things I have started reading about it from the (my) trusted source—Wikipedia. And I will say that most times it gives correct knowledge.
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“Baazi” (1968), unlike “Baazi” (1951) is a little known movie. “Baazi” (1968) was a Golden Films Production. It was directed by Moni Bhattacharya. The movie had Dharmendra, Waheeda Rehman, Johnny Walker, Mehmood, Helen, Ansari, Nazir Hussain, Ullhas, Chand Usmani, Amar, Manmohan, Keshto Mukherjee, Pinchoo Kapoor etc in it.
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When one talks of a movie called “Baazi”, one normally means the Dev Anand- Geeta Bali starrer of 1952. It turns out that there was another movie with the same title 32 years later. This movie “Baazi” (1984) was a Dharmendra Rekha starrer and it did not have much impact at the box office.
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This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Guru Dutt and Dev Anand were good friends. Guru Dutt was senior to Dev Anand,having started in 1941 with Uday Shankar’s Cultural centre-Almoda to study Dance and drama. In 1944 Guru Dutt joined Prabhat Film company at Poona, where he met his two future friends- Rehman and Dev Anand. In 1946, he worked there as an assistant Director to P.L.Santoshi for “Hum Ek Hai” and also choreographed its dances. It was here that he developed a bond with Dev.
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“Baazi” (1951) was a Navketan International Films Production. It was directed by Guru Dutt. The movie had Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Nirmal Kumar, Kalpana, Rashid Khan, Johnny Walker, K. N. Singh, Abu Baker, Roopa Verma, Krishna Dhawan, Habib etc in it.
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“Baazi” (1951) was one of the earliest movies produced by Navketan, and it was a pathbreaking movie in more ways than one. This movie paved the way for crime thrillers that became and remained a popular genre of Hindi movies throughout 1950s.
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It is one of those songs that I thought I had discusssed long back, but I was mistaken. And I became aware of this song not being posted when I received the lyrics of this song from Atif M.
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I have posted several songs from “Baazi” (1951) in this blog in the past. This song being posted now is one that is very well known to many, but I was not aware of this song. When I listened to this song (just now) for the first time, I wondered how I had never heard this song before.
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This song must be one of the very first songs of its genre namely a party/ club song, where a lady sings in a bar/ club to entertain the customers, and one of the customers is the hero.
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Here is a song from “Baazi” (1951). It is sung by Geeta Roy ( later Dutt). Sahir Ludhianvi is the lyricist and S D Burman is the music director.
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